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Direct connect to Oracle using Delphi

How I can direct connect and transfer data from Oracle Database using Delphi. Not via ODBC driver!!!There are several BDE replacements that allow you to connect to Oracle from Delphi with out BDE or ODBC DOA- Direct Oracle Access from Allaround Autom

Error in oracle with delphi

Does anyone have a solution for this error? Access violation at address 61CD0C28 in module 'OraClient10.Dll'. Read of address 00000084.8ab5db1f-ecb4-48ac-8f3b-80af521f4a28 wrote: While trying to connect to Oracle Database on remote server, Apache is


I'm executing the following procedure call: DECLARE i_rgsc varchar2(4) :='0106'; i_kcrule varchar2(3) :='012'; o_sale_rec pkg_rule_sale.salepool_tab_type; BEGIN sp_rule_sale(i_rgsc, i_kcrule, o_sale_rec); END; The output parameter, o_sale_rec is decl

Need Greek language on oracle report

Hi, I digged up a lot of stuff on how to get a report to be displayed in diffrent languages. I tried a lot of stuff, change font setting to Greek in Oracle Report Builder , still this doesn't show greek characters , for example, έγγραφο μεταφοράς (Th

Getting Oracle database 10g express

Hello, I am unable to download the oracle database 10g express because the huge file size of the program for my dial-up conection. I was wondering if someone is kind enough to send me a CD copy of this program and documentation trough snail mail. I w

Oracle Client Merge Module

Somebody knows if exists a merge module for Oracle 8i?. We are deploying an application which uses Oracle 8.1.6 Client with OCI calls between Oracle and Delphi. We built an installation kit, and we want to install Oracle Client in same setup via merg

Connecting to Delphi

Can ayone tell me where I can find a White Paper or some other Technical doco on how to connect to Oracle 9i from Delphi(There's a bunch of ojects in Delphi 7.0 called DBExpress , but I'm getting a bit stuck.) Any help appreciated thanks.Hi! I think

BO on HANA - Hidden gems

Hi there fellow HANA developers and business users, usually I am not the guy to post on SCN, but I simply had to do it this time. Last week I found my first 'SAP- Easter Egg': The SAP HANA Oracle of Delphi (OoD) features. This is a gem – more than pu

How to find what are triggers are present in the database?

Hi All Can any one tell me how to find what all triggers present in the database. Thanks in AdvanceHi All Can any one tell me how to find what all triggers present in the database. Thanks in AdvanceYou should visit Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, near

Direct Connect Migration Issues

So I'm about to get my MacBook Pro in the mail soon and I was looking at Apple's Great Migration page. Here is what I want to do (direct connect): Direct connect To move files by connecting your Mac directly to your PC: 1. Connect your Mac to your PC

Parent-Child Table Update via Single Stored Procedure

Uses: Oracle 9i Server via a Remote Connection with restriction, Oracle 9i client, .NET 2.0+System.Data.Oracle namespace, Delphi+BDE; I have an entry form which consists of a parent and a child table. I'm so keen in knowing whether there is any possi

External USB CDRW

Hi guys, i have an external USB cd burner. when i run cdrecord -scnabus i get the following message: Cdrecord 2.00.3 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2002 Jrg Schilling cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open SC

Hot Spot Activation

Hey i just got the iPhone 5 and i was hoping to activate the hotspot feature before i go on vacation for my laptop use, however i am unable to get it to activate for some reason. I click on the activate under cellular and it sends me to Verizion mobi

There are tons of new contens, how do I get back to mu original question

I would like to reply to the last post by Mr. Kinsella, but I have to sign in and go through the pages and pages of new posts to find my original post. This is comparable to a Greek Mythology tale about Augeases Stables. EtelaRead other 3 answers

New to Gaming

Hi, I'm new to gaming and just bought my first gaming system (xbox 360).  Any female senior citizens out there that could recommend a beginners RPG that women would like?  I don't want a shoot em up, killing game.  I like fantasy and Greek mythology.

PlayStation Store Update - 28th July 2015

  New on PlayStation Store this week: King’s Quest, N++, The Swindle, more Plus, get ready for the PlayStation Store Summer Sale Stuff! Lots of stuff! Some of it not availlable everywhere! Personally, I'm going to buy the Snooker DLC for Pure Pool to

How treate ORA-03127AORA-03130

I fetch data of clob type from Oracle by Delphi,But there are two errors:ora-03127; ora-03130. Please tell me how to treat it.Thanks a lot. My E-Mail:[email protected]Hi, This is an working example (but simple): #/bin/sh function test { sqlplus $1/$1

Issue in Inserting Greek characters in Oracle DB

We are facing the following issue in our project. Need urgent help. We have a multilingual string(message with Greek characters) coming in from KSD gateway. This is to be processed by MHL(message handling layer- which validates and converts the incom

URGENT Problem with Greek Character from an Oracle database

Hello, I am having a serious and urgent problem with the character settings of an oracle database (8.1.7). The database is sitting in a solaris unix server and when we run the env command we have the following in the NLS_LANG parameter: AMERICAN_AMER

Issue with displaying Greek characters in Oracle 11.1

Hi, We are having issues with display of Non-English language (for ex Greek) text on Pega-PRPC. The text is stored in a reference table in Oracle DB. However there is not need of translation in PRPC as it has the capability of displaying non-english