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Plsql-Order by Issue

Hi all, I have an interesting issue with the below SELECT. Its about using ORDER BY clause to sort.(am doing it with a variable "p_sortby".) Order by can be used by column name or column position, (1, 2, … etc. ). Somehow, if I use position in t

Weblogic timer and ClassCastExcetion

Hi, I have very strange problem. I have weblogic timer and when it's time to start the weblogic start's bean and all goes fine till get "home object" from another WLS where I get ClassCastException. Whot is funny if the same bean is started by s

ANNOUNCEMENT:: JSFOne Conference Sep 4th-6th in Washington, DC

Hello, I'm pleased to announce the [JSFOne Conference|http://www.jsfone.com/conference/washington_dc/2008/09/index.html] , which I'll be hosting along with the [ No Fluff Just Stuff Symposiums|http://www.nofluffjuststuff.com/] . I think we've truly p

[HTC Desire, android 2.2., FP10.1.95.2] TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_SWIPE not working

Hi, (I have asked this question here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/737650?tstart=0 as well). I am reviewing new features of the player and I've made few examples from documentation, latter is about TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_SWIPE, but I can't g

Time Machine Buddy conflict

I've been having a recent problem with Time Machine buddy, and am interested in seeing if anyone else has had similar experience. Basically, Time Machine buddy is screwing up all my other widgets. I trashed it and replaced it to confirm this; adding

Spry Effects don't work in IE

Greetings: Is there a way to use multiple fade effects in IE for the menu widget? Currently, what's happening is that when I add the fade effect to the parent div to the menu, the child node does not want to expand to its third child in IE. However,

WebLogic Timer Control Couldnt start

I problem starting WL Timer. I want to use Timer not in the context of Web Service... I just need it so I can spawn new thread to execute long running process. But when my program (a Java Control) trying to start the timer, it kept give me error: <b>

P7N Platinum Problem

Just started this build and have run into a wall. I assembled everything, turned it on and it did post. I loaded the optimized settings and now the thing will not post. I have the mobo running outside the case, just cpu, memory and video. Don't get a

Display zu dunkel

Guten Tag, mir ist aufgefallen, dass das Display von meinem MacBook pro nicht mehr die Leuchtkraft hat wie zu anfang. Als ich es neu hatte, konnte man eigentlich nicht die Hintergrundbeleuchtung voll aufdrehen, weil es dann zu grell wurde. Mittlerwei

InDesign CS6 - Warum liegt die Textzeile hinter Objekt wenn Objektanker in erster Textzeile ist?

Hallo Community, wir haben für die Erstellung von Benutzerhandbüchern von MS-Office auf Adobe InDesign umgestellt. Es klappt auch alles soweit ganz gut aber bei einem kleinen Detail komm ich nicht weiter. Ich verwende sehr oft Textrahmen in die ich O

MSI P965Neo-F V2 doesn't boot/enter bios with E8500 cpu

I have MSI P965Neo-F V2 motherboard and I have bought Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 CPU today which is declared as supported as per http://global.msi.eu/index.php?func=prodcpusupport&maincat_no=1&cat2_no=&cat3_no=&prod_no=1275 but after installin

Library element to class

Hello, I am trying to develop a kind of monopoly in Flash AS3. For the tokens, a player have to choose a shape (as "dog", "shoe", "car", ...). All these shapes are allready designed as MovieClips, and are stored in the librar

Matching UUIDs with Time Capsule

That's exactly what I want to do, if anyone knows how to do it. I have already done the full reset of Time Machine/Time Capsule, i.e. shutting down Time Capsule, trashing Time Machine preferences, rebooting/restarting, turning Time Machine on. My bac