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google account locked on android


Changing the registered google account?

When I purchased by phone, I used my google account.  Since then I have subscribed to Google Apps and have an additional google account, which will be my primary account.  I would like to change the older google account to my new google apps account

[ANDROID] Authenticate user with Google Account?

Hello I'm currently developing in Flash Builder 4.5 (Flex Mobile Project) and I'm about to launch a closed beta, and I'd like to do that by authenticating the testers with their Google Account that they use on their Android phones. So now I wonder if

How to install adobe reader to four android tablets. Do I need four different google accounts?

I have to install adobe reader to four tablets. I have a google account and  was able to install adobe reader to the first tablet. When I tried the install reader to the second tablet it says it is already Installed. Will I have to make up accounts f

I set up an apple id for my 12 year old, a verfication email was sent, but google has locked her out because of age.  How do I get the verfication email?

I set up an apple id for my 12 year old, a verfication email was sent, but google has locked her out because of age.  How do I get the verfication email? Should each person in my house have their own apple id and password? Can each of the different I

Is there ONE single app available for TASK and CALENDAR both which can be synched with Google account for OSX, iPhone, iPad

Hi guys, I have been searching to death to find ONE great app which: 1- handles both calendar (events) & To-Do list (task). 2- connects to googla account (both calendar & task) 3- should be availabe in Mac OS (OSX), iPhone & iPad (iOS) & A

I want to synchronize Firefox/Thunderbird of my pc to my smartphone without having to open a google account

Is it not possible to synchronize Firefox/Thunderbird and others of my pc to my smartphone Galaxy S III, Android version 4.1.2 - without having to open a google account ? I do not want that. Please be helpful.Firefox for Android does not require any

Google Account BlackBerry Sync only works one way

Hey I just got my BB yesterday... I set up my Google Account on my BB and it downloaded all the data to my device. Then I set up an new Test-Contact and a Test-Appointment (calender) on my BB and it was synced to my google account... everything was f

Google Account Change

I needed to deactivate my Google account due to the overwhelming spam that I was receiving, and created a new one.  How do I change this on the HTC Incredible?  It will not allow me to access the Market App without it being changed.Hello forum member

Google Chrome locks up and won't force quit

Something is off with my MacBook.  I'm running OS X 10.5.8 Google Chrome routinely locks up when browsing Facebook sites.  And lately once Chrome is locked up even a Force Quit will not close the program.  When Chrome encounters a problem running a s

Two Google Accounts with Contacts app?

I have a coporate Google Apps account as well as a personal one. I'd like to have address completion available in Mac OS (mail, calendar, etc.) for corporate as well as private addresses. However, as soon as I add a second Google account to the Mac O

Sync with google account

Recently switched from me.com to iCloud, as requested. And having the worst difficulties to sync my address book with a Google account (to sync it with an Androïd cell phone), as iCloud unauthorizes both syncing methods (iCloud account & Google accou

Keeps asking for Google Account

I tried to take a speedtest (www.speedtest.net) and once I have logged in and press the "Take a Speed Test" button, it blinks and switches to "Add a Google Account" . I dont use Gmail...don't want to , is this required ?  When I try to

Incredibly weird issue, Win 7 account locked out

Hi folks, Ill dive straight in with this one as Ive been working on it since 9am today, with little progress. I have USER A who's account locks out without them even being logged into their machine. The user changed their password yesterday as per co

Cannot log in to Google "Accounts" with Safari

I cannot seem to login and use Google Services with Safari 2.04. This started when I discovered I was unable to log in to google calendar in Safari, and became a support ticket to Google (which is still pending) and is really confounding me. What hap

Database account locked as it tries to connect different ports for 16 times

I need a help in answering one of the issue encountered last week. I have created a database link and tried to access the information from a table using the program written in another language. The password provided was incorrect for that user while

ALERT: Google account sync broken on webOS devices (and a fix)

MUST READING FOR webOS USERS WHO SYNC CONTACTS WITH GOOGLE ACCOUNTS: Earlier this week I began having trouble with my Pre3.  It spontaneously restarted and pretty much wiped everything.  After logging back in to my webOS account, I then began having

We had a tower problem in our area and now I am unable to sign into my google account on my phone. I have tried to remove my account and set it up again, but am still having the same issue. It does not let me sign in keeps saying that sync is not respondi

I am unable to sign into my google account after a tower being down. Any ideasUsing FaceTime http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4319 Troubleshooting FaceTime http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3367 The Complete Guide to FaceTime: Set-up, Use, and Troubleshooti

How can I Sync same contacts within Google account & iphone, ipad?

My boss has iPhone 4, ipad & Blackberry, Iphone & ipad enable icloud. All devices sync with google account. After some days we found duplicates contacts & some same contacts 4/5 save in Google account. How can I Sync same contacts within Googl

How can I add a Google account not connected to a GMail account to Messages in OSX Mountain Lion?

With iGoogle going offline soon, and being myself averse to using Google+ for social networking due to what I perceive as a blatant disregard for my privacy, I'm trying to save my few Gchat contacts, as I don't have many other ways to contact these s

My notes won't sync from a google account with the macbook air, but they sync fine on the ipad air and iphone 4s??

I keep getting this message when I try to sync my notes in a google account this message keeps popping up... mail couldn't discover the account settings.  My mail shows up, contacts and calendar sync fine, and notes from other emails sync fine.  But