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how to get more storage on hp stream


Suggestion on cloud storage that allows streaming of media

Hi All Looking for an online service that will allow me to store my photos, music and videos and have the ability to stream them to my iPhone. Planning in getting the iPhone 5.  I'm aware of iCloud.  but this seems to have limitations.  like for exam

IMac to iPad streaming possibilities

I'm considering purchasing an iPad after the holiday. I have one question. Because the iPad has very limited storage, can I stream media files from my iMac to the iPad (access iTunes library and/or other media files not in itunes)? I don't want to tr

How to stream audio/vide​o files on bb playbook and create different play lists from another pc and/or external hard disk drive connected with a share router

hi guys i wish to use my external hard disk drive (1tb) connected with a belkin share router as main storage drive and stream audio/ video and other files on bb playbook through wifi. also wish to create different playlists directly on playbook. plea

TS4009 Why do my photos not count in my storage forcing me to purchase additional storage plans?

I recently purchased my new iPad. I am a Realtor and I take tons of photos. I thought I would have massive storage available. I already upgraded once. Few weeks ago and now it is telling me I cannot take more pictures without upgrading again. I was f

Any idea to make something similar as Ms Structured Storage in Labview?

I read about Ms COM based Structured storage. Are there any idea to make something similar in Labview, or call some external component to make that functions?COM is from Component Object Model and the structured storage(SS) is based on it. Shortly SS

Will iCloud Keychain use iCloud storage?

I've been looking at the new iCloud Keychain and I've been wondering: will it count against my 5GB of iCloud storage?iCloud Keychain will probably not take part of iCloud storage, as Photo Stream, although this has to be confirmed by Apple. iCloud st

My 5 is due for an update, but I don't have enough storage.  I have tried deleting things, but still not working

My iPhone 5 is due for an update, but it says I don't have enough storage.  I have deleted apps and my old phone's back up, and still not enough storage. Photo stream photos don't use any of your iCloud storage so deleting them won't make any differe

Media Streaming

I have the Motorola Xoom and I just got the Sony SMP-N100 Media Player and I planned on using it for streaming movies from my Xoom to my tv but that didn't work apparently for this specific device. So if someone knows how to connect the Xoom  to this

Using multiple apple id's for different purposes

We are a family of 4 with numerous devices. Here's the setup we've been using to manage different aspects of our apple life! Each of us has an individual apple id, which we use on our individual devices for storage/backup, photo stream, facetime, cal

What extra features can be had with the airport with my iPad? I do not have a Mac computer so I update on my friends,and store imfo on an external hard drive when needed.

I use my iPad for everything, if I had airport what more fantastic things could I do with my iPad? I have not invested in a printer, I watch Netflix , I have the camera adapters, use the camera daily. Video storage and Netflix streaming are two areas

Linksys E2000 Suddenly Choppy When Playing HD Videos

So quick back story. I stream a lot of 720p HD video over my network (both local storage and Internet streaming). I bought the E2000 about 5-6 months ago after my last router stopped working, and it has been working flawlessly up until now. So a few

Connecting to a NAS with different user accounts

First, I just want to say that as a recent PC ---> Mac convert, I have been quite pleased with the switch. However, I just can't seem to figure out this issue. I have a Netgear DNS-323 NAS that I use for multiple purposes: backup, storage, video/audi

How to read OLE objects from Access ??

Hi, I have an field of type OLE in my Access Database table. This field has some files stored in it in the form of attachment. The file types of the OLE objects can be different (xls,txt,doc). Now, I want to query the database and find the extension

Aperture doesn't display some managed masters

My Aperture 3.5.1 library has 11,000 referenced masters plus  1000 managed masters (mostly images saved from shared photo streams). Recently, Aperture has started listing some of the managed masters as missing. I replace them from backups but then ot

HT204053 on my iphone 3gs, I tap settings, icloud and the account is incorrect.  Please help!

On my iphone 3GS, I tap Settings, iCloud. The account is incorrect and light grey, which will not allow me to edit the account.  Other problems stemming from this have to do with storage and photo stream.Thanks!  This is what I mean: In the settings

The new mini ipad

Hi, i am new to tablets and want to buy my first one, (7''ish). I'm considering the new Ipad mini coming out because it's one of the few that have back facing cameras for stills and video. But the difference between the 16Gb and 32 Gb for storage is

Better Viewing Experience: iPad to tv or Apple TV?

I'm brand new to Netflix and just watched my first few movies on my iPad. Playback paused a few times (I assume due to buffering over my wifi network?) and video quality wasn't the best. I'd like to watch Netflix streamed movies on my TV and I'm wond

It says video is too large on iPhone to be send to iCloud

When I tried to send a video clip taken on iPhone (duration - 13 min) to iCloud a notification appeared  that the video was too large and I need to crop it. I clicked OK and then an upper line got out showing all the length frame by frame with a yell

How to read appended objects from file with ObjectInputStream?

Hi to everyone. I'm new to Java so my question may look really stupid to most of you but I couldn't fined a solution by myself... I wanted to make an application, something like address book that is storing information about different people. So I de

Explain Plan: XPath Evaluation vs XMLIndex

I have an explain plan that uses XPATH EVALUATION to filter my predicates (11g r2). As a general rule of thumb, is XPath Evaluation preferred over using structured or unstructured XMLIndexes? Or do I simply go with the one with the lowest cost? I wen