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how to hyperlink multiple files in word


Create folder with multiple files (was: folders)

Can you create a folder with multiple files and direct the page to go to the folder and then the reader can select the file they wish to choose?  Example  Council Mintes Folder with a file for each set of minutes.  The hyperlink would open the folder

How can multiple files for the same genre be consolidated

I organize my iTunes files in genre folders for easy access. ITunes creates multiple folders for some genres and allows a single (preferred) genre file for other much larger files. How can I consolidate multiple files with the same genre?Thanks. I've

Ability to view multiple files in ONE window

I can see here that this is not a new topic really but the thing with Acrobat 9 is so frustrating that it is just unbelievable. This is another pearl: Acrobat 9 "lost" its predecessors ability to view multiple files in ONE window. After opening

Upload multiple files WITH correct pairs of form fields into Database

In my form page, I would like to allow 3 files upload and 3 corresponding text fields, so that the filename and text description can be saved in database table in correct pair. Like this: INSERT INTO table1 (filename,desc) VALUES('photo1.jpg','happy

How to store multiple files from SAp in to Application server?

Hi Guys,              Can anybody tell me how to store multiple files from SAP into Application server.in my application i have to get the data from SAP tables BSEG , BKPF , BSAK and BSIK that to daily i have to do.             Any Logic  or Code for

Flash Player on Android, select multiple files

We have a web app that uses a flash uploader and it works on Android phones and tablets but it will not let us select multiple files on these devices. Is this possible or is there a trick to get these devices to allow us to select more than one file

How do you select multiple files on a macbook pro?

Can anyone tell me how to select multiple files at one time?  I am so frustrated with the way macbook pro works that I really regret buying it.  I hate that you can't select multiple files, and that my contact stuff keeps changing.  It is certainly n

Running multiple files

Hello I am trying to run multiple files with my java app on a Unix server. I compiled with javac, and run it thus: java SNL *.mef meaning I want to run all of the files with .mef suffix. Unfortunately it does nothing. If I just run one file at time t

Convert multiple files (word docs) to multiple pdf

Hi, Is there a script I can use in batch processing to convert about 1500 word documents into pdf? I know it's possible to convert multiple files into one pdf, but this is no good to me. Doing these conversions one by one is going to take forever! I'

Sending multiple files using one socket

Hi guys I'm working on a simple app that sends multiple files over LAN or I-NET. The problem is that the app run seems to be non-deterministic. I keep getting this error on the client side: java.io.UTFDataFormatException: malformed input around byte

Multiple file uploads, or only one at a time?

I have multiple files in folders on my iPad.  I want to upload entire folders of documents.  So far I have only been able to upload one document at a time.  Then after uploading, I have to put them in acrobat.com folders one document at a time.  It i

Multiple file creation

Hi. I have to create multiple files for mulitiple plants entered through select-options. I have done this for single file but not getting the idea how to do it for multiple files. <u><b><b>My work:</b></b></u> *File cre

Fetching of multiple files from Application Server into SAP Program

Hi All, I have a issue related <b>Fetching of multiple files from Application Server into SAP Program</b>. Actual issue is as below. In the <b>selection screen</b> of <b>my program</b> i will give <b>Application S

How do I drag and drop multiple files on a control?

LabVIEW supports dragging and dropping a single file on a path control, and have the path control populated appropriately. I want a user to be able to highlight multiple files (say, from the OS Find File window, or anywhere really) and drop them into

Unable to load multiple files to Essbase using MaxL and wildcards

I have multiple data files to load: Files: Filename.txt Filename_1.txt Filename_2.txt According to the following link, Essbase is able to load multiple files to BSO databases via MaxL by using wildcards: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/e

Open and print multiple files from the Finder all at once.

I'm trying to research how to do this. In OS9 you used to be able to hi-lite multiple files (Word files for example) and just hit Command+P. This would automatically open all of the files AND print them. I can't seem to do this in my OS X. Or can I?

How to send multiple files in parallel using ftp with single connection

Hi. i have written code for file upload manager using ftp.. it perfectly working with sequence file uploading in single connection.. And i tried to upload multiple files with parallel processing in a single connection.... but it is not working proper

Preview and Texteditor open multiple files

Preview and Texteditor often open multiple files when I only clicked a single file. It seems to open one or more previously opened files at the same time. Is this a bug, or can I disable this behaviour somewhere?"Restore windows when quitting and reo

HT1473 How do I get iTunes to download an entire album in one file versus splitting it into multiple files with the same Album Title?

I have added several CDs to my iTunes files, several Albums were added in the form of multiple files of the same Album title with random songs listed, but not the entire album in one file. I have tried to reassemble the Album into one file, but could

How do you select multiple files to drag

How do you select multiple files to drag from one folder to another? Is there a command?Open the folder which has the contents you want to transfer.  Press COMMAND 'A' and then all of the data should be highlited in blue.  Drag it to the new folder.