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Not possible to scroll the menu without lagging - Set Up a Repair service is not working

Hi, It is not possible to scroll the menu without lagging. The latest version has been restored but nothing. I think the touch screen is having some problems. I wanted to use the Set Up a Repair / Send In for service but it seems that the application

Mouse Lag and poor performance. Video Card or Power?

Not specifically a FCP question but related. I recently purchased a new rig. Here are the specs. 2 X 2.93Ghz 6 Core/16GB RAM/ ATI Radeon 5870 video card. I am having very odd mouse lag problems that are quite annoying. I am also having issues with pl

Win7 Client got mouse lag with roaming profiles

Hello! I got several clients, served by a Win2008r2 AD. Those clients supposed to have roaming profiles. Now if I enable them, there is a mouse lag, like the pointer is always in delay, also if you click, you notice that it takes longer than normal.

Bluetooth mouse lag

So here is the situation: I have a Macbook Pro (early 2009 model) with an Apple wireless keyboard and a Logitech V270 bluetooth mouse. Recently, I've been experiencing mouse lag (to the point where I can hardly even use the mouse anymore). The lag is

Does anyone get the mouse lag with an external display connected via the display port?

does anyone get the mouse lag with an external display connected via the display port?You don't describe the problem in great detail.  Is this the issue you are describing? https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4398076?start=0&tstart=0 If so, then, &qu

Why do everytime i minimize something my mouse lags (delay move)?

I've got a problem here! First i started off using windows 7 ,then I've changed my theme into windows classic, then i changed it back to windows 7 and now everytime i click on a minimize button my mouse lags. I'm using a razer deathadder, but i don't

Magic mouse lags bluetooth audio

Magic mouse lags bluetooth audio with cracking and pitch shift. After Magic mouse disconnected, then bluetooth speakers sounds perfect. Please help!!!I have this same issue, but opposite.  My audio in my bluetooth headphones sounds great, but when th

Mouse lags

My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere. I have looked but to no avail. I am using the 2011 new iMac i5 with 12 GB of RAM and I have tried a wired A4tech Mouse (heavy lag) and a Genius wireless mouse. I am using Windows 7 via boot camp. I o

Bluetooth mouse lags often. Maybe conflicts with Wi-Fi, using same band?

My Bluetooth mouse, a Logitech v470 laser mouse, lags often on my MacBook Pro. I'm thinking that maybe it could be conflicting with my Wi-Fi, which is also enabled, and which uses the same band as Bluetooth – 2.4 GHz? Could this be the reason for the

Macbook Pro Wi-Fi causes mouse lag for Logitech MX Revolution

I just got the new 15" Macbook Pro 2.4ghz on Tuesday, October 28th. Yesterday, I tried using my Logitech MX Revolution mouse with it only to discover that it was nearly unusable. The cursor would lag terribly, sometimes sticking in one spot for sever

Mouse lags after changing Harddrive

After i installed my SSD in my Mac Mini and restored the Operation System (Mountain Lion) from my Time Machine Backup i encounter a very strange mouse lag. When i move the mouse, the cursor jumps almost every 3 seconds. I've tried already a different

AfterFX CS6, Timeline Mouse-Lag! (with video description, vimeo)

I created a video of the problem and uploaded it to my vimeo account. Hope it helps to understand: http://vimeo.com/43892712 Windows 7 Pro 64bit Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz 8GB Ram Nvidia GTX 580 Phantom 256 Samsung SSD Supertalent SSD (Dedicated to Ado

Flash Player performance slowness and mouse lag

I've been having this problem for a while.  I already did the usual google searching and didn't find anything useful.  Specifically its games I play on kongregate and other sites.  When they are using flash player I tend to get poor performance.  If


I updated my bios to the latest and updated firmware to the latest version but when turbo boost is open ( max processor %100)  mouse lag occurs  in games but there is no fps drop.For example, when i shift my mouse to left for change the direction of

Usb wireless mouse lag

Hello! I have a 2011 macbook pro with 10.6.8. I'm using a logitech m505 wireless usb mouse, which started to jump around. It's annoying beyond any imagination. I googled and there are tens of pages and many threads here but no solution. I tried Logit

MSI GT70 - Mouse Lag in games

Hi All, Working with a stock MSI GT70 (AU edition), Windows 8, etc.  And currently experiencing what I can only be mouse lag when playing games.  The games themselves run very well (thank you MSI ) but no matter what setting I have tried (graphical o

Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.3 Mouse Lag

Hello Everyone, I work in an environment where we use Apple Remote Desktop to control, observe, and administor about 50 machines.  All of our machines are running Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and ARD 3.5.3 with the exception of one or two which have n

I recently downloaded 2 movies in iTunes on my windows PC and movies will not play, they will open up to the main menu, mouse overs work as well as extra features.  However the main movies will not let you play.

I recently downloaded 2 movies in iTunes on my windows PC and movies will not play, they will open up to the main menu, mouse overs work as well as extra features.  However the main movies will not let you play. On mouse over in itunes the 'play' but

Wireless mouse lagging during network activity

Wondering if anyone can help me out here. Don't know when this started happening but whenever I am pulling a file from my network or someone on my network pulling from me, my wireless mouse lags and the pointer barely moves. Where do I even start to

Dell 2005FPW causing mouse lag?

I recently purchased the Dell 2005FPW 20.5" widescreen LCD and am running it at 1600x1050. I have noticed a slight amount of mouse lag since swapping monitors (was using a Viewsonic P95f+ CRT). It's apparent enough enough to be annoying when trying t