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how to change textbox color in html


Textbox colors Acrobat Standard 8

I need to change the color of the text in my text box.  Currently it is showing as red....I need to change it from red to blue to black for a job I  am working on.  Please advise.  ThanksI can change the color of the text: Where did you specify rich

How to change the background color for lookup column options in sharepoint 2007

Hi, I have a custom List with 10 fields,and in the edit form we want to display only 6 fields, So I have customized it with sharepoint designer 2007 ,designed a new custom edit form(Insert->ShaerPoint Controls->Custom List Form) We are using IE8 Bro

SharePoint 2010 survey: Add additional text boxes beside choices/checkboxes?

I have a survey question which requires the user to list certain items beside each choice provided by the question. For eg: What are your favorite things? List names against each category Name [Textbox] Place  [Textbox] Animal [Textbox] Color [Textbo

E52 New calendar items blank text - error / bug

E52 New calendar items error S/W: 051.018 In Calendar when adding a New meeting in the (Enter subject) box if adding more than one line of text the previous line of text disapears. This makes it very difficult to enter longer subjects in calendar eve

Excel & CristalReport.please help

Post Author: toto01 CA Forum: General Hi, Please help me solve this issue, I been struggling all day. I know I can convert .Rpt files to Excel format. (I made it work). This is what I need to do: I have an excel template that (contains textboxes, col

Color in textboxes or around textboxes in tabular form

I've got a tabular form with 12 columns of textboxes. Some of these columns are logically related so I'd like to sort of group them together a bit (the ones that are related). I was thinking about using a background color in the cells so that for exa

Change the background color of a particular word without changing the background color of the rest of the text in a textbox

Hello, I'm designing my own website and want to know how to change the background color of a particular word without changing the background color of the rest of the text in a textbox. If i can't do this, how can I create a Table, similar to Excel wi

Background Color and Pattern Style for SSRS textbox in Tablix/Matrix

HI, I have a requirement where I need to highlight the textbox background by dotted pattern style along with the relevant color. It is straight forward in Excel (by choosing Format Cells -> Fill -> background color/Pattern Style etc.), however SSRS

When adding a text box to a book, is there a way to make the background of the textbox a solid color, so the text can more easily be seen?

When adding a textbox to a page in a photo book, is there a way to make the background of the textbox a solid background (rather than right on the photo), so that it is easier to read the text?I don't believe there is a way to change the background o

Change color of awesome3 textbox widget

I'm using a mail widget in awesome3 that I'd like to be a different color on the statusbar. I was using this wiki page except took out the color arguments in the python script as they made awesome error out: http://awesome.naquadah.org/wiki/index. -

TextBox Fill Color - Convert from Acrobat

Hi, I am trying to change the background fill in a TextBox when a corresponding CheckBox is "checked." It used to work in Acrobat... now using LiveCycle Designer and I am having a tough time converting... OLD ACROBAT CODE var x = this.getField(&

RTF editing for colors in textboxes has quit working.

Now when I do RTF editing in textboxes the color change for text no longer changes color of text. Noted on both of my laptops, both 3.6.6, one Vista, the other W7starter. But I see 3.6.7 is downloading. == This happened == Every time Firefox opened =

Change the Disabled Textbox/Textarea Text Color

I am in need to know how to change the text color from Grey once a Textbox/Textarea has been disabled. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.MBaron007 wrote: > I need the Text color to change and not the background color. I have tryed > the follow

Unable to change font color in inserted textbox

Hi All, Thanks for help. I have an aplication which brings up an image for editing in flash. Here is what happens. I click on A tool and insert 2 text boxes on the image and type something. Then I click on the Arrow tool and double click on text in T

How to change background color of multilevel textbox in oracle form 6i

hi How To Change background Color of the Text. In One Multilevel Block 10 Record is Display At a Time in a Text Box (Name is AMTt) This Text Box display , Buffer and Record Length is 10 In Case Of Amount is Less 500 then Text Color Is Red(Or Any) and

Change background color of textbox based on non-visible value

Hello, I have a 10g master - detail form. I was wondering how can I change background color of text box (NAME) based on non-visivle item (MODIFIED_BY) value. So far, I have created two visual attributes and have put following code on "WHEN_NEW_BLOCK_

Textbox background color change.

Hi, I have a item Text Field how to change the background color of the text field. Please suggest. Thanks Sudhir.Hi, Go to the item (text field) definition and then: HTML Form Element Attributes: style="background-color:red" MikeRead other 2 ans

Change the background color on the textbox with setToolTipText method

Hi there, Is there anyway to change the little help text background color with the setTipToolText() method ??? Thanks a million Christianuse the javax.swing.UIManager and set the appropriate properties: ToolTip.backgroundInactive ToolTip.borderInacti

Different coloured text in one Textbox

Can someone PLEASE help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to know how to have different coloured text in the same textbox. My application has text being inputted into the textbox every 5 seconds from 2 different sources. I want to differenciate the text by sho

How to give backgound color

H All : I am using collection in my application for textbox HTMLDB_ITEM.TEXT(2,null,30,500,''style="background-color: RED"'') i am using this which give me the red in color background effect i am using HTMLDB_ITEM.DISPLAY_AND_SAVE(2,null,30,500)