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Cheque Return and Re-deposit of cheque

Hi, I have to return the cheque in the system(i.e. Cheque Return), due to some reason and than re-deposit that cheque. How can i do that in the system ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance. Rachit RastogiHi Shambhu, Thanks for your response. I was tryi

The customized Deposit Advice & Cheque Writer process is getting overiden?

My client has the deposit advice and check writer processes customized and each time they apply an HRMS patch the seeded process replaces them, they go back in and replace them with the older customized version. The 2 processes and the report in cheq

Tracking of Stock & Cheque/Cash with respect to sales employees

Hi all, I am in an implementation project with ECC5. It is a cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company. The business keeps track of stock movement and as well as cash and bank receipt from customer as per sales employees. That is for example they k

When do we post Deposit in SAP B1?

Hi, I have a doubt related to posting Deposit after posting Incoming Payment. When can we post Deposit in SAP after raising Incoming Payment. Is it when the cheque is deposited into the bank for clearance.                                            

Cheque cancellation date

Hi Can I mention a date while cancelling a cheque in the deposit screen? From the deposit screen when i cancell a deposit,  the cheques in the deposit screen gets cancelled to the original date. It doesnt allow me to key in the cancellation date. Ple

Cheque formula

Trying to create a query which looks at the following tables: Deposit - ODPS Deposit lines - OCHH Payment means - RCT1 This query is aimed at providing a list of cheque details per deposit slip number, which includes specific UDF's which are sitting

Issue with customer Incoming Payment

Hi Gurus, I need your help related to an issue with Incoming customer payment. This is the first time I am doing this Incoming payment set-up. I have odne the payment program set-up for outgoing payments. I need to configure the automatic payment pro

Profit Center is missing in the line item 002 for Customer Payment

Dear Friends, We are having one issue with Customer incoming payment. We are following the Business area concept. Now the customer is from the different business area and paying at Ho. HO has different Business area. So while processing the incoiming

Can we directly debit into bank a/c without bank clearing account?

Hi expert, Can we directly debit into bank a/c without go through the bank clearing account? What is the effect bring to if ignore bank clearing account? This is because want to reduce more step in deposit the cheque. Is that any body can help? Thank

Problem while making incoming  payment entries

I am making check incoming payment entries in SAP-B1. As we receive check payment entries, it is crediting clearing check account & debiting account receivables. Please let us know how do  bank account will be credited & clearing check account wil

Regarding EP Guys in the XI Project

Hi Experts, i have One Doubt Regarding the Implementation of the XI Project. Is the EP Persons are  Must To Implement Any XI Project?????? Should we Maintain the EP Front End Access Compulsary Or We can Maintain Any other Fron End Access Like VB .NET

Configuration setting for bank reconciliation staement

Hi pl. provide the configuration setting required for BRS with TC Thanks shivajiHi, Electronic Bank Statement Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement You should carry out Customizing for the electronic bank statement as follows: In Customizing

Electronics BRS

Hallo firends,   Kindly send me *Electronics BRS* configuration document with process guide from Easy Access. I am clearly mention here Electronics BRS not manual BRS(FF67). Thankls & Regards,    SamratHi, 5.5.2 Electronic Bank Statement Global Setti

What will be the query for the below stated problem..??

Dear Sir I want that in Incoming payment after selecting a Customer when we right click and select payment means under checks tab the bank details of that customer should be there i.e. According to Bank Code its Branch and Account no be shown with th

Collection accounts and Main Bank  accounts-reg

Dear Friends, Your help is sought  w.r.to the following set up. The client has  got wide network through the country , and marketing takes place thro marketing agent in all places.  The company  opens collection account at each  main place (nearly  2

Posting TAX out of CFM

Hi all, has anyone implemented VAT TAX bookings out of CFM? I have securities and in the transaction are flows with VAT. How should I manipulate in BAdI TPM_ACCIF_TRAC the structure ACCIT to generate a automatically tax flow. Greetings MarcusFirst of

Cheque Writer and Deposit Advice Process Customization

Hi, My client has a unique requirement of ordering the cheques location-wise rather then the default organization-wise. Also my client wants to add FYTD US tax balance criteria and show some calculations based on that, so there are functions within t

Cheque Deposit

Hi We have an issue for Bank Deposits. We are using T Code FF68 for deposting cheques on Mass. The system should pass the following entries Bank Cheque Deposit A/c Dr     To Customer A/c In the Posting keys  for cheque deposit, I have specified for I

Cheque deposit functionality

Hello guru's, can you please explain me the cheque deposit functionality we have in SAP FI? i have posted a customer invoice and then in transaction f-28 i posted an incoming cheque which clears the customer invoice. what happens next? how can i assi

Cheque Deposit And BRS

To SAP Guru's, I have a problem regarding Cheque deposit configuration Can any body explain me cheque received with clearing and cheque received without clearing with accounting effect what posting type selected while we preparing posting rule for bo