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how to delete from verizon cloud storage


Verizon Cloud Storage Deletion

If I delete all 8000 photos from my Verizon Cloud storage, will they be permanently gone and will that free up storage space?Yes, gone and freed up.Read other 2 answers

Help needed for photos deleted from Verizon Cloud

After selecting muliple photos in Verizon Cloud, they were inadvertently deleted rather than downloaded to my PC.  These photos had been deleted from my phone after backed up to Verizon Cloud.  The Trash Can in my Verizon Could has contacts and music

Verizon Cloud storage is full

A couple of months ago, I transferred my backed up files to Verizon Cloud.  I must admit, cloud storage is something I really am a novice about...have always used actual storage on a drive.  Love the idea of using the cloud but can't quite say I unde

IPhone 5; iOS 8.1.2: How do I remove a deleted App from Cloud storage so that I may do a fresh install from the App Store?

I Deleted a faulty App in order to do a fresh re-install from the App Store - but it keeps installing from Cloud storage and I don't know whether this is the original App. How do I stop this happening?An app cannot self install. If you are using the

How do i delete the verizon cloud that installed itself and won't work on my Q10?

Verizon pushed down software updates and installed Verizon cloud which I find out is not supported for my phone.  now I need to delete the junk and get my backup plus restored. Any ideas? mikeit is beginning to look let a few newer phone will come th

Verizon Cloud storage

Is data stored / backed up "by device" in Verizon Cloud (we have more than one phone on our account).  I'm not really certain how it works and don't want to add another device unless it's data will not co-mingle with mine. thank youThank you Sen

In Acrobat Reader DC for Android, how do I prevent Verizon Cloud from launching when clicking the floating action button to retrieve files?

I have a Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S5, which means a lot of Verizon apps were added from the factory install. Recently I upgraded Adobe Acrobat Reader to its most recent version. When I clicked on the floating action button to open a PDF, it lau

Verizon Cloud login for iPad and PC for second line (not primary account holder line)

I am the primary account holder but the primary line is associated with my wife's phone so I added Verizon Cloud to the second line which is my phone. I downloaded the Verizon Cloud app to my iPhone and backed up my data. The Verizon Cloud app did no

Verizon Cloud not working

My verizon cloud hasn't worked for months. It used to work fine but stopped connecting. When I try to use on my iphone it just spins and never opens. My wife and I both have iphone 5's and it used to work fine. I thought about doing a reinstall but i

How do I delete music from Verizon Cloud?

Recently, I put about 1,000+ music tracks on the SD card in my S5.  I didn't realize that I had music set to back up on Verizon Cloud.  Needless to say,  my 5GB free storage is now full of music that is already on my computer and various other forms

How to permanently delete cloud storage

How do I permanently delete messages from my cloudGo to your online My Verizon site and remove the cloud from your device, then Once your cancelation request has been processed, you'll no longer have access to the Verizon Cloud service, including mos

Staying Safe and Secure With Verizon's Premium Tech Support, Online Security, Cloud Storage Solution

NEW YORK – No one wants to worry about online threats or how and where to store their many files. A new solution from Verizon will ease these concerns. The Security, Support & Storage Bundle provides Verizon small-business and residential  customers

Can't delete contacts from Verizon Cloud.

I have been trying to delete my contacts from Verizon Cloud, and I have selected "Delete all" and after that I get the spinning wheel of loading and after 4hours nothing has been deleted. Please help..Walzinhammer  sadly I was left with no solut

Verizon Cloud media storage was removed

This message appears on my Razr M phone: As you requested, access to your Verizon Cloud media storage was removed.  Please contact Customer Service if you would like to restore your previously backed up photos, videos, music, documents, messages and

How do I free up space from cloud storage?

I received a text from verizon stating that my cloud storage is full.  I didn't even know I was using it to store anything but contacts.  Upon doing some research, I see that I have a media file that has over 600 pictures stored.  I don't know what p

Unable to empty trash in verizon cloud

The trash is using 2.4GB of storage in verizon cloud.  Whenever I attempt to empty trash can it gives me an internal server error and doesn't delete it.  Any workaround or way to get a trouble ticket opened?    Hello TinyBurrito, We're here to help g

Verizon Cloud VERY slow uploads

Started using Verizon Cloud yesterday and found it to be VERY slow.  It say it will take more than 2 days to back up my 14 GB of music.  I've got it uploading using my Verizon DSL and it takes up most of my bandwidth in performing the upload.  Using

Verizon Cloud: How do you turn it off?

or better yet, how do you delete them? On smartphones. I still need to sync mail, etc. If Verizon is "listening to ... feedback" of your users (as the page for the app on Google Play claims) you'll issue a fix.    Hey there anonymousinfinity, Th

Phonebook, Backup Assistant and Verizon Cloud always out of sync

I have a very strange problem regarding syncing. Basically, the contacts in my phonebook on my Droid Razr HD, are never in sync with Backup Assistant Plus and the Cloud. My understanding was that if I edit, add or delete a phonebook entry, it would b

Verizon Cloud is a Mess

I have been using Verizon Cloud to back up my contacts, documents, and photos. I recently decided to delete some of my contacts from my backup. What a nightmare! First, when logging into My Verizon and trying to manage my contacts from the link provi