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Hi in Japanese Translation


Is Japanese translation built in to Lion?

In older operating systems I was able to somehow enable a Japanese/English dictionary translation function, but I can not find this in Lion.  I seem to remember that in the old days one would have to enable this in some type of dictionary prefrences,

Japanese Translator

Hi Friends, I have Oracle personnel 9.0.1 dB, installed in my PC, with the dB charset "WEBMSWIN1252", NLS_LANGUAGE="AMEIRCAN" and NLS_TERRITORY="AMERICA". There are 2 clients accessing my dB and the client charset is "WE

Reading Japanese Text on my C7/Astound

Hello all. I just discovered the dictionary translator feature on my phone this morning, and downloaded the Japanese translator for it from this website. While the download was successful, none of the kana or kanji are showing up under the translatio

Japanese: ms word format to utf?

Hello Forum... I'm doing a site with servlets and trying out i18n. I succeed with european character sets using a combination of vim and native2ascii to create utf-8 encoded property files for my ResourceBundle code. However, now I've received a japa

SE63 + Text module + Japanese

Hi All, I need to translate one Text module from English to Japanese. I created text module in English and also created one paragraph with font family JPMINCHO. I'm doing the translation to Japanese with SE63 (Translation - ABAP OBjects - Other long

Applet won't launch when using a search-engine cached or translated page

My applet won't launch successfully if the page is encased in a search-engine cache envelope, or translated. For example: * [url http://translate.google.co.jp/translate?hl=ja&sl=en&u=http://www.r0k.us/graphics/SIHwheel.html&ei=yR7xTNKLOoSdlgfK

Japanese characters in JEditorPane HTML

We have an application that displays HTML in a JEditorPane to take advantage of the font changes. The string starts off with <html><body><font face='Dialog' size='-1'><b>One of our translation testers is complaining that some of th

Japanese characters in a html Email - help please

Hi My web app sends confirmation emails to customers in multiple languages, all work fine apart from Japanese which display all as ? on the email. Part of of my email code is formatted as this (ie sending as utf-8) HTML = "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-

How do I import Korean or Japanese subtitles?

I've figured out how to to import .txt or .stl subtitle files for English, French or German. But every time I try to import the Korean subtitles into DVDSP it just reads as gobblygunk. I suspect I need to change some encoding somewhere in preferences

I need an app that allows - top notch Powerpoint accessibility.  Notetaking and audio recording.  AND a possible translator.  Is there any appl or two that are recommended for a busy traveling executive?

My boss just purchased and IPad and needs an app that allows - Powerpoint Editing and graphics capability/accessibility.  Notetaking and audio recording.  Japanese Translator. Is there any appl or two that are recommended for this busy traveling exec

SAP translations

Cost elements were all created in English. When you log into Spanish you see blanks. How can I get the English translation to show up in Spanish system as a default without going into every cost element in the spanish client and typing in the english

Help needed regarding japanese contents

Hai all, Am new to internationalization. I am facing a small problem. I am trying to acheive something like this : I have a web page which takes japanese input .. and should show a japanese output as well. but my major problem is that the content in

Appraisal exit BADI filter translations.

Hi Everyone, I hope you can help me, I am trying to find out where translations for the short text of a BADI filter are done. As I understand it, for the BADI to be available in the appraisal it must exist in table T77HAP_FLT_EXI. The translations fo

Bug? Application not appearing in Application builder

Version I have an application 102 which is translated to japanese as application 103 in my workspace - training I have another application in a different database with application number 102 in workspace - develop. I export application 10

Having Problem with Asian Fonts

I'm having a problem installing the packages ttf-arphic-ukai and ttf-arphic-uming.  They install fine, but it completely corrupts all my fonts. Any new applications that are launched (or when KDE is relaunched) have nothing but boxes for the fonts, a

Output as Word files?

How do I create documents that look like a PDF, with the RoboHelp "flattened", but have them be in Word format instead? The reason why I want to do this is that we need a .doc file for Japanese translation.Thank you Peter; I didn't realize that

Kotoeri Produces Mojibake

We recently purchased a 27" Intel Core 2 Duo iMac running Snow Leopard for my wife's English-Japanese translation service. Unfortunately, after diligently indicating Japanese as one of the designated languages, we discovered that Kotoeri is virtually

IWeb site and safari

I have two web site up using iWeb one ftp and the other is moblie me. When I look at them in safari they look just fine, but I can't use the smaller or larger type comand. In firefox they work but not in apple own safari. Very curious and not sure if

How do i enable spanish in the safari dictionary?

I understand from the last sentence on description of the safari dictionary on the Apple website, Spanish should be supported.  But no definitions for Spanish words come up.  How do I enable Spanish?  Is it possible to obtain translations to English

Localization in RoboHelp 6

Hi, I'm curious if anyone know what localization improvements have been made in RoboHelp 6. I see localization listed as a bullet point on the datasheet that is accessible from the product page, but it doesn't really explain what that means. What are