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how to alphabetize by last name in word


Index or alphabetization on a form

Hello  and thank you,   is there a way to index or alphabetize entry's on a page that is written in Adobe?So i decided to partition the index as well. Problem 1) If I decided to parition locally by user_id, 1 to 1 mapping. But i don't think there is

Is there a way to alphabetize Notes in IOS 7?

Is it possible to alphabetize Notes in iOS7? Frustrating if I can't!The best way to automate any NI instrument in Logic is to use Kore from NI. Kore opens as a pi and acts as host to single or multiple AU instances. Kore hardware has 8 buttons and 8

New Release list/Music - Is there a way to alphabetize the list?

Until this month, the list of new releases (text columns) were always sorted by the store in an alphabetical order format. For some reason, the list is no longer sorted this way or any other particular way. Have any of you customers found a way to so

How do i alphabetize a list of items in pages

I need to alphabetize a list of item sin pagesBest to ask in the Pages forum! https://discussions.apple.com/community/iwork/pagesRead other 2 answers

Is there a way to alphabetize events as they appear under 'Photos' in the source list?

When I click 'Photos' under the source list, I can see all of the events as I labeled them. Is there a way to alphabetize them by name? It looks like that are in order by the date they were created. I've tried everything and can't figure it out, so a

How to alphabetize reading list.  Is there a way to change the order of the reading list?

how to alphabetize reading list.  Is there a way to change the order of the reading list?At present there is no way to alphabetize Reading List. Best.Read other 2 answers

How can I alphabetize my bookmarks? How can I blend bookmarks on two different computers?

How can I alphabetize my bookmarks? How can I share my bookmarks on my laptop and desktop?Hi apdavis21, You should take a look at the [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-use-bookmarks Boomarks Knowledge Base article]. It will show you how

Is there a webrowser that can alphabetize bookmarks?

As much as I love mozilla-firefox, it has one quirk that ruins it for me - the inability to re-alphabetize bookmarks.  It can alphabetize them when it imports bookmarks, but not after.  So when I find a neat website, and add it to one of my categorie

Alphabetize list on a spreadsheet?

I have a telephone list on a spreadsheet and want to alphabetize the first letter of the names on the list. How do I do that?Hi lifswl, Welcome to Apple Discussions and the AppleWorks forum. If you have each name entered in a single cell in the form

How to alphabetize address book

I cannot find a way to alphabetize my address book. Please helpAsk from the Email Technical Support of the email service that you are using..Read other 2 answers

How do I alphabetize a Microsoft Word Document...

i have a list of names 200 strong, and I want to alphabetize them. I hope this is the forum for the question. ThanksHi hendyquest, and a warm welcome to the forums! I'm not familiar with Word at all, does it have a sort feature? http://office.microso

Inumbers alphabetize pop-up menu

please help me alphabetize a pop-up menu i created for a invoice template. i have a pop-up menu dedicated for a column but the items in the pop-up menu need to be in (abcd) order. thanks, Cyco RyderWhat Ashka says. The only way to have popup items in

Alphabetize TOC in RoboHelp 8

Hello, In RoboHelp X5, when you auto-create a TOC, the books and pages are displayed in alphabetical order by default. Does anyone know how to alphabetize the TOC in RoboHelp 8? I have a fairly large TOC and I'd like it to be alphabetized each time I

How can I alphabetize events?

I have about 50 events that I would like to place in alphabetical order. The problem arises when I try to drag one event into a new position. If the place where I wish reposition is above or below the viewable area, as I drag the event to the top or

I have Firefox 7.0 and I cannot alphabetize bookmarks that are online. I can alphabetize the ones on the first line where you see file, edit, view etc. But not under Bookmarks

I am trying to alphabetize both the separate websites and also the folders, I cannot do the folders. I have read every article, I tried the import, export function, I tried snyc, nothing seems to work. The bookmark folders are in the Yahoo tool bar t

How do I alphabetize within a pages document?

How do I alphabetize a list within a pages document?You sort a table there, but if you want a more permanent solution, OSX has a very useful but less well known method of extending application abilities: Services are little snippets of code that do s

In the Notes app, can you alphabetize the various notes?

In the Notes app, can you alphabetize the various notes?As far as I know, it is currently not possible to do such thing. Maybe Apple will add it in a future iOSRead other 3 answers

How to alphabetize favorites in ipad mini, How to alphabetize favorites in ipad mini

How to alphabetize Favorites automatically in mini iPad?You can't, neither RAM nor storage. If you need more storage space on the iPad, you'll need to sell your current until and buy an iPad with larger capacity. There are a few media streaming solut

Alphabetize Faces in Photos for Mac

I have thousands of photos from a large party I took pictures at... I would really like to alphabetize the faces so that I can keep it organized, but without manually dragging faces around... Please let me know if this is possible somehow, or if I sh

HT2500 how to alphabetize mailboxes (mail folders) in left column of Mail application

Does anyone know how to how to alphabetize mailboxes (mail folders) in left column of Mail application? It should be easy, but I can't find a way. Thanks.Hi sanjampet, that didn't work for me.  I disabled my five email accounts, which made the emails