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how do i check the resolution of a jpeg


How to check the resolution of a pdf file using Acrobat 9 pro?

How to check the resolution of a pdf file using Acrobat 9 pro?PDF files don't have one resolution, but may have none or many different resolutions, one per image. You can check the maximum/minimum resoluion with preflight in Acrobat Pro, but not in A

When connect appletv to tv it is asking to check the resolution and change the resolution

First time when I am connecting appletv to SamsungTV it is asking to check the resolution and change the resolution.Keynote can not burn DVD discs, nor can it compile a video DVD project If you have iDVD installed on your Mac, You can export the Keyn

How to reliably check the resolution for a pdf file?

Should I use preflight to reliably check the resolution for a pdf file?  I have posted my frustrations on http://forums.adobe.com/thread/978098You can create your own preflight tool to check for the dpi of embedded images.Read other 6 answers

Checking PDF Resolution with Preflight Single Checks

While checking resolution with Acrobat 10.1.1, I am baffled and need comments from you all on how to interpret the following preflight reports: Checking whether the ppi of my PDF is less than 150 results in a big red X and then states that the docume

How to check screen resolution under XSun Server (x86)

Hi, I changed my X Server to XSun and configured it to 1280x800 (same virtual resolution) f�r my wide screen notebook. Is there any way to check if the resolution is right? Thanks, MarcoEither you should choose the correct driver with supported resol

Set up and check Display resolution of the Red Hat Linux 5

i am going to install oracle 11g and i wanted to check resolution configured of the server . so i used folowing commands after connecting through Xstart #export DISPLAY=BAA16726:0.0 # xrandr |grep '*' but it givng me the following error.. "Xlib: exte

How to check the resolution of the image through scripting

How to check the raster image resolution in illustrator through script?Thanks for your reply. I have found another script which returns the dpi of linked images. I am not so good in scripting could you have a look in this and convert to RasterItem.re

Check image resolution and color

Please let me know whether it is possible to get the image resolution and color used in a eps file. regards, SashiYou can specify the resolution for exporting, for document etc but resolution of the raster objects can not be retrieved. Color space of

IQ770 /771 setting or checking the resolution of a second monitor

Hi I have a Touchsmart 771 and would like to use a second monitor, I have a spare HP W19 monitor that as far as I can see is the same resolution as the integrated monitor ( 1440x900 60Hz). If I connect this to the external port it seems to work fine

How to control resolution of exported jpeg

I know I can control the resolution of an exported jpeg through the UI with the Export JPEG dialog box. I'm wondering how to access that setting with the object model. When I export to a jpeg with my script, it seems to use whatever resolution settin

How to stop Preview from changing resolution when converting JPEGs into PDF

I am combining several JPEGs of identical resolution into a PDF using Preview, using either the sidebar or Automator action (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=11893607). For some reason, Preview changes the resolution of the PDF so v

Resolution Issues in Jpeg Options when Saving

Hi, I am suddenly experiencing an issue when saving Jpeg files in photoshop CS4. I work on hundreds of files at a time. I open the Jpeg photo, edit it and when ready hit 'save' and 'return' to accept the settings which are usually set by default to 1

Resolution of Imported jpegs, especially with text, is terrible.

I'm importing jpegs built @ 1280 x 720 pixels. In the viewer the text is crisp, but when it's put into the sequence, it loses all quality. I'm not sure what my sequence settings should be on. Under Sequence settings I've been using "DV NTSC 48 Khz An

Problems printing (not exporting) a JPEG at high res on Windows 7 64bit?

I have searched for similar problems but could not find in the forums.  When I try to print a JPG from the Print module in LR 3.6 (and tried it also with 3.5), it does not always recognize the resolution settings.   Most of the time (and I can't see

Importing illustrator pdfs into photoshop sometimes won't allow me to open and check resolution?

Here's the scenario: Customer sends me an illustrator file with an embedded image. I need to check the resolution of the image to see see if it is high resolution enough for print. I delete all art but the image in illustrator and then save that file

Checking resolution in a PDF image

This might be more of an Acrobat question, but is there an easy way to check the resolution of an image that was done in Illustrator and is now sent to you as a PDF? Thanks.Thanks Monika and Jacob.  The issue is that these files are created by outsid

Check resolution and write in CSV

I need a script which check the resolution of an image and if the resolution is below 300, it needs to create an CSV/Text file into desktop with the string "Resolution is below 300". Is that possible to do it using script? Kindly advise.Checking

Script to check resolution of the embedded images in illustrator

Hi All, Is there is any script available to check the resolution of the embedded image in the illustrator. Regards, VinothHi Kenny, I posted the following file to the NI outgoinng ftp site-- you'll have to grab it in the next few days before it gets

How do I change the image resolution of a photo?

Hi..,      I am the beginner in Photoshop.      I want to change one image resolution from 72 dpi to 300 dpi.      So, I search and got one pdf for change the resolution of the image. In that they mention, take the "Printscreen" of the image and

Macbook pro "hi-resolution" display?

i have a 15" macbook pro with "high resolution" display (1440 x 900).   note this is NOT a retina macbook pro - it is older. i'm used to working at "native" resolution - it makes the menu bar rather small, but i prefer it this way