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House Break in Reports


How to make a page break in report

Hi, I want a page break on the basis of the query. Is it possible to write SQL Plus Command like 'BREAK' in report? Is there any other way to make it? Is there any way using 'P_MAX_ROWS' attribute? I know in CSS2 there are some element 'page-break-be

How to force a page break if report is only one page long

Hi all. I've been asked to ensure an XMLP report is always 2 pages long, even if the data fits on one page. Does anyone know if it is possible with the Word Add-in to check if a report is only 1 page long and get it to force a page break for the extr

Page Breaks on Reports 3.0

How can I set the number of lines to print per page, or set page breaks, so that my report doesn't continually spool, in Reports 3.0?Hi Set the property 'Maximum Records per Page' for appropriate Repeating Frame. Andrew.Read other 2 answers

How to break in reports using ApEx 3.0

Hi, I would like to create a report which would look like this <pre> John Doe      Animal Name      Dog Max      Cat Esther Jane Doe      Animal Name      Fish John      Snake - </pre> The break should occur on the id of the person (which is h

How to break a Report Field

Hi, I have a field in a report which is of 300 characters and it comes printed in a straight line. what is the procedure to break it into size of 40 characters. Thanks, AmeyaHi, I have the same problem ... the only thing I have found is to make the c

More than 3 breaks on report's columns?

Hello All, Is it possible to have breaks on more than 3 columns? If yes, how? In addition, is it possible to have breaks on columns 1,2,3,5,6? (No break on column 4). Thank you.You can use breaks for up to three columns and they need to be the first

BO Edge SSL breaks Modifying Reports

Hey Everyone,    I am having some trouble with using SSL and it breaking the Modifying option in Infoview. I am running R2 and using the java/tomcat install. I can't tell if it has a http link hardcoded in the script or it's some other issue with my

SQL Server 2012 - applying SP2 breaks SSRS Report Builder

Hi, Had SQL 2012 (was 11.00.2845) and SSRS configured and working.   Applied SQL 2012 SP2 (server now at version 11.0.5058.0 (X64). But when I goto the typical "http://server/ReportS_INST1 - reports still work ok, but clicking on Report Builder looks

Setting EP cache level breaks BW reports

Hi there We have a number of BW reports that are published through our Enterprise Portal. The reports run fine by themselves. They have been published to the portal and assigned to roles, and run fine. Now we are looking to enhance performance, so ha

Want to know more details about control breaks in reports

hello all i want to know more details about control breaks AT First,                                                                       AT Last,                                                                       AT New,                         

Report footer = Entire size of page, CR still breaks section

I have a report that has large text boxes in a report footer.  The section is checked "Keep Together" so it will print in its entirety on the last page of the report.  I also have a rather large page header that occupies probably the top third o

Interactive Report Control Break Formatting

Hi All, We have a report that is having control break by 2 or 3 columns. The break lines are showing as below. Domain Name : Academic Training, Job Title : Assistant Registrar, Standard Course Title : Top in Ling & Cultr The title should be shown in

Report Break Formatting

Can someone please point me to examples of using the various report break formatting options under Report Attributes? Screenshots of this in action using various options would be highly appreciated. The online field help (http://tinypic.com/m8z920.jp

Maximum Number of Columns for Control Break on APEX Reports

Hi I'm new to APEX. I just want to ask if the number of maximum columns for control break in Reports can be adjusted? I have noticed that it can only handle up to six columns for Control Break, I just want to know if it can have more than six columns

Page break in between group and subreport

I have created a report with one group based on the customer order number.   We want the user to be able to run a range of customers orders. For example, print 10 customer orders at one time.  The group pulls the required information for each custome

Can I use cascading parameters in a fetchXML report.

 I'm trying to write a report For CRM Online in FetchXML. I want to use pre-filtering to force users to run the report from the Account form so the results are limited to one account because my database is quite large and if they use the Advanced Fin

Email Discoverer Report

Hi, I am using Discoverer Desktop I am in a situation where I should be able to email each page of the report to a different person when ever the report is run. Each page of the report has the information of different customer and a par

BW Report Designer - Group level changes

Dear all, we intent to use BW Report Designer and want to insert page breaks between group level changes so that we get one page per item of a group (as it is possible in Crystal reports). Example: Sales organization is listed in column 1 of our quer

Using Azure internal load balancer (ILB) for Sql Reporting Services

I am attempting to implement a scale-out SSRS deployment using the Azure ILB feature. I have created 2 Sql Reporting servers using the azure images and have created a ILB endpoint on both servers.  I am then attempting to access the servers via the I

SCOM 2012 Installation does not show the SQL Server Instance for reporting services

I have an issue when I try to install SCOM 2012 with the Reporting Server feature, so in the step that I have to select a SQL Server Instance I cannot do that, because as you can see in the picture no one option appears. In my scenario I have a DCSER