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how to disable itunes file sharing


Itunes File Sharing: Adding files doesn't work

Hi, i have a problem adding files via Itunes File Sharing in Apps. Here's my setup: Windows 7 64bit, german Itunes, x64, german Iphone 5s, 32GB, directly attached via USB several apps with file sharing support (OpenVPN, VLC, Good Reader...)

ITunes File Sharing and Time Machine

Does Time Machine backup the documents in the iTunes File Sharing pane on an iPad? If I deleted an app or file by mistake (or if my iPad crashed), would I be able to recover the file shared documents through Time Machine backups? Thanks in advance!An

ITunes File Sharing under Device/Apps does not add content to my iPhone. Why not?

I have attempted to get iTunes File Sharing: 1.  Select your device (in my case an iPhone 4). 2. Click on the Apps tab. 3. Select an application that allows for File Sharing and either drag a document or file into the documents area or use the Add bu

I accidentally added two .doc files, they show in iTunes file sharing, but don't show on iPad?

I accidentally added two .doc files by dragging and dropping into itunes, under my device, then the app tab, then file sharing for Adobe Reader, they show in iTunes file sharing window, but don't show on iPad 3, and I cannot delete them on iTunes scr

I have 2 docs in my iTunes file sharing box but they do not appear on my iPad not

i have 2 docs in my iTunes file sharing box but they do not appear on my iPad. How can I transfer?Hi RU, You've stumbled into the Numbers (for Mac) area of Apple Support Communities with a question not related to Numbers. You'll have a better chance

Automate itunes file sharing?

I am an iOS developer.  I'm developing a Mac-based app to generate data files useful on an iOS app.  These will get uploaded using the iTunes file sharing.  Currently the only way to do that is by dragging and dropping them into iTunes from the finde

Filtering app search for "itunes file sharing"

Is there a way to do a filtered search in itunes for apps that support itunes file sharing? Looking by trial and error has not been all that productive. I've found a couple useful apps that use the itunes file sharing: Phone Drive, and Quick Password

STILL can't disable SMB file sharing because of incorrect password error

Hi Everybody, A few weeks ago, there was a thread at https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3211072 I'm having the same issue, and it's a real security problem, since I have no way of turning off file sharing for a user account. The thread discussed th

Can application A access the "itunes file sharing" files of application B

Hi, Suppose that application B has files in itunes file sharing (i.e. files which can be saved onto the pc desktop via itunes). Can application A access these files? I know that there is some sandboxing, but dont know to what extent. ThanksHi, I mean

HT201301 How do I copy FOLDERS to or from my iPad/iPhone/iPod touch using iTunes File Sharing?

How do I copy FOLDERS to or from my iPad/iPhone/iPod touch using iTunes File Sharing? I know how to copy files to or from using iTunes file sharing but it doesnt seem to allow copying of foldersFrom your PC or Mac, you can copy a folder (and it's con

Disable simple file sharing on XP policy

I have a group policy for xp pc's and want to disable simple file sharing (which you can do on a pc in my computer-tools folder options-advanced)but i need to do it within gpedit for the policy but cant see the setting, anyone have any ideas?? have t

Can't delete files from iTunes File Sharing

iPad, IOS 8.1.3 MacBook Pro Retina, OS 10.10.2 iTunes, v12.1 I'm trying to delete files from iTunes. In this instance, I have files I made in Pages, via my iPad, I have learned how to move them to my computer without using iCloud, which I prefer. Now

Unable to see files in iTunes File Sharing

I'm using the latest version of iTunes, and have both an iPad and iPad2, both fully upto date with the latest version of IOS. Everything I now write about applies to both iPads. Basically, I'm unable to see files that are sent to iTunes from the iPad

None of my IPad files appear in the itunes file sharing window.  I cannot transfer anything to my PC.  Help!

I am unable to tranfer files created in both Keynote and Pages from my IPad to my PC.  The 'file sharing' window in itunes remains blank - it doesn't see my Kindle purchases or pdf's either.  Can anyone help?  Many thnaks.Files are not shared to iTun

ITunes File Sharing question

I really like the reader, mainly because it's uncomplicated an uncluttered, but I'm having a problem with importing files into it. I opened a .pdf from an eMail with the option open with Adobe Reader and the file is now on the list in the iPad app. W

Itunes File Sharing: share apps don`t appear

share apps don`t appear in itunes 12 ex: VLCNew iPod Touch with the latest SW and latest itunes on my iBook G4 and I have the same problem, there is no "file sharing" under Apps for my iPod device. No one has replied to the original post but has

Mavericks and itunes file sharing

I seem to be haveing trouble with itunes fiules sharing accessing large (>1T) harddrives. I did not have these issue under the previous opperating system.Anything actually stored in iTunes, docs, apps, ect, should be backed up. If you are bacing up t

Itunes file sharing doesnt show any files on ipad 2!

imovie, keynote, photoforge2 - all of them have files, keynote has very importnt presentation. itunes and ios are the latest! Help please - got to make presentation tomorrow, but the file is stuck on ipad and i need it to transfer to pc!I did it, whe

Studio.m app not sharing mixes from iPod touch to PC with itunes file sharing, Studio.m app not sharing mixes from iPod touch to PC with itunes file sharing

I got the free app studio.m and I really like it I made two tracks and when I try and share it with the PC it only shares an XML and png documentThe "sharing" feature is for sharing media between computers in a household. Recover media from iPod

How do I set  File Sharing  in iTunes to keep files up-to-date?

How do I set  File Sharing  in iTunes to keep files up-to-date?  i tried iTunes File Sharing, but the updates to the files never transferred across the USB during sync.  Tried to use Documents to Go, but the Apple behavior keeps them from syncing via