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how to adjust line spacing in indesign


How to adjust line spacing

Can you adjust the line spacing in Dreamweaver or does it have to be done by code? And how so?Line-spacing on what?  Headings, Lists, Paragraphs...?  With CSS rules, you can define line spacing for all selectors in the body rules.  Or you can specify

Things are so hard to find in the new pages! Like where is the place where I can adjust the line spacing AFTER a paragraph? Grrr.

Things are so hard to find in the new pages. Does anyone know where to find the "adjust line spacing after paragraph" control?Oh I just solved my own question! Drop down pops when you click the arrow attached to spacing.Just in case anyone else

Line Spacing in text field.

Hi, I have added many text fields to my pdf document. Some of them need following: 1. Adjust the line spacing between two lines. 2. Make the text "justified". I can not find any way to accomplish these things. Can anyone tell me how to do these

In Notes, I do not have a format bar. Under views there is no option to toggle this feature on or off. How then, can I set line spacing in documents? or is there some trick to getting the format bar that they say exists?

I want to be able to adjust line spacing in the Notes program. The help menu says that there is format bar and that I can choose this spacing. I do not have a format bar. They said that you can toggle this on and off under the View menu. I have not o

Line Spacing

I have always had a very hard time with line spacing in InDesign. I always end up with inconsistent line spacing/leading throughout my paragraph. The text blocks act as if I have set hard and soft returns when I haven't. It always seem to be the last

Line Spacing/Leading

Does anyone know how to adjust line spacing or leading for text in DVD Studio Pro?????yeah i've been to the font settings and there's all kinds of stuff for size, color, shadow....but nothing for leading.. That seems like a pretty big element to add.

Adjusting TOC Line Spacing

I'm using Windows Captivate 6 and was wondering if there were a way to adjust the spacing between the lines in the new table of contents? This is what the TOC looks like in 5.5: And this is what it looks like in version 6: We were hoping to reduce th

Line spacing in Mail, how to adjust?

How can I adjust the line spacing in Mail.  Never been able to figure it out, but then just noticed, bringing in a paragraph from Wikipedia that I can have DIFFERENT line spacing.  But can't where one sets this in Mail... All ears ... BenHello, You s

Line spacing feature doesn't seem to adjust my text

Hi, I'm cutting and pasting lines of results from a Numbers spreadsheet into columns in my Aperture book. The default line spacing 1.0 is too compressed for my liking, so I'd like to stretch all the text in my columns a touch. I highlight the text an

PSE11 Can't adjust the line spacing correctly - can anyone help ?

When I write text in a free style I'm unable to adjust the line spacing anymore - it turns out much to big and whatever value I choose it's every time the same !?! When trying text in a box it's all OK, but I seldom use text in a box... I'm using PSE

Indesign line spacing control

I can't find the line spacing control to change from single spacing to double. Can someone tell me where it is?I just found it! This was on Adobe's InDesign Help site: Change the default leading percentage Select the paragraphs that you want to chang

How do I locate the longest line in an InDesign document?

Is there a script that locates the longest line in an InDesign document?Hi Duke; The following is something quick and dirty that looks at the number of characters in a line only. This ignores what the others were saying in regards to 'physical space'

AutoSize not working properly in TextField when using non-zero line spacing

When using non-zero line spacing, the autoSize property is not functioning as expected, causing text fields to scroll that shouldn't.  Also, when using device fonts, the sizes of the TextFields are wrong in the Flash IDE. I have a TextField whose hei

Text Line Spacing Question

Hi, I am creating a book in aperture 2.0 and am having some trouble adjusting the line spacing in a newly created text box. The default text book in the template has a line space of +5. I have created my own text box for another page and the line spa

Flash CS4 line spacing in Snow Leopard

I've just switched over to Mac OS 10.6 and found that the line spacing has changed in my files. Basically it seems to have increased the line spacing so the static text fields take up more space. I've updated Flash and I'm now on 10.6.1 but the probl

How to adjust lines in smartform

i am working on a smartform report, my requirement is i have to get data as below Name : _____________   Designation : __________ I am getting the output correctly . However when i dont have data in Designation or i dont have the full data  in the de

SAPSCRIPT to Web(pdf) has different line spacing than in SAP?

When we issue to output the order in SAP it looks fine. When we open it in the web, using PDF, the lines are spaced differently. We have never had an issue before, but now we added a lot of text to a final page of the sapscript. Any suggestion how to

Line spacing varies with every other line in a paragraph

I have a couple of pages documents in which the line height (leading) varies from line to line in a paragraph. Actually, it looks like after every even numbered line there is more space between that and the following line than the odd numbered lines

Inexact Line Spacing for different fonts

The line spacing performs correctly with, for example, an Arial font. But when choosing a PostScript font like The Sans I have to adjust the Line Spacing to ".01" or ".02" instead of "1" to have a "normal" spacing.

Uneven line spacing

In the document I'm creating there are some paragraphs where the line spacing on the screen and printed page are uneven ... for example, the white space between line 2 and line 3 is wider than the space between any other lines in the same paragraph.