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In CQ 5.4 how to read search trends(keywords) with in specific date (like last week, 30 days...)?

I have a requirement to display popular search key words with in specific date range. Like search key words searched in last week/ in last 30days/in 90 days. how to get date range searched keywords from Search Trends?? is there any other way to get t

Ical searches with specific date range

We post the people who are to work at specific events in the notes field of ical. Is there a way to search for these peoples names on the web via ical.php within a specific date range? No matter what date I have set to look at on the calendar the sea

How to search on creation Date to get specific date records

Hi, I have created a search page based on VO which contains creation Date field. Creation Date field stores date with time into database. af:query is created on this VO. Suppose I have created 10 records today and want to query that by providing toda

Stellent search: No previous results to specific date

Hi all, I have a Stellent 7.5 installation and everything was working fine. The other day, I did a complete collection rebuild cycle and since then the system retrieves only content from a specific date (long time ago that I didn`t it). Contents inse

Invalid search specification ' ? '...(SBL-DAT-00501)

Hello, If i want to go on an activity with a sprecial type, i receive this message Error: originating at /OnDemand/user/TaskDetail Invalid search specification '<?>'. Please continue or ask your systems administrator to check your application config

Invalid search specification SBL-DAT-00458

I have created a new view in Siebel which display an applet which use a newly created bussiness component. This component store data in the table S_ORG_EXT_XM. With the bussiness component - search spec:[Type] = 'ATL Citation' and the predafault valu

Query to search between two specific dates and time period

Hi, Need a query to search between two particular dates and time period Like i want to search table having one date field . Suppose the date range is '01-JUL-06' and '01-AUG-06' and time frame is 23:00:00 to 08:00:00 i.e i want to search between date

Share calendar from a specific date

I am spending three months in the US visiting family. While I am here, I'd like to share certain calendars with my family members (doctor's appointments, social engagements, etc.), but don't want them to be able to see every such appointment I've had

How to return a specific date/time range and last event details, when checking the event log via command prompt

I am new to scripting (literally started reading/learning scripting a few hours ago), and I am stuck in trying to get my current script/command to filter a specific date range. * Note: I am working with Server 2003 and 2008; because of the environmen

How can I use Automator to extract specific Data from a text file?

I have several hundred text files that contain a bunch of information. I only need six values from each file and ideally I need them as columns in an excel file. How can I use Automator to extract specific Data from the text files and either create a

I'd like to go back to a specific date in my messages? I know this has been asked billions of times.

(Specifically April 30 of 2013) but I text a lot so pressing "load earlier messages" isn't an option. Is there anyway I could load the messages on my computer, or is there an app that I could use to search by date? I could get them off my iphone

Deleting emails with in a specific date range

Is there a way to delete a specific date range of email using 10.9.3 or Gmail. ThanksTry making a rule or a Smart mailbox to delete them. Rules, Smart Mailboxes, and VIPSRead other 2 answers

Where can I specify search specification for a BIP report?

Hi, We are on and integrated BIP with it. We converted Actuate reports to BIP reports. In actuate, we can specify what data to bring in to the report by using a search specification. In a BIP report, where can I specify the search specificati

Script Error:Current search specification is too complex

Hi, Following search expression is giving the error - Current search specification is too complex to be refined. Start a new less complex query or refine a query. (SBL-DAT-00487) ssearch = "([Date] > '" + sDate1 +"' AND [Business Compone

Set restriction to get messages older than a specific date using EWS?

Hi, I'm new working with EWS and I have found some code to set a restriction to help me filter messages "between" to dates, but I need to be able to obtain emails that are "older" than a specific date so I can delete them.  My applicat

Trace on specific data

Recently my company bought iPlanet directory server software from reseller. So I am not sure which feature is feasible or not based on currently deployed software. My company is a telecommunication company, especially cellular service provider. Could

How can I go to a specific date in the future other than by clicking one month at a time?

Would like to go to a specific date several years from now and see what else I have scheduled (if any) or to see if that day is a holiday or even just to see what day of the week that day falls on. Can I do this in some way other than clicking on the

How to get users' login logout time for user IDs for a specific date?

Dear All, There is a case I being requested to retrieve the Userid, User Name, User Group, User Dept, Date, Login Time, Logout Time in a specific date, for example, 21.05.2009. How should I retrieve the information? The user want to input specific da

Custom Report for the Stock and Stock value for a specific date

Hi SAP Gurus, Is there any SAP standard t-code or any logic to get the transcations (additions (for example: Purchases) and subtractions (Sales) to the inventory) for a particular materials in a plant and with Total Stock and also Total Stock value w

How to marking email for follow up on a specific date

In projects I often receive e-mails which need to be followed up/chased by a specific date in the future. I would like to be able to mark them with a specified date and then file them in the relevant mail folder. On the date specified either the emai