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HDMI TV + MacMini makes big noise in speakers on boottime

I've got another problem with my Hitachi HDMI TV. I connect Mac-mini to this TV, but when it starts, I hear great noise (just like that which I hear when I try to find TV channel, but I don't) when Mac-Mini boots. Welll tis problem don't happen when

How can I stream audio from Apple TV 2 to Airport Express speakers.

how can I stream audio from Apple TV 2 to Airport Express speakers. I have LCD projector on one wall and connected ATV to it via HDMI. Speakers on the other wall and connected to APXpress.To be honest the times we've wanted to have music from more th

No HDMI Audio from PNY Nvidia G210 Card - Please Help [SOLVED]

***** It's now working! ***** Thanks to some of the posts on the XBMC and Ubuntu hardware forums. I picked up a lot of pointers. When using this card with XBMC, There is no need at all for an /etc/modprobe.d/sound.conf with probe masks etc. and there

[SOLVED]No sound in speakers when headphones plugged in since

As I already mentionned in another thread, since the kernel26 update I'm not getting any sound in my speakers when my headphones are plugged in the front panel of my desktop. I'd like to get sound in my speakers even when headphones are plug

Using Qosmio G40 as HD-DVD player via HDMI to TV - possible?

Is it possible to use G40 as HD-DVD player connecting it via HDMI interface to TV (Loewe Individual)? Have tried, however starting HD-DVD player, error message stating, can't use the interface.Yes, this is possible. I am using my G40 that way for sev

HDMI sound issue on Satellite L500D-149 (with ATI HD3200)

Hello, I'm fighting with my issue for two days but I'm not able to resolve that... Maybe you will able to help me... ...I bought HDMI cable to connect my laptop to TV. I've got the video but no sound. I tried to re-install drivers -audio and video- f

Dv7 HDMI and headphone

Does anyone know of a way to have sound outputted from both the HDMI audio and the headphone audio at the same time? I have the notebook hooked up to a nice HP 22" monitor with HDMI and speakers, would love to use those as well as the surround speake

[SOLVED] Getting Xorg + nVidia, on a new install, working

Hi there, Lately, I've been trying something new: running with a modern GPU. *gasp!* ...but I've been running into some trouble. I'm hoping someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. The situation: I recently put Arch on a new mach

Volume can't be adjusted when external screen is attached

After the OS update of Yosemite my volume on my macbook pro can't be adjusted when the external video by HDMI is attached. It seems that the control of sound is transferred to the external screen, unfortunately my screen volume can only be set by cha

After Yosemite install, sound button on MacBook Pro doesn't work-stuck at full volume or Mute. Can't adjust slider in preferences, or use volume button on keyboard.

Just installed Yosemite on my MacBook Pro 15", Retina display, early 2013 build. After installation, I cannot adjust volume for speakers. It is either completely off (muted) or on a FULL VOLUME. Neither the speaker volume buttons on the keyboard or t

[SOLVED] No sound after update

Hello Arch-Community, unfortunately my sound (neither Speakers nor Mic) is not working anymore on my machine. Yesterday evening was everything fine, but I guess after todays update something must have happened. Unfortunately I don't know which kind o

No audio formats in Expression Capture Settings Menu

I have just downloaded and successfully installed Expression Encoder 4 on Windows 7 (64 bit).  The system has all available updates installed.  When I go to the Settings/Audio tab in Expression Screen Capture, my audio out devices are listed correctl

HP Envy 17 no brightness control after Win10 upgrade

Well, did the upgrade to Win10 from Win7 this weekend and all went well except for a jerky mouse and no longer can I adjust the brightness. The screen is so bright I have to wear sunscreen!  And, since this is the primary computer i use to edit my ph

HT201335 multiple apple TVs

Can you send the same signal at the same time with sound to two different Apple TVs. I want to send my computer screen and sound to two different Apple TVs in two different rooms. Also while mirroring can you also have sound come out of computer at w

Qosmio G50-10I - No synchronization on TV between image and sound

My problem is that there is no synchronization between image and sound (+the sound is late about 5 seconds+) when i watch TV on Windows Media Center on Qosmio G50-10I I tried to change the settings on Windows Media Center but some will be escape.How

Can not select TV speakers when connected via HDMI

I have a MBP fully updated connected to a Sony TV vis HDMI/miniport.  Up until today this configuration was working fine.  Suddenly, I can no longer select the HDMI speakers in my audio preferences.  They are recognized and appear on the list but whe

Playing video AND audio through TV speakers using Mini Display to HDMI adapter

I have a late 2011 MBP and want to hear the sound of the videos I'm running on my MBP through the speakers of my LG HDTV.  I have used a Belkin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (model f2cd021eb) plugged in to my MBP with an HDMI cable running from it

TS4107 I have to use the optical output to my receiver for my surround sound ( it does not decode HDMI). After updating the software on my Apple TV the optical no longer works. The HDMI to my TV works and provides sound to the measly TV speakers. WHY?

I updated my software as "recommended" and my optical output is not working anymore to my receiver and thus no surround sound. My HDMI to the TV still provides the picture and sound to the TV. My receiver only uses optical and was fine BEFORE th

[solved] HDMI audio only through laptop speakers

I am running archlinux on an original surface pro with alsa. All sound works fine except that with an hdmi cable plugged in the audio still routes through the surface speakers and never through the tv or lcd projector. I have googled a plenty, but no

[SOLVED] Only HDMI/Displayport audio outputs; no sound from speakers

I have a Dell XPS14 running Arch, which has worked fine for a while, but now has suddenly stopped detecting the internal speakers and headphones, so it will not play sound.   I have tried a few things to narrow down the problem, but I've had no luck