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how many face cards are in a deck


How to make a deck of cards in 2D array

Yes you have told me to use enums but my teacher JUST told me I'd fail if i did enums. she wnats me to do it in a 2d array Ryan Reese This is like a poker simulation. Won't make it a GUI yet =/ Started December 8th, 2008 //Importing a crap load of st

Need some OO design pointers for a Java card game I wrote for uni

Hi, I hope a few of you Java sifus can help me understand I dilemma I keep finding myself in. I created a card game for a university assignment which works great but its not very OO at the moment. I only have 3 classes; a Card class, a Deck class and

DV Audio issue.  Two sources (DV Deck and ADVC_1394), one choice DV Audio

I recently purchased a ADVC-1394 for a webcasting project. It worked really well with Quicktime broadcaster and in a web embeded flash broadcaster I created. In Quicktime pro under preferences>recording it shows up as ADVC-1394 and my dv deck (Pluged

Need help with 'shuffling' cards

i'm working on a poker applet and i need some help. i would like to put cards which are numbered (1 - 53) in random order on the stack. what is the easiest idea for doing that?The way I always see it done is first making a Card class, then a Deck cla

Card Game Output Error Message

Hi, everyone, I'm making a card game with two shuffling decks. The cards from both decks are also supposed to flip and drag. My first deck is working fine, but in my second deck, the card won't flip. Every time I try to flip the card in the second de

Deck Class, array out of bounds

I keep getting an "array out of bounds" exception when I run the program. I tried to make the array 666666 instead of just 52 and i still get that error. HELP!! , IM ONLY HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE SHUFFLE METHOD By the way, this time i REALLY cle

Generate random cards

I haven written this code as a first part of a program. This should generate 5 random cards. But they are not random (I guess because the loop is too fast (?))! Often cards are the same about 10 times or more. I tried to implement another method with

Creating a card dealing animation - Need a little help with the Math

Hi Guys, This isn't a Java specific query per se but your advice would be greatly appreciated in order to add animation to Java card game I've developed. If I've posted this in the wrong forum, please let me know and I'll re-post it elsewhere. What I

Stuck on a program to print a number of a RANDOM card out of 52 cards

Bascically im going through a book called java elemenst and there is a lab little excerise based on the program underneath; The prorgram picks a random card out of a deck(52 cards) and simply returns the card number. The excercise is that with little

Simple Card Class

So about 4 years I ago I took a basic java class, and for my project I made a deck of cards that shuffles, deals and gives back the cards left in the deck, However now I am having a hell of a time trying to write the main method for it my classes are

Outputting via SDI to DigiBeta thru Blackmagic Decklink Extreme

I'm running Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 on MacOS 10.4.8. I've edited a 23.98FPS - DVCPro50 sequence. I can preview using the Decklink Extreme card fine. I can output via compenent out to a regular beta deck (UVW-1800) just fine, which is also the deck I use


PLEASE HELP!I am trying to go from VB4 which I loved to VB2010 which I find somewhat more challenging. I’ve searched the web for help and have adapted the following to my project. This code does rotate randomly through every card in the deck and disp

HELP... How can i implement this into my code

Hello :) I'm writing a simple game here is the code now all it does right now is it writes out the values of the cards on the screen in an applet however I want it to display card images from http://www.waste.org/~oxymoron/cards i can't get it to use

How do i add the same mouselistener to many different instantiated objects?

This is for a card game. The deck class instantiates 52 cards from the card class. The game has a deck of cards. I am dealing each player their cards, the player is to be dealt 8 cards each of which should have a mouselistener. How do I add the same

Variable size array in a FlowPane

If i have an array of variable size (for example a array of cards). How can i build something to show the elements(in a FlowPane for example) and each of them having its own controller (fxml + controller for each card), so the container (flow pane) o

Compare a String Array to get Higher value

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how can I create a method in which I can compare my array of String by getting the higher value. For example I have an array called faces[]. What I would like to say is that if 2 is less than 5, and so forth print "blahhh

How do i make Images show ?

Hello :) I'm writing a simple game but I am having so much trouble with it :( here is the code now all it does right now is it writes out the values of the cards on the screen in an applet however I want it to display card images from http://www.wast

How do you make the program repeat itself?

How would I make it so that when the if statement at the end of the code the program starts over from the begining? Any help appreciated. Here is the code if you wanna see it. import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.InputStreamReader; class Sup

Help with installing a CHAT CLIENT/SERVER

i cant seem to get my chatclient or chatserver to successfully connect to my server. even if i do a local host thing it STILL says that it cannot connect. the server is a stand alone. is there a general place to install the compiled files?

Video out of sync

We have now 5 Final Cut pro machines that have replaced old media 100s. We are using the AJA Kona Cards and Sony Beta Cam Decks. UVW1800's I think. We are running component out to the deck and then composite out of the Deck to the Monitors. The video