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how to flatten artwork in illustrator


Illustrator will not flatten artwork

Illustrator CC, Vector art w/text converted to outlines, placed images (TIFF w/transparency) spot colors.  In the layers panel, Flatten Artwork produces no result. Image is rendered with white background when printed even though Transparent is select

Best methods for importing artwork via Illustrator with tranparency?

I'm new to Final Cut Pro and am tryin to figure out the best methods for importing artwork via Illustrator. So far, I've been saving the artwork as a transparent PNG, but I feel like there should be a better way. Any help would be greatly appreciated

What does Flatten Artwork do for an image?

Hello: If I flatten an image in Photoshop it removes all transparency. But what does Flatten Artwork do in Illustrator? When I go to Save for Web the Background is transparent. So, I am quite curious what the point is / use of it is in Ai Thanx in ad

How do I flatten images in Illustrator?

How do I flatten images in Illustrator?The Object>Flatten transparency does not change the kb for the document. I'm trying to make the piece smaller so I can send it via drop box or yousendit quickly.  The original is 55+kb and takes a couple of hour

"Can't save preview..." messages when saving artwork in Illustrator CS5

Hi!! I'm having problems when trying to save artwork on Illustrator CS5. I've tried to change fonts, delete fonts , etc... and nothing seems to work. I also tried to save as instead and the problems gets fixed for a while but if I open the same file

Problems with image after flattening transparency in illustrator cs2

Hi,Could someone please help me.Im using illustrator cs2 with windows xp. The problem i have is that after flattening any image using transparency masks or opacity i can see thin broken white lines in the image. They appear where the opacity masks ar

How to automate the flatten transparency in illustrator?

How to automate the "Flatten Transparency option" in illustrator via javascript. Please share with me. ThanksI'm looking for the same thing. app.executeMenuCommand('Flatten Transparency'); works in CC but all it does is it brings up the window a

Trimming scanned artwork in illustrator cs4

Hi All, I often bring a scan into Illustrator cs4, and then want to trim it so I can work with only a part of it. I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I understand that you can mask it, but doesn't that bog down the file?  I have tried using scis

Having trouble recoloring artwork in Illustrator

I don't see any of my layers locked but it seems I am unable to recolor the artwork. I selected all of the layers and when I go to recolor, it only recolors the text layer using the live color option. I did bring this layered file in from photoshop.

How do I edit optimised artwork in Illustrator so that the changes apply to all its instances?

Hi, I am working on a layout in Flash Catalyst CS5 that I exported from Illustrator that is made of many instances of various optimised graphics. I now changed my mind about one of my optimised graphics and would like to make a change to it in Illust

Getting an error message when saving my artwork in Illustrator 10. (Some images inside)

So, I was working on this picture just finely, saving the progress...well, last night, when I went to save what I did before retiring for the night, I got the following error. I don't know what the deal is, it forcs me to rename the darn file, so I e

Help reproducing artwork on Illustrator CS3

HI everyone, A couple of months ago I found a very cool Illustrator tutorial online, which taught me how to draw cool pictures like the one attached. The problem is that I forgot how to do it and can't find the tutorial. I know I used gradients and m

Vector Artwork Dragged from Illustrator Looks lo-res

Hi everyone, I have dragged a piece of vector artwork from Illustrator into a Photoshop file like I have done a thousand times before.  It looks and behaves just like a smart object/vector just fine in the Photoshop file, when when I save the file ou

Fuzzy Logo/Artwork when saved in Illustrator CS6

Is anyone else experiencing an issue when saving artwork in Illustrator on newer Macs? I have spent the past 3 hours trying to figure out the issue. I have Saved to Web, Exported. I have tried png and gif files. The original file is fine, but when I

Importing illustrator artwork into Flash (without all the 'mess')

Hi, This isn't really a problem, more so that I am just "fussy". My friend and I are working on a game. He is producing the artwork in illustrator. I want to keep the artwork in vector format so it scales well on different devices (so exporting

Illustrator pdf graphic problems

Hi All, I have a file which I need to send to a printer as locked pdf, but am having problems with my graphics saving correctly. The magazine I am publishing in cannot be trusted to not tinker with the artwork (messed up last 2 years advertisements m

If I save an .ai as .pdf do I still have to flatten?

Hello, I am new to Illustrator (CS5, Mac OSX) I made a logo which contains several gradients and transparencies and it is meant to be printed for several purposes. My question is: If I don't perform a manual flattening of my artwork (Object > Flatten

Best import format (typographic artwork)

Hi there, I'm working on a website that involves some typographic artwork. Those texts are created in AI, exact or around 100% of the actual size used in the website, and converted to outlines. I'm using those as symbols in a library. No gradients or

Save out of Illustrator to jpeg loss of vector

I stated with a font and traced. Saved as a jpeg or png or pdf and when I opened they are pixelated. I can copy and paste from illustrator and that works but my client wants jpg png pdf. What have I done wrong.Leave out EPS, as it is not to be used a

Any issues with using Illustrator CC with PhotoShop CS6?

I have the CS6 Suite of apps and my company is considering buying me Illustrator CC because of compatibility issues I have with a coworker who has Illustrator CC. I copy artwork from Illustrato to the clipboard and import into PhotoShop all the time