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XMLSocket problem for GPS gateway in VB

I am a student at the University of Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. For my final year project I am creating a walking tour of the university using GPS and Flash on a Smart phone running Windows mobile 5 with flash lite 2.1. Now I created a appli

Clients cant get the updates from WSUS.

I have Installed WSUS on my Windows Server 2008 R2. The installation went smooth with no errors whatsoever. I am able to sync and download all the updates. The problem is that it doesn't see the computers. I went to the main server which is in charge

Performance testing of gateway of GPS enabled phone

Hi All, We have a GPS enabled phone which uses Apache/Tomcat as the gateway server. We want to do Stress/Load testing on this gateway server for say 500,1000....users. This web server (Apache/Tomcat) is the phone gateway that allows coomunication fro

Need Solution For Motorcyclist, GPS, Music, BB 8830 and Intercom.

Hello, here is a real hands free scenario that I and many other Motorcyclists would pay bucks for; most of the long distance riders would love to have GPS with Voice Response, Phone, Music (XM or Sirius) and Intercom all in one wireless package commu

GPS enabled emulator

Hi All, We have a GPS enabled phone which uses Apache/Tomcat as the gateway server. We want to do Stress/Load testing on this gateway server for say 500,1000....users. This web server (Apache/Tomcat) is the phone gateway that allows coomunication fro

Flash-GPS on Windows Mobile

Hi All -- I would like to develop a location aware Flash application for Pocket PCs that are equipped with a GPS receiver. I need a way to read GPS data into Flash. When I inquired about this a year or two ago, I was advised to look a the documentati

Problem with GPS in my 5800

I have proble with GPS , After update my phone this service was working and I do some change in internet setting in my phone  becase it was log to net with auto way so I change the access point to wrong number to disconnect to net with auto way after

Error while downloading. message on E71 GPS USA Ma...

"Error while downloading" message on E71 with updated GPS USA Maps I'm sure I'm not the only one having this problem but I recently updated my maps on my Straight Talk Nokia E71. The phone says I have map download V 3.03 10wk bo4 Mw Open GL LM M

Error while installing gateway please help soon

Error while installing gateway in Microsoft Windows Server 2003. error while installing gateway E:\idm\gateway>gateway -i 10/02/2008 [4972] (../../../../src/wps/agent/logging/WSTrace.cpp ,150): trace active, level: 4, file: E:\\IDMLOG

Network based and a-gps, data use tests

i was trying to find this kind of info, but only found others asking. i hope this is useful info for others, especially while roaming. skip to the bottom for conclusion, this is the process i took: i called nokia tech support, their phone support his

ASA default gateway

Estou montando um novo projeto de rede onde quero que o meu Switch de layer 3 seja o gateway da rede e o ASA o GATEWAY deste SWITCH. Hoje o ASA é o gateway da rede e tem 3 vlas criadas em interfaces virtuas. O problema é o seguinte quando crio as nov

Multiple gateways for different Traffic on ASA 5510 firewall

Hello, My network atthe moment is set up as: WAN, with three sites Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 1 is behind a non-Cisco firewall, which is connected to the internet via a Frame Relay link (using a Cisco 1721 router). We host a number of servers on the I

Unable to access the data from Data Management Gateway: Query timeout expired

Hi, Since 2-3 days the data refresh is failing on our PowerBI site. I checked below: 1. The gateway is in running status. 2. Data source is also in ready status and test connection worked fine too. 3. Below is the error in System Health - Failed to r

Unable to refresh SQL Server data source through Data Management Gateway

I just installed the version 1.1.5226.8 of Data Management Gateway and tried to refresh a simple query on a table connected to SQL Server, with no transformations in Power Query. This is the error I obtain: Errors in the high-level relational engine.

Using Oracle ODBC Gateway connecting to a remote Oracle database

Oracle 11gR2 RHEL 6.4 Has anyone use the Oracle ODBC Gateway to connect to another Oracle database?  Any issues with that configuration?  Where do I get the ODBC drivers for Linux? (I know, "why not use a dblink?" -- well that would be against c

Gateway FX and Blue Screen of Death

 Computer: Gateway FX 7024 GeForce 8800GT 512 mb  Problem:  I've had the computer for 1 1/2 years with very few problems. Recently, the screen will lock up solid and be illegible with "static" lines all the way down the monitor. Sometimes before

Sap-nw:3300 not reached error in gateway

Dear experts, I am facing a strange problem after a successful installation of netweaver Java+abap. when i start the server i found this error **** ERROR file opened at 20100131 114242 Arab Standard T, SAP-REL 700,0,113 RFC-VER 3 911150 MT-SL T:2844

Gateway error - Program not registered

Hello, We were getting the following error while doing a "Connection test" of a TCP/IP RFC destination: LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host gisrxx / sapgw00 ERROR       program SBCX not registered It's an ECC 6.0 system. I found SAP note - - 353597

SAP Business Workflow and SAP Netweaver Gateway - Missing extensible elements

Hello, For a mobile project we use SAP Netweaver Gateway in order to retrieve information from workflows stored into SAP Business Workflow. We are able to retrieve standard informations for a workflow but custom fields added into "Extensible Elements

The Default Gateway Is Not Available / Problem

Hello, I recently purchased this HP Pavileon laptop, and I've been encountering this problem very often (every 2-10 minutes).  This problem is getting extremely frustrating as absolutely nobody has been able to provide a fix for this issue. When the