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how to fix mbr windows 10


MBR fix for Windows 7 thinkpads?

I really need to resolve this issue. My MBR is "broken" (restored to a non-lenovo stock Windows 7 MBR)  and now all my lenovo software and a lot of my hardware's software won't work. e.g. Intel graphics control panel, lenovo system update, lenov

I like and use Top Sites but it has become unsuable with this constant blacking out and reloading the thumbnails.  My MBP has not seen a problem at all.   I have been searching every other day for over a month trying to find a fix in Windows Safari with n

I like and use Top Sites but it has become unsuable with this constant blacking out and reloading the thumbnails.  My MBP has not seen a problem at all. I have been searching every other day for over a month trying to find a fix in Windows Safari wit

Microsoft releases fix for Windows Update corruption errors

See ZDnet article Microsoft releases fix for Windows Update corruption errors found @ http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-releases-fix-for-windows-update-corruption-errors-7000026582/ The Microsoft KB article is found @ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947

Can I use the the measured time between the first count and the last count in a fixed time window in order to increase the accuracy of a quadrature velocity measurement?

I am measuring velocity using a linear encoder. Resolution is 40microns, sample frequency is 1MHz and the real velocity is oscillatory in nature with an amplitude of 200 to 400 mm/s with a freq of about 1Hz. We use a 5ms fixed time window to measure

Microsoft Fixes Critical Windows Bluetooth Bug in July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has patched a critical vulnerability in Windows 7 and Windows Vista related to the Bluetooth stack in the operating system. The bug is the lone critical vulnerability fixed in today's Patch Tuesday release, and Microsoft officials said it's

Opening a new fixed-size window from a link

I'm primarily an illustrator, but am working on my own new web site and do a few for other folks as well. I'm by no means a guru so excuse my clueless questions... (I use Dreamweaver 8) I see many web pages that can do any or all of the following and

I uninstalled Itunes because message "Itunes has stopped working" i attempted to reinstall now get error message "error occurred during installation before itunes could be configured" how to i fix for windows 8.1

I have a PC with windows 8.1. My itunes folder is stored on external drive. I haven't used itunes for a while. I got a message to update to itunes 11.3.1. I got error message that "registry settings used by itunes for importing and burning CD's/DVD's

How can I mount / fix my Windows 7 partition?

So a while ago my Win 7 partition was "unmounted" and it wouldnt show up in my Finder. When I tried mounting it in Disk Utility it would never work. I would click Mount, and it would't do anything. I wasn't really bothered by it since the partit

How to set a fixed size window, so that moving 2D pictures wouldnt go off?

Hi I dont if this question has been asked or no & also not sure if its right to be posted here as my problem is a java 2D graphics problem in swing environment. I want to know is how can i set the window to a fixed size with boundaries such that my g

Need to fix a Windows 7 Ethernet IP Configuration?

Background There is a need to see, my MacBook Pro external or internal hard-drives while using Windows 7 Home Premium running from BOOTCAMP, from my MacBook using an Ethernet cable. While using the Mac OS X on both computers there is no problem with

TS5376 itunes 11.1.4 fix for Windows

I am unable to uninstall the Apple Mobile Device Support from my PC which is necessary in the fix for iTunes 11.1.4 for Windows.  Can anyone help?If the "Repair first, then try an uninstall" trick didn't work for you, try using the fixit from th

Proper Fix for Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets not Displaying Correctly

This is not a question, this is an answer to a common problem with an easy solution. DO NOT delete the registry subkey "Zones" the proper method to restore your gadgets is much simpler. Here is the proper fix: Right-Click Taskbar > Task Manag

Need to find a fix for Windows XP 64bit

I just don't understand how apple has negeleted to make a download version of Itunes to work with Windows XP 64-bit OS. It seems to me that I'm not the only one here that feels the same and has had issues installing Itunes on there machine. I just pu

Is there any way to fix the window screen grab in 10.5?

For whatever reason, the window capture function (CMD-SHIFT-4, then SPACE) in OS X 10.5 now insists on including the shadow of the window being captured. Given how much documentation I write this is a HUGE setback for me; what used to take a few seco

Wheel Mousr fix and Windows 7 64 bit

I am using Visual Basic 6 and Window 7 64 bit for my OS. I have the wheel mouse fix for XP, and it also works in Windows 7 32 bit, like the fix did for XP. The Wheel Mouse Fix works fine in Windows 7 32 bit, but doesn't using Windows 7 64 bit. It wil

How to fix finder window shrink and resize issue

Macbook pro retina 13in running 8.1. Finder window, when in full screen, changes size; shrinks from bottom of screen. After moving a file or two from one folder to another, finder window changes size; gets smaller (bottom frame moves upwards) as if t

Question-How to fix Robohelp8 window keeps focus when it shouldn't?

I converted a robohelp 8 for word project to robohelp 8 for HTML this year.  The software GUI it is part of is created with PowerBuilder 12.1.  The HTML help works fine in the application, except that once the help window is opened, only that window

How do I fix my windows installer package?

I can not install the latest iTunes 10.5. I keep getting an error message that says "There is a problem with the Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendo

Fixed finder window size

I was wondering if there is a setting for opening a finder window? it would be great to have fixed size and location if I open a new finder window ... would be an improvement of my workflow and avoid to resize each new finder-window to my preference

Is the Joystick disconnecting in FSX issue that plagued windows 8.1 fixed in windows 10?

I have my copy of windows 10 preview on a DVD BUT I only have my main PC that I use every day so I have not installed it yet.  Also I have no way of testing it so I'm in a holding pattern for now, but there was only ONE issue that made me drop window