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how to call jsp from servlet


PL/SQL vs JSP vs Servlets

We are in the stage of deciding which language to develop portlets. I lean towards JSP or servlets for the wide array of Java libraries we can use. I think the only advantage of PL/SQL is speed. Thanks.It depends. If your developers are mainly Java d

Deploying a WAR file containing .jsp and servlets (also uses JNI)

Deploying a WAR file containing .jsp and servlets (also uses JNI) on Windows 2000 We had problems making it initially work on Sun ONE Web Server 6.0 Service Pack 1 because of lack of good iPlanet Web Server documentation on deploying such files. This

How do I restrict access to JSP or servlet only through SSL Port

Hi I want to restrict the access to few jsp and servlet only through SSL port, so how can I block the acces to those jsp and servlet through normal port??? We are using weblogic 5.1. Any help on this highly appreciated. ArunaHi, To restrict access(56

Getting to next JSP from Servlet

I am getting a 404 when I try to redirect from my servlet to an error page. The code that I am testing is.... catch (SQLException es) LOG.error("Unexpected error in Login.createUser.Error message = " + es); session.setAttribute(Constants.MESSAGE

Need help in JSP and Servlets

Hi friends, [please forgive me if i am posting this in the wrong forum, all seems same to a fresher] Now, to my problem..i need a suggestion, a way or a method to implement the following! I am supposed to create a servlet that reads data from oracle

How can i upload a image file to server by using jsp or servlet.

Hi, I m gurumoorthy. how can i upload a image file to server by using jsp or servlet without using third party API. pls anyone send me atleast outline of the source code. Pls send me anyone. Regards, Gurumoorthy.I'm not an applet programmer so I can'

How to upload a file into server using j2ee jsp and servlet with bean?

How to upload a file into server using j2ee jsp and servlet with bean? Please give me the reference or url about how to do that. If related to struts is more suitable. Anyone help me please!u don't need j2ee and struts to do file uploading. An exampl

Deploying web applications - jsp generated servlet's may be written over the same file!

Hi, I have made the following test: Created two simple web applications with one jsp page, and deployed it with different context names, in weblogic.properties I have: weblogic.httpd.webApp.weirdApp=\java\weblogic\myserver\weirdApp.war weblogic.httpd

Implement SSL in JSP and servlets

hi there, i needed some help in implementing ssl in JSPs and servlets. My idea was to have a login page and also use it where sensitive data is being sent. I have used the basic socket programming (socket.class and serverSocket.class) in GUI applicat

[MapViewer] MapClient.jsp to Servlet?

Hi, Has anybody ever tried to convert the demo that comes with MapViewer into a servlet? Right now the MapClient.jsp demo is very slow here, and I hope to get some speed improvements with a servlet. I also think it's a little easier to add some extra

Converting JSP to servlet

Hi, Can anyone show me how to convert my jsp to servlet. Then, from servlet to classes. Thanks. cheers,well, jsp pages are converted at run-time to servlets, e.g. if you are using tomcat as jsp engine, you will find the servlet java files somewhere u

How to setup my computer to run JSP and Servlets

I want to setup my computer to run JSP and Servlets. What kind of Servers and other tool i need to install to run JSP and Servlets. Plz, Help me to start my work on JSP. Regards, Usman Alihello JSP and servlet is web programming, may be little bit di

Which is better to connect with MIDlet? jsp or servlets

Hello to all, I am Vishnu from India. I have tried connecting MIDlet with jsp but not using servlet. Few asked me to use servlet to connect to MIDlet. I want to connect to database (sql server) from MIDlet. I do not know which should I go for , what

How to create thumbnail images on the fly from JSP or servlet?

Hi all, Iam new to this forum. I need a solution for the problem iam facing in building my site. Ihave groups and briefcase section in my site. I allow users to upload files and pictures. When they upload pictures i need to create thumbnail for them

Re: capturing screen resolution in JSP or servlet

"Mike Tickle" <[email protected]> wrote ...           > Is it possible to capture screen resolution in JSP or a Servlet? I can           > currently do it in JavaScript and write the result in to a cookie that a           > servle

Capturing screen resolution in JSP or servlet

Is it possible to capture screen resolution in JSP or a Servlet? I can           currently do it in JavaScript and write the result in to a cookie that a           servlet can read, but is there a better solution.           Is it possible to get the

JSP and Servlets? What's the difference?

I've got this book, and it's mixing servlet with jsp and then jsp with servlet. Can we just use one and still make a web application? What is the difference between the both? Can anyone give me a basic idea behind these 2 J2ee technologies.hi, Both u

Load balancing for JSPs and servlets

Hi:           I am using IIS as the proxy server, with the WLS plug-in, to a WLS           cluster. This provides round robin load balancing just fine. Will it           provide weight based load balancing if I set 'weblogic.system.weight'           

How to push back a message to browser using JSP or Servlet?

Hi, I am coding some JSP and Servlet codes, and want to push back a mssage to browser and don't let browser first send a request to server like chat. Who can help me for that? Thanks, WiseYou wrote: Not quite correct - see Pushlets:I wrote: "...to ha

Basic jsp and servlet question (JSP Model 2)

Hi I want to make an website where i use JSP Model 2 architecture. However I got a basic question 1. I need to separate business logic from presentation with the use of jsp and servlets. Meaning I want no html code in the servlet. Can you give a simp