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How Does Android Pay Work


Trying to understand Android OS updates delays

This is not another hate mail, it´s more about trying to understand the facts and motives regarding the OS updates (or lack of). Hopefully this material will arrive at someone from Sony with enough power to do something about it. Ever since I can rem

IP address and android devices - blondie needing h...

Hi all, totally new to this and im not very technically minded woman Basically my 2 sons got asus nexus 7 tablets end of march.set up and both worked fine until 5/6 weeks later when one lost connection for no reason to Internet. Could still obtain si

Mobile form not calculating on Android Tablet

I have a Time Sheet with Javascript that adds the times up, and it works perfect with the PC version of Adobe Reader, but when I try to use it on a nexus 7 tablet the calculations don't work. I have tried the official Adobe Reader for Android as well

Why is my Time Sheet not working on Android Readers?

I have a Time Sheet with Javascript that adds the times up, and it works perfect with the PC version of Adobe Reader, but when I try to use it on a nexus 7 tablet the calculations don't work. I have tried the official Adobe Reader for Android as well

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 Update

When will Verizon approve the Android 4.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?  The slowness of Verizon to approve updates is inexcusable!  And to that I'll say, "I'm done!"  I am so disgusted with Verizon and their inability to provide updates

I cant install flash player on my razr i android 4.1.2 what is happen i buy the app and didnt work

Well when i finally buy my new cell and get out from symbian os one off the first things i gonna do is install flash player for listen my music on last fm and see the movies from streaming but i am too disapoint cause i goo to google store and find a

HT204406 Since updating to ios6 on my iPhone 4S iTunes Match has not worked. The app stays open for about five seconds before crashing. With ios5 it was great and worth paying for. Now it is utterly useless. Apple, please listen and fix this problem.

Ever since I updated to ios 6 on my iPhone 4S, iTunes Match has not worked. I have been through the process of deleting my iTunes control files, and that worked temporarily, but now I cannot listen to music through the service. It shows my artists an

Am I the only person having problems with Verizon's refurbished Androids?

The best way for me to share my issue, is to submit a copy of a letter I have written to Verizon. I have been a loyal Verizon customer for many years now.  I have enjoyed good service until my most recent phone purchase approximately 18 months ago. 

HT204053 my wife and i have seperate itunes accounts is there a way we can link our accounts to share songs so we dont have to pay for the same song twice?

When the first ipad came out i set it up and created an itunes account, since then she got an iphone and an ipad and everything was good. I had an android but wanted to try out the iphone. When i set it up ut jumpled all of our contacts, apps, and ev

Can I use same account for android and PC and how ...

Can I use same account for android tablet and PC and how do I link both?You can use the same Apple ID for both phones, you would then be able to use the purchased Apps/Content on both phones without having to pay again.Read other 2 answers

How to sync ical with multiple apple devices and android?

Does anybody have use an android phone in addition to apple devices, and have you figured out how to sync ical with all? (I know there are other calendars that can be used by all, but it means a lot to my husband to stay with ical.)I tried Yahoo in t

Want to learn how to do Dolby 5.1 without paying for Surcode?

If you have ever been interested in trying Dolby 5.1 in a Premiere Pro project that you can export out to a file or Blu-Ray, it is actually easier than you think. There are some very specific steps you need to take to make it work however and there i

How to access the whole iTunes iCloud Library with an Android phone?

Hello all, I am a newbie here, so please forgive me if I'm not following protocol here.  I searched for the word "Android" in all of the support docs. and got 0 hits!  Is there a corporate policy at work here? I know that Google and Apple (and b

How do I access my iCloud from my android

I recently switched phones with my son he now uses the iPhone and I have an android. I need to know how to access my icloud from my android.(translated from dutch) : 'your browser is not supported at the time' : which part don't I understand ? - this

Want to pay off Verizon EDGE phone 100% and yet still can't get out of Agreement??

My fiance was talked into getting on the EDGE plan and apparently not many employees know the rules behind the actual Agreement.  They told us originally he could get on the EDGE plan and when we were ready we could combine our accounts, I am not und

Can I access my icloud from an android phone?

I have a few questions as I am about to receive my first ipod Touch.  Please forgive my ignorance.  I've had a few 5G nanos but that's pretty much just itunes stuff; I'm not really apple-experienced and even on my (non-Apple) touch phone, I'm not ver

Verizon doesn't care if you pay for Priority Overnight.

I preordered the Note 3, and picked priority overnight shipping, it cost me $14.99. First of all, when I preordered my S4 I got overnight as well, I ended up receiving the phone earlier than most customers, and I got it before I go into work. That be