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how many types of triggers are there?


Output type mot triggered

Hi, The process is that A sales orders are getting created with the batch job once the sales order has been generate a Output type is triggers and mail sents to customer about the order confirmation. The medium os output type is "Send external"

Integration with MM how the asset transaction type is triggered during MIGO

Hello everybody, Do you know how SAP triggers the asset transaction type during MIGO when Asset is purchase with MM? Is there a customizing transaction to set up the link between the movement type used in the MIGO and the asset transaction type durin

Output type Requirement triggering

Hi, In my project I have a requirement to stop triggering of an output type if all the items in the sales order have reason for rejection set. I have done the condition check in a output requirement routine and if the condition fails then I set SY-SU

Invoice output type getting triggered after setting SY-SUBRC = 4 in routine

Dear Friends, When ever invoice document is generated, if the invoice document is completed and if its accounting document is generated successfully, we need to trigger an output type for invoice ZRD0 For this purpose, we have created a routine 902 i

SAP Pricing Routine For EDi1 & EDI2 Condition Types Not Triggered

Hi All, We have implemented customer expected price functionality by incorporating EDI1 and EDI2 condition types in the pricing procedure. Also, I have copied standard routine 8 and made new routines and assigned to EDI1 and EDI2 in calculation type.

Output type not triggering

Hi, I have maintained a condition record for the output type in my billing document. It should be triggered automatically.What are settings that I should check? NOTE:- I am using an already existing o/p type and o/p procedure.Only the differentiation

Same output type getting triggered twice upon saving the document

Dear SDNers, I have a shipment Document. Upon saving it the same Output type gets generated twice. ( in a gap of 1 second) Clarification needed: 1. Please guide as to where i need to look for the error as to why same output is getting triggered twice

Output type not triggered during Delivery Order - pls help

Hi, Need some help. I'm trying to setup output determination for delivery. It's a new output type for delivery. There are some checking that I want to build in to determine whether the output type is to be generated. Therefore I have to make sure of

Output type not triggered on time

Dear All, I have an issue on output determination. We have a list of outputs on Delivery which will be determined after the loading start checked in Shipment based on activity profile assigned to the Shipment type. Out of all the outputs, only one ou

Output message type not triggered for few POs

---PRs got created manually. then PRs converted into POs through background job (me59n). ( 25 PRs got created manually with same vendor and pur.org combination then all PRs converted into POs through ME59N. In that 20 PRs had message type automatical

Blocking Output types from Triggering.

Client has a requirement that if overall credit status of delivery is 'B' ( Blocked ) then all output types Automatic or Manual associated with the delivery should be blocked. I added following lines of code in requirements for all output types assoc

Output message type triggering for all

Hi, I want the output messages to be triggered for particular Vendor and doc type with ALE config. Now the config is such tht whenever the PO is created for doc type, the output type gets triggered for ALE partner . So need guidance. Thankshi, Please

Triggering output type(Bringing it to unprocessed state )

Hi All, I have one output type. I want to trigger that output type and then bring it to an unprocessed state. Please let me know how can I achieve the same. My requirement is that, after the output type is triggered, I have to process the output type

Output type triggers HU and PGI

hi, I am associating an output type in delivery to trigger creation of HU and PGI. When i run it independantly without output type, it is working. But, when triggered with output type , it is giving call transaction command as illegal command. Is tha

Output type triggered by which tcode

Hi, 1. Could anyone tell me how can I determine one output type is triggered by which tcode? 2. Please give me step by step to create new output type for new SD document type, for ex Contract, and how to populate it in VA43? Thanks.Hello, New Output

SmartForm not printing some values when output type triggered automatically

Output type 'ZD00' for billing is created and configured in NACE with 'send immediately (when saving the application)'. I'm creating a billing document in VF01, then this output type is triggering perfectly. But when I check the form output in spool

Delivery Schedule output type for change

Hi all, i have created a custom output type for delivery schedule. i am using this output type to send IDoc. For create it is working fine. i have maintained condtion record as well. whenever the delivery date and qty is changed, change output type i

PR/PO doc type

Dear Friends Can you all please adivce on how a PR document type is triggered by the system when we run an MRP  when i multiple PR document types for the material and also how a PO document type is picked during the automatic creation of PO when i ha

Idoc Output type

Hi, I am using output types to trigger Idocs whenever a sales order is created or changed using EDI as output type. ORDERS05 Idoc type is triggered whenever a sales order is created/changed. But along with that outbound Idoc type, an Inbound Idoc is

Default vendor not appearing in freight condition type ZVCF

Hi All, After going all the forums I am posting this issue.I have mainatined condition record for the frieght vendor with key combition of vendor, customer(Zfield) and material. I have mainatined partner functions for VN with GS partner type. When I