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Archiving TXT files in Sender File Adapter--Unformatted Way

Hello, I am Archiving TXT files thru Sender file adapter, files are getting archived to specified directory.No issues in that., When i open the archived files, those are not in the correct format way that i placed before file pickup. Header & lines g

Capture all SQL statements and archive to file in real time

Want to Capture all SQL statements and archive to file in real time? Oracle Session Manager is the tool just you need. Get it at http://www.wangz.net This tools monitor how connected sessions use database instance resources in real time. You can obta

How to delete the data in archived log files

hi how can i delete the enteries in archived log files. and what is the disadvantage of deleting archived log enteries.There is no documented way to delete data stored in archived log files: you can only remove the archived log files if needed.Read o

How do i delete archive log files manually?

My db is running in oracle somehow, the RMAN command is not deleting archived backup files. I need to delete those files manually at os level. how do i find till which archivelog files are backed up through RMAN?RMAN> connect target connect

I have one problem with Data Guard. My archive log files are not applied.

I have one problem with Data Guard. My archive log files are not applied. However I have received all archive log files to my physical Standby db I have created a Physical Standby database on Oracle 10gR2 (Windows XP professional). Primary database i

Will RMAN delete archive log files on a Standby server?

Environment: Oracle EE on Solaris 10.5 I am currently NOT using an RMAN repository (coming soon). I have a Primary database sending log files to a Standby. My Retention Policy is set to 'RECOVERY WINDOW OF 8 DAYS'. Question: Will RMAN delete

How to restore cold backup + archived log files

Hi, Suppose I take a cold backup on 18th. After that I have four days of archived log files. if the database crashes on 5th day, I have to restore the 18th cold back + 4 days of archived log files. How do I restore since it is a cold backup and I can

How to recover the database when some of the archive log file get deleted.

I am facing a problem with Oracle database, which is related to archivelogs. Our development database is running in archivelog mode, but we don't have backups scheduled and have no recovery catalog. When the database was in running condition, disk go

Sender File Adapter: Adapter Module to archive incoming file?

Dear experts, I have ZIP files coming from an external system which a File Sender adapter picks up from the PI file system. I already added the PayLoadZipBean Module to unzip the file in order to be able to map the payload. It works fine. Now in the

Problem while archiving faulty files in File Sender Adapter

Hi All, I am facing some problem while archiving the faulty files using Sender File adapter. I have configured the option in the File Sender Channel to archive the files to some other location. I have configured some custom modules inorder to perform

File Adapter - Archive Source Files with Errors.

Hi All, Could you kindly give the steps as to how to configure sender File Adapter to archive source file which result in error ?. Cheers, KushiHi Kushi, To configure Sender File Adapter what you can do is: 1. Create one Communication and select the

Problem about space management of archived log files

Dear friends, I have a problem about space management of archived log files. my database is Oracle 10g release 1 running in archivelog mode. I use OEM(web based) to config all the backup and recovery settings. I config "Flash Recovery Area" to d

How to Archive Source Files with error in XI ?

Hi,       How to archive source files where a permanent error occurred duing processing? and how to set it? Thank you in advance. YinglakHi, What exactly u want to do.........If u want to Archive ur sender file then give Archive directory path and if

Issue with archiving in file sender channel

Hi Experts, We have configured a file to  ABAP proxy scenario in our production PI  7.0 system. the  file sender  communication  channel  is configured to perform " file content conversion"    and archive the  source file  after it is processed

Archiving the File in the same source folder

Hi EveryBody, I have a file to file scenario. Scenario Description : I have 10 source folders and one Communication channel.I am picking the files from different source folders (with .txt extension) using the option Advance Selection for Source File

Sender FTP Adapter - Archive faulty files not working

Hello, We are on SAP PI 7.11 SP 06 We have a scenario where we are reading CSV files from a FTP location. File Sender Adapter is polling the FTP location for CSV files, if there is any error during FCC we need to move the faulty file under a particul

Archiving expired files in KM

Hello all, We're currently using EP 5, SP 5, KM 5.0, but it's in the works to get us upgraded to NW 04 in the first part of next year. I've been working with KM's time based publishing feature, and I have a question about how it works in EP 6. Is the

How to archive the file

HI All,         In file to file scenario, i am trying to archive the file being sent by the source. But it's not showing up in the archive directory. The scenario is working fine, i am getting the file at the target end as req. But why is archiving n

Archive Source Files with Errors, Option Does not work

Any one tried "Archive Source Files with Errors" on the sender adapter. It shows no effect. 1.We are on SP19. 2.Adapter type : FTP adapter. Steps for the Reconstruction  1. Configure a sender FTP adapter. 2. choose the option "Archive Fault

Archive Source Files with Errors

Hi All, I need to archive my sending file in repective directory, if it has errors.. It is mentioned in library that A permanent error occurs either during the conversion of the file content, or in a module in the module processor. What is permanent