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how can i make a photo collage on my mac


Creating a photo collage on a Mac

Hi. I'm relatively new to Mac and iPhoto. Is there a way to create a collage of say 15 or 16 pictures so I can print it out as a poster? I know Roxio has a photo program for Windows. Is there an equivalent for Mac? Thank you.Not with iPhoto. However

Why is my photo collage not saving correctly?

I have only just got PSE 9, and am enjoying all the things you can do with it, so I thought I would try to make a photo collage for my family. I watched the video and it seemed straightforward enough, and I have made the collage. However, when I go t

Error message in photo collage

please help getting a error message in photo collage ( your request could not be completed no file could be found) I have selected photos in organizerPhotoshop doesn't have a photo collage, or an organizer. Were you looking for the Elements forums?Re

How Do I Create A Photo Collage in Final Cut Pro X?

Hi all, I'm a total newbie with Final Cut Pro X.  I'm using it to edit aerial drone footage for real estate sales. I have video from the outside of the houses, and I can edit that just fine.  What I want to do, though, is have a kind of photo collage

PSE 6.0 will not display photo collage theme or layout

I just purchased PSE 6.0 for imac on Tues.  I would like to use the photo collage option, but zero options work.  I installed it/uninstalled it and it still did not fix it.  It is in the process of downloading ADOBE BRIDGE CS3 WITH START MEETING 1.0.

Help with photo collage in Elements 10

I am new to Photoshop Elements 10. I am trying to create a photo collage, but a window pops up saying "Valid size not available for this creation".  Can someone help me fix this so I can create??You can select the layout-horizontal or vertical w

How do I create a Photo collage in Photoshop Elements 9

I would like to make a photo collage but I always have a box pop up that states integer between 1953789282 & 53945508715 required, closest value inserted & then I cannot go any further.  Not sure what that meansQuit the editor, then restart it whi

Can I make a photo collage with iphoto

Trying to find an easy way to make a photo collage.  Can I do this in iPhoto?No You need other software for that Pages, Word, pagemaker, etc. google will show other programs available for that LNRead other 2 answers

Elements 9 problems with photo collage

I have 4 days to print a photo collage series in PE9!  I have watched the video, read how tos & searched forum.  Please send help! I am trying to make a photo collage, 5 on a 8 1/2x11 using the landscape, with white background & simple text.  Clic

Photo collages in Elements 11

In my previous version of Photoshop (I think 6) I was able to easily create a completely custom photo collage. I've been frustrated in my attempts to do the same in Elements 11. No. 1, how can I get a plain white background? Am I really stuck with th

Photo Collage Crashes PE 6 for Mac

I have PE 6 on an Imac - 2.66 dual core with 4 gig memory. When I use the Create Photo Collage feature, it crashes the program. The collage finishes, but then a dialogue box appears that says" Can not complete request because of a program error."

Photoshop Elements - Is it possible to create product photo collages for fashion blog?

Is it possible to create product photo collages with links to each individual item's website?  I am starting a fashion blog and the product photo collages with links will be my primary use for adobe and am trying to figure out which program will be b

How do I make a photo collage in CS5?

I am trying to make a 12x18 photo collage in PS CS5 and cannot find how to do it. Is there a way? My Epson R2880 printer will handle 13x19 paper. TIA, Bill P.Hello there! First you are going to want to start a new file. File > New. This brings up the

Create a photo collage canvas of 150 old scanned photos? Tips to increase efficiency?

Hi there! I'm been asked to make a 150cm/100cm big high res canvas out of 150+ old photos scanned to digital JPEG's. Is there a way to do that without spending the next two years of my life dedicated to that task? (Joking aside) I have been handed 10

Photo Collage Slow

Photo Collage runs real slow between each step. If I get anxious and click the mouse on anything, the program asks if I want to close the program or wait for it to respond. It appears that the photo collage will perform all the functions, but it take

Create a photo collage from iphoto

I am trying to create a photo collage from pictures from iphoto but I have no idea where to begin. What program do I open for this and do I do a lot of cutting and pasting? I am new to the computer thing so any help would be great.lilgag: Welcome to

Creating a Photo Collage in PSE8

How can I create a 16"x24" photo collage in PSE8 with 5 photos?  I want 1 photo to be the main focal point and to be the largest and then 2 photos medium size and 2 photos smaller.  Thanks, CarissaGo to File>new>blank file. Enter the dimen

PSE6 Win: Want to print a photo collage INCLUDING CAPTIONS

I am trying to make a book of pictures of a recent trip. I want to have a separate layout for each page, so I'm making individual photo collage pages. Is there any way to get more than 4 photos on a page and have the captions included? Every time I t

Photo Collage Question

I have adobe photoshop elements 4.0. I have made a photo collage successfuly before, but I'm not sure why it's not working now. I open a new blank file and add my picture in. However, now it is making my photo the background instead of the blank file

Photo Collage Problem

Each time I click on "photo collage" to make one, this msg pops up "Valid size not available for this creation."  What can I do to resolve the problem?  The prints I usually want to use are only 4 x 6.  See this discussion: http://foru