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Is possible to capture the SP username of who is making submission of the data from an InfoPath 2010 form?

Hi all, Does anyone know how to capture the SP username of who is making submission of the data from an InfoPath 2010 form? I looking to avoid the user need to type extra information like username/ manager name, etc; and then use code behind to be do

How to add landing page s-parameter to a form submission?

Hi, Really hoping somebody can help me. This is something I have seen used in many of my previouse roles and I would like to introduce it to my current position but am a bit lost. We develop our website inhouse and are currently in the process of mig

How do I create a GL responsibility to access multiple ledgers (error trying to run Financial report submission)

I created a new GL responsibility and used the same menu as an existing one but created a new data access set that has all the ledgers in it that we want to access. I left the following profile options with no value.  The reason being is this respons

Voip application for windows phone 8.1 fails store submission

A voip application with the new 8.1 architecture based on a separate process for the voip server is not accepted by the store. Voip architecture is based on 8.1 sample: https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/ChatterBox-VoIP-WP81-64921ad4 Errors

Results from a form submission does not keep the fields in order when I get the email

I created a form and it works fine but when I get the email back the fields are out of the tab order or out of wack meaning they are not in order that I set the acceptabilities to. Is this something in the Action script I have to add and what would i

Problem with Javascript form submission

Would someone correct the following the Javascript function? It should submit the form when test==true, and should give an alert message when test==false. The problem is when the alert message is displayed and closed, the form is still submitted. In

Link to content submission is not working

I am unable to access the article submission link.  Following is the path that I am trying Clicked on "How to Contribute" link at the top of SDN home page.  Scrolled down to the section "ARTICLES, TUTORIALS, WHITE PAPERS AND RICH MEDIA"

Question on advice on timing of when to submit hands on submission form

In [http://www.oracle.com/education/certification] support-faq's the question (accessed as of time of this post) Q. Do I need to complete all the tests in my certification path within a set period of time or in a specific order?+Has the follwing answ

How to cancelling email submission after user clicks "yes/no" button of message box?

could some one tell me, how can i cancelling the submission event after one user clicks "yes/no" button of message box? The scenario is the following: After data input in a dynamic form clicks the user send mail button. Before the email submit,

A/R Invoice that link with Down Payment document have reversed GST from DP

Hi All, I am buzzle on why SAP has changed their function for down payment in 8.81 version. For example, if SO amount is $1000 and GST is $70, but company request their customer to pay $500 as deposit (add GST $35). In SAP 8.81 version, the double en

Concurrent request submission displays Output in xml format ?

Hi , I am submitting a concurrent request from workflow which is an xml publisher report . my problem when the program is run individually it displays the output correctly in rtf format but when the same request is submitted from worklfow the output

Job submission failed : error occurred while scheduling the job. org.quartz.objectalreadyexistsexception: unable to store job with name

Experts, Please help me out here,Am facing this issue while scheduling a job in BIPublisher. job submission failed : error occurred while scheduling the job. org.quartz.objectalreadyexistsexception: unable to store job with name Thanks,You are probab

Assigning Different GST codes in one invoice

Hi Can anyone please guide me how to enter multiple gst codes in one single invoice (fb60 & miro). Whenever i tried to enter two different tax codes in tax code system don't accept it. Regards AxebHI VVR i want to charge it against only one vendor sa

How can I restrict multiple web app item submission by a user

I have a webapp setup. I do want users to submitted web app items multiple times. How can I achieve this Kindly help. I know I only achieve this with js. Can someone kindly off.Hi Chad, am having challenges getting this to work: Kindly assist This is

How do we remove GST / Tax from a manual order?

Hi, Does anyone know how we can remove GST from a manual order? The tax is greyed out at 10% and can't be changed but this customer is an overseas customer that pays our Australian pricing but does not pay tax. Any ideas?Hey DandyDahlia, Please reach

How can I find out the status of my podcast feed submission?

I submitted a podcast feed for approval 2 1/2 weeks ago. I've yet to get an approval. I got the acknowledgement email. I followed up a week ago; and they asked me to send my feed to them again for reference. Nothing. As many podcasts as they have, it

Is it possible to add files to a PDF form submission?

Hi there, Someone asked me to add an attachment field to a PDF dynamic form. Based on previous research we figured out that will not be possible: our users don't have Acrobat - just Reader - and we won't purchase Reader Extensions. How about using a

Issue while starting a workflow using a form submission cq5

Hi, I have followed the below mentioned tutorial and completed it. http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/workflows/create-models.html#par_reference Once done, I did try to start the workflow using a normal form submission, by giving workflow name in

"Submission status" error while posting comments using evcom

Hi friends, I am  getting "Submission status" error while posting comments using evcom. This error comes up even when we use "post comments" option in Action Pane. The error text goes like this : Error Message - This cell can not be up

There is an error in the order submission.

Hi, While placing order in iStore(11.5.7 vis) i got the following error."Error messages from Order Management. The item specified is invalid or does not exist in the warehouse you specified. Please Enter a valid item- warehouse combination. Invalid u