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How to Clear History on Android


Why can't I clear the chat history in Android?

Why can't I clear the chat history in Android? [Topic title updated by moderator to be more descriptive. Original topic title was: "skype"]Hello, dmitry72, and welcome to the Skype Community! Sorry you're having trouble doing such a simple task.

Skype History backup Android moto G

Hello, I have a Android Skype in Moto G, I really need to make a backup or export the history chat with one of my contacts, please help me, I really need it, they are the chat of my death girldfriend... Thanks for your helpI have the same problem (Sa

Sync is working between desktop browsers (bookmarks+history) but only syncing history to android. Need bookmarks!!!

Sync is working perfectly between FF 36.0 and Dev Ed 37.0a2 on Windows 7 and 36.0 on Windows 8.1 for Bookmarks + History It's refusing to sync anything except History to FF 36.0 on Android 5.0.2 (Nexus7) and FF 36.0 on Android 4.4.4 (Moto G) It's pro

History no auto save on android

I cant disable history on android. Please fix this problem or i will use google hangoutsYou can submit a request at: [email protected] or via: Adobe Systems Product Feature Request FormRead other 2 answers

How do I find and look at all history?

I wanna look at all my history filesOn Android, you can tap the address bar and then select the history tab. Then you can scroll through it or search though it by typing in the address bar.Read other 2 answers

How to change the setting on Iphone to have more call history, i see only 1 week of call history all other android phones support atleast month call history.

Hello all, I need to see more call history on iphone 5 earlier modes were atleast storing  1 month of history but now i am very much looking for more call history, where the call history should be available as a option where user can set when he need

How do I clear history on firefox on my android

hpw do i clear history on my androidHello, See this help article: *[https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-clear-private-data-firefox-android How do I clear private data on Firefox for Android?]Read other 2 answers

Firefox Android on Nexus 7 (2012) does not clear history/private data on quit even though I have it set to do so.

I checked for updates for the Android version of Firefox and I have the latest version. I changed the settings to clear privacy data on Quit but it does not work, history still shows when I reopen Firefox. Any suggestions?Found the problem. Previous

Why history cannot be deleted in firefox android?

I'm going to delete history after going to settings and then clicking on clear private data. Please help me on this matter?Hello, Please see the following help article and video which shows you how to delete your history on Firefox for Android: [[Cle

Where can I find android version history on desktop version?

Hi! Thank you for your great effort to bring the Firefox Sync. On my Firefox for Desktop (v30.0), I cannot find the browsing history of my Android device, which is running the Firefox for Android (v30.0). On the other hand, I can find the browsing hi

How do you clear browser history on Firefox for Android?

I want to clear the browser history from Firefox on my Samsung galaxy S 3. What are the steps to do this?Hi essalier, * Use Menu -> Settings ->Privacy -> Clear Private Data <br />Choose and clear the item. * see [[How do I clear private dat

How do I clear the browser history on Firefox for android? I have a galaxy nexus

How do I clear the browser history on Firefox for a galaxy nexus android?Please see this article: [[How do I clear private data on Firefox for Android?]]Read other 2 answers

Just install firefox for android on my phone. I opened a few sites however I am unable to clear them from the history. Can you help me?

Need assistance with clear browsing history from my android phone.Hit your device menu button, or tap the upper right menu button, visit 'Settings', 'Privacy', 'Clear private data'. From there you can wipe any data as you wish.Read other 2 answers

Is there an option to set firefox android to never remember browsing history like you can on the desktop version?

Are there any options within the android version of Firefox to set the history to never remember like you can in the desktop version of Firefox and if not will this feature ever be available on Firefox android.I looked for it in the about:config but

Firefox Android history not enough.

I can't see my all history . I want to see all my history on my mobile how can için do that.Hi Saimgok, Thank you for your question. Currently the amount of history shown in Firefox for android show Today and the other 7 days in mine. In the about:co

Export call log history of activity on Android phone

Hey guys I'm looking to find a way to export my call logs from my Android device (galaxy s4). There's no way to copy text from the app either like how we can do on PC. The cloud kept track of my chat so the messages I type on my phone do end up on th

Lost tabs and history after update-version 26 android

hello My device samsung s4 just updated to firefox 26 and deleted all my opened tabs and all my history. there is no button to press in order to restore my tabs and in history I see only today's pages. I had 31 tabs which i dont remember and now I lo

Is there any way to recover history that has been accidently deleted? do android devices have a index.dat files?

ok so ive delete my history on my phone i have a HTC one S and all my history form firefox has gone is there any way i can recover it? I know on PCs you get the Index.dat recovery option is this possible on mobiles?No. The files are gone.Read other 2

Automatically clear certain history data upon exiting firefox on android?

if it's not there, please consider it in next beta or official build. I always use that settings feature in pc web browsers. it's a little bit pain everytime i ended browsing, i must go through setting and manually clear the data. heheh. thank you.in

Skype Android app displays call history to 3rd par...

I was calling other party using android skype app and they mentioned to me that they can see who I did call before them. Very disturbing privacy flaw.  Please fix ASAP.signorenet wrote: I just paid the 12 months skype premium option with selected cou