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how to burn cd from apple music


How do I select & burn mailboxes in Apple's Mail to a disk?

How can I select & burn mailboxes in Apple's Mail program to a disk?Try this, go to your home folder>library>mail>mailboxes, put in a blank CD, click OK open in finder.Highlight the CD, drag and drop the mailbox you wish to copy on the CD and

Can I Change The Font Of A Live Font? eg. Burn Barrel to Apple Chancery.

I am sure I didn't dream it! A couple of days ago I am sure I succeeded in changing the LiveFont called "Burn Barrel" into Apple Chancery - that is the Apple Chancery font was blazing. Now of course I can't do it. Was it a dream? If not please r

I had a problem on my iphone 5 which is so called Screen burn. Would apple replaced my phone or just simple had a repair on it?

I wanted to have my iphone 5 replaced but how? any supoprting proof? so i can raise it to Globe telecommSince none of us have any knowledge of the Agreement between Apple and Globe No one here can However assuming your iPhone is still under warranty

How do we get Apple to respond to the CD burning problem?

How do we get Apple's answer to the problem so many of us are having burning CDs?Apple responds to problems with their software though KnowledgeBase articles and/or software updates. Except on very, very rare occasions, Apple tech support people will

Strange behavior when "trying" to burn a disk.

At least I think this is strange behavior, following the instructions in the help viewer, topic "Backing up your music to a CD or DVD." One thing for sure, it's not burning a disc and it ain't telling me why. I select the playlist and click &quo

About Apple iTunes? (Music & Movies & Music Video's & TV Shows)

Ok I Know I Have 8GB of Memory on My 2009 2.66Ghz 24inch Apple iMac Computer that I Bought on Monday in July 27th 2009. & so i'm buying Music & Movies & TV Shows on Apple iTunes & every time I Buy something its gonna eat up My Memory &

I bought a used PowerMacPC G5. I can burn and read DVDs, but I can't read or burn CDs. The CDs are not even recognized. After the drive searches for a while, the CD is ejected without any error messages. The CDs work okay on my iMac.

I bought a used PowerMacPC G5. I can burn and read DVDs, but I can't read or burn CDs. The CDs are not even recognized. After the drive searches for a while, the CD is ejected without any error messages. The CDs work okay on my iMac. I am running Mac

G5 DVD burner error message? Help please?

I get this error message when I try burning a 1gb quicktime movie to dvd on my pre installed standard burner. Thanks in advance the link below is a screenshot of the error http://www.darkstargraphics.com/dvd_message.gif Im at a loss and ready to by a

DVD burn error - SOLVED!

I recently had errors when burning DVDs and noticed many people on this forum shared the exact same problem, but no solutions were posted. However, I've recently solved it, and decided to make a whole new thread so that it is easier for people to fin

Error when burning DVD RW (Error Code 0x8002006E)

Works with DVD +R, -R, CDR... but it wont burn DVD+RW for some reason I had this problem 3 years ago when it refused to burn CDs, and I had my ODD replaced with one of these MATSHITA DVD-R   UJ-857E:   Firmware Revision:          ZF1E   Interconnect:

Burning DVDs fail at about 1min left using Matshita UJ-825

Hey everyone, I tried to find a solution for this problem in the other threads, but none helped me at all. So here's my problem: I have an iMac G5 running Mac OS 10.4.7 with SuperDrive: MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-825: Firmware Revision: DBN7 Interconnect: ATA

CD Burner will not burn

I am wondering if my CD burner on my Apple 12 inch Powerbook G4 is broken? I tried burning a CD of a playlist and this is what happened: -insert disc, checking media, click burn disc to start -initializes -starts writing -Canceling disc burn .....thi

Now that Apple branded DVD media (DVD-R/-RW x2, 4, 8) No Longer Exists.....

I've had my Powerbook G4 for about 3 years now and have only been successful burning DVDs with Apple's own branded media. Other branded media has had a fairly high fail-rate with my UJ-816 Superdrive and there are no firmware updates for the model. A

Windows 7 does not recognize cd/dvd drive. Will not burn a disc

           In November 2013, I  bought a refurbished hp Compaq 7900 convertible minitower, Product No. NJ3226UC#ABA, 32-bit.  Windows 7 and WMP 12 were installed by the company that refurbished it.   WMP's  play, rip, burn, sync worked perfectly.    

Will burn my Mac Pro a DVD-RW DL or DVD+RW DL ?

I need to do a lot of proof with DVD DL and I think that would be cheaper for me if I use a RW DL, the problem is that I don't know if my Mac Pro will burn such a DVDs. This is the info about the Disc Burning: HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4165B: Firmware Revi

Disk Utility: Burn error: 0x80020022 The device failed to respond...

I've been working on archiving a ton of video to DVD. I'm using Dual-Layer discs to minimize the amount of physical storage space needed for the finished project. I burned several discs in iDVD in July and regularly received errors. Then the drive su

Question about the smell of new Apple products (in this case an iMac)

Hi! I wonder what's up with the smell of new Apple products, because they all smell the same in my opinion. I got a new iMac last week and it had a special smell and i know i'm not the only one thinking this. Do Apple add this smell with a perfume to

IMac w/ CD-Burner only; how do I install 10.4.3?

I have two iMacs; one with a DVD reader, and one with a CD-Burner only. The 10.4.3 software is on DVD. How in the heck I am supposed to install the OS on the iMac with the CD-Burner? If Apple tells me I have to purchase a DVD drive, I am going to be

Error code 0x80020022 when trying to burn regular CD-R but reads still ok

My imac has an optical drive that reads & plays DVD's but only burns CD's. *At least it used to* burn CD's. Now when I drag files to be burned, I get this: "Burning the disc failed because communication to the disc drive failed. (Error code 0x800

Optical drive reads audio cd's and burned dvd's, but not commercial dvds

I just upgraded my macbook hard drive, doing a clean install of Mac OS X on the drive in an external enclosure, then copying the remaining files, doing all the software updates, and swapping out my old drive. Everything works so far, except... the DV