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How to Enable Java in Internet Explorer


Java and Internet Explorer automation

Hi, I would like to create a routine in java that would simulate a user browing the web. Ex: A user vistiting a certain page, clicking on a few links etc... Is their a java library that can server as a bridge beetween java and internet explorer in or

Java for Internet Explorer

I'm trying to find out the version of the Java Runtime installed under Internet Explorer for javascript/applets. How do I do that? Thank you, Bonnie ThanhI'll describe the problem that I'm having. I have an application that requires JRE 1.5.0_06 to b

Java and  Internet Explorer ?

Hello every one. Could someone tell me how to call Internet Explorer from a Java Application, passing a string containing the URL? thank a lot in advance.Can anyone tell me as to how do I locate the installation directory of an application during run

Right versions of Java for Internet Explorer 8,8,19 versions for BO 4.1

Hi, Can any body guide me on the right version of Java(Internet Explorer version 8,9,10) for BI Launch Pad 4.1 SP6?Hi, If there is enough time to validate SP06 against MS Windows 10, and if the enterprise market demands it (i.e. our maintained custom

Application Unable to start Java inside Internet Explorer

Hi Good afternoon Since last round of MS Win 8.1 PRO x64 Updates as of 16/11/2014, JAVA version 1.8 build 25 cant start inside Internet Explorer v11.0.14 Update KB: 3003057. Even After Updating to EMET v5.1.5426 For example Cisco NetAcademy Environme

Error accessing webpage: The Web.Page function requires scripting to be enabled in the Internet Explorer options.

I'm getting the rather cryptic error posted in the title of this question when attempting to access a webpage with a single html table in Power Query. I've done some searching but cannot even find reference to the error message, much less a solution.

Internet Explorer Lock-up with Sun Java 1.4.2_03

I apologize immediately if this is a repeat question. I have a few users all using Windows 2000 Professional. When they were using a 1.3 version of Sun Java with Internet Explorer (5.5+), everything worked fine. But as soon as I required them to down

Virtual Machine in the Internet Explorer

Hi I am using Internet Explorer version 6.0. I have a particular assignment where I want to stop the user from using the SUN VM in their browser. I want to them to use only the Microsoft VM enabled in their Internet Explorer. I am detecting the VM by

JRE  Detection in Internet Explorer

Hi All, How can I detect the JRE version installed using Internet Explorer?. What if the the JRE is not installed,and so detect the default VM in Internet Explorer ?. I went though many articles, and looks like there is no standard way?. For Firefox

Hot key settings on t540p internet explorer

i have a t540p with the web hot key over the numpad. Running windows 8.1.  I have also the enhanced usb keyboard with a similar hotkey. the usb keyboard hotkey opens the desktop version of internet explorer, where as the one on the native keyboard tr

Internet explorer allows me to open certain information/tabs which are somehow connected to java script but Firefox won't. This just started happening a few days agoyet my javca script is enabled. what is the problem/fix. I'm a novice with computers

I am not sophisticated at understanding computer language. What I know is that 3 things have happened in the last 2 weeks. 1.My yahoo account which I go to from Mozilla firefox 4.0.1 now requires me to click on a link that says it disables updates. T

Using Quicken to manage a bank account, I get an error message from the bank that cookies and javascript must be enabled, but I don't get that message when I connect with Internet Explorer.

Firefox allows me to get the bank home page through Quicken. But when I try to login, the error message appears saying "cookies and javascript" must be enabled. I have Java on my system, but in Firefox under "tools/options/ I don't find any

Java applet not showing up in Internet Explorer 8

Hi, I have an applet tag in a JSP, and it is not working in Internet Explorer 7 and 8. Yes, I have read that the applet tag was deprecated - the problem is that it is working for my colleague, also in IE8. Java is enabled on my machine/IE options. Co

Java 1.4.2_04 - Internet Explorer plugin

I need to amend the Java installation on about 2000 Win2k PCs with Java 1.4.2_04 installed. I need to enable the Internet Explorer plugin, where you go into the control panel and put a tick next to INTERNET EXPLORER under the browser tab. Is there an

Javascript/vbscript functionality (java script functions are not running) issue in Internet Explorer 10 and 11

We have developed web portal using classic ASP and java/vb script.  We used to run it absolutely fine using Internet Explorer 8.  Now we just migrated to Internet Explorer 11.  But after that no java script functionality is working in our web portal.

Java 7 update 10 not working with Internet Explorer 8

Hi there, I recently upgraded to Java 7 update 10 and ever since no Java applet loads in Internet Explorer 8 (works fine in Firefox 17.1). I've tried uninstalling Java and reinstalling Java many times, makes no difference. Can someone help me please?

How to Force Internet Explorer specific Java Runtime Environment?

Problem: UConn uses a tool called Blackboard. Blackboard requires Version 1.5.0 (build 1.5.0_07-b03) but I develop so NETBeans IDE needs/wants JDK6 ( likes JDK 6 Update 16 ) Tried managing add-ons in IE, Tried Firefox too. What I want is to have IE f

On My web site the adobe flash player replaced with a white box "need to install adobe flash player and Java script" both installed. My web site fine using Internet Explorer and Chrome.

I've updated to Firefox ver 5. GordonThe FlashPlayer plugin used for Firefox is entirely separate from the one that Internet Explorer uses. You system details do not show Flash Player is installed. With flash player installed and enabled if you go to

Internet Explorer 10/11 with Java jre1.7.0_67 Freeze

Hello, Excuse for my english. I'm working on It department, We work on Business Object XI 12.1.0 SP6 , I have made a lot of test but, I don't know why, Internet Explore with the java applet freeze between 1 minute and one hour. I have tested with int

Java problems after upgrading fom Internet Explorer 9 to 10 on my remote desktop server (2008 R2)

Hi! After a IE upgrade on my remote desktop server Java won't launch. In IE, Active Scripting and Scripting of Java applets is enabled In Java control panel, Java content in the browser is enabled Java version is 7.45 and its been reinstalled several