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How Much Memory Can I Install


Memory Slot Utility "memory modules are installed in the recommended slots"

I've got two Mac Pros that give me this message. Every time I boot them up the Memory Slot Utility gives me the message that my memory modules are installed in the recommended slots. This started after I installed an additional 8GB of RAM, bringing t

How much memory can I install in my mac book pro?

Mac book pro 2.4 GHz late 2011 i7....How much memory can I install? Currently have 4Gb but want to run Win 7 on VMware and want to make sure my user has enoughThe position of Apple is that the Late 2011 can take 8 GB, however, OWC, http://www.macsale

Which memory to be installed?

While installing an application on my N97, some ask which memory to be installed, than I choose E (mass) instead of C (phone). But some does not ask, and be installed onto C directly. For ex, Ovi Maps and Quickoffice. I would like to reinstall them o

MSI P55-CD53 reports 1.99 Gb memory usable 4Gb installed after OC

Before I start... 1. I have read similar threads and taken advise on CPU seating. 2. The problem occurred only after an OC genie overclock. 3. I can get the full 4gb memory to work but at a lower memory clock level than they are spec'd at 4. Loading

HT1423 Purchased 2x2GB Memory modules, and installed . No dock , no Menue bar??

What to do??? Purchase from Apple On-Line store 2x 2GB memory module. at appears iMac does not regognice the new memory. Mac OS X asking for pass word, still running on Snow leopard.You probably followed these steps to install the memory: http://supp

How much memory can i install on my macbook?

First time doing this on a macbook, i'm really confused trying to work out how old the darn thing is, i think it's mid 2007 but not sure. i cannot tell whether i can do 2gb or 4gb total. can anybody help. Model Name: MacBook Model Identifier: MacBook

How do I increase memory for Lion install?

When I try to install Lion, I get the following: "Mac OS X 10.7 requires at least 2 GB of memory." Any thoughts about what is going on?I bought my iMac in early 2007.  This is info from Hardware Overview: Hardware Overview:   Model Name:        

Insufficient memory error while installing JRE 1.2.2

At the moment I am having some problems installing JRE 1.2.2 on a HP proliant DL380 G3 machine (with two XEON 2.8Gb processors) with windows 2000 SP 3 installed. The error is �Insufficient memory available to run setup. Close any programs�.. bla bla.

Memory mystery w install

I have a PowerMac G4, running 768 memory. I recently upgraded due to satellite installation. I first added new memory of 512k (total was 1024), then tried to install Tiger. Install would hang up at 32% with strange messages (white lettering on black,

Memory error while installing BI

I have Win Server 2003se and 3Gb of RAM and try to install Business Inteligence from Oracle 10g AS R2( Every time I click setup.exe and after a while I see: "Instruction from "0x4d503935" reffers to memory address "0x4d5039

About memory issue during installing Oracle 11g on Windows Server 2003

Hi, all When I installed Oracle 11g on Windows Server 2003 which the server is a virtual server, Oracle only can detect 2G memory. But there are 4G memory with my server. I want to know if the Oracle 11g's new feature or the virtual server lead the i

Out-of-Memory Error while Installing AS

I am getting the following error while Installing Application Server The progress bar shows 100% at this time and this screen hangs there. The hardware config of the machine are Windows 2000 Professional 256Ram Processor AmdDuron 500 Hard

I got a 2009 27 in i7 quad core upgraded memory 16gb  came installed with osx 10.8.4, but i think its been hacked or something cus now cant reboot to login...didnt have chance to backup all my music files created...tried use disk utility nohelp. help me

pleaswe help me im a newbie with apple ...spent 1800 on this refurbished through www.gainsaver.com but when i upgraded and installexd memory using apple tutorial i ended up voiding extended 3 yr warranty ....not happy please help me fix this if i los

More RAM or memory; difficulty to install on 2009 Mac Mini

I have a 2009 Mac Mini (Snow Leopard) with the following: Model Name:          Mac mini Model Identifier:          Macmini3,1 Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed:          2 GHz Number Of Processors:          1 Total Number Of C

N81 "Memory full" when installing app

Hi Using N81 (with 2GB external SD, not 8GB), I'm trying to install the last version of Whatsapp. I download the app, but when installing I get the "Memory full" error message. I've never experienced this issue. I've removed most of apps, but I'

Photoshop keeps on getting out of memory error after installing Premier Pro

I just upgrade my CS to CC. Yesterday I installed Photoshop and did my work without any problem but today after installing Premier and After Effect, I keep on getting out of memory error when I'm working even though I don't have any other application

Memory Error when installing labview 6.1

I had labview 6.0, 6.1 and RT installed on my PC (windows 2000). I tried to install application builder but I got Error that I have no labview installed, so I tired to uninstall RT, but I was abe to. Then I found out that I can't install or uninstall

How much and what kind of memory can I install to upgrade my G72-b57cl notebook?

I have installed what I thought was the recommended memory for my G72-b57cl notebook, but I cannot get windows to boot or recover after installing it. The BIOS recognizes the memory and a memory check also recognizes it, but windows 7 64-bit will not

Not enough memory, can't install startup disc

Hi Thanks to iVMichael for getting me this far, I can't get to reply to his posts for some reason but I am using a really old computer. I'm trying to install Mac OS X but I don't have enough memory on my mac book pro, how can I get access to my docum

Status:\t10.0000 SUPPLY MEMORY ERROR + cannot install printer

Hi I have an HP Laserjet P1102w printer. I changed my router, and changed my laptop and now am not able to install the printer on the new laptop and router.  I have tried installing from the HP smart install program via USB cable. When i do this I ge