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how to make a paper book without staples


Color management problems printing to Epson R2880 from CS3

I recently purchased an Epson R2880 printer. I am having a lot of trouble getting good color when printing from Photoshop CS3. I am running OS 10.4 on a G4 Mac. I have a high-quality monitor and an EyeOne calibrator. I have spent a total of a few hou

How to print a 4.25x5.5 Booklet using 8.5X11 paper

I would like to be able to print a booklet, each page size 4.25x5.5 (of a quarter of a 8.5x11 sheet of paper).  There should be 8 pages per page (i.e double sided printing) and the pages should be organized so that the sheets can be folded resulting

Is anyone having an issue with the hp photosmart premium c310a? I keep getting a "paper jam" error

I hope someone from hp is monitoring these posts. I am very disappointed with the new photosmart premium eAll-in-one. I just bought this printer in april and recently when printing, an error message "paper jam" will pop up after just printing 1

Is it possible to designate stapling when printing a PDF form?

I am using Adobe Lifecycle Designer (ver. 10.0.1029120306.1.870331) to set up a new report for an SAP application.  I can certainly designate duplex printing from within the form by using Form Properties and the PDF Print Options, but no stapling opt

Officejet K550 Pro: Paper Feed Problems

About a year or two ago, we purchased a K550 unit for our office, and 3 subsequent units for employees' personal use.  At first, everything went great - it was the best inkjet printer I or my staff had ever owned!  After a month of great service, my

How do I staple individual copies after collating in Adobe XI on a Mac?

I searched high and low, and can not find an answer or fix. I am sending 9 copies of a 12 page document to the printer. It prints all 9 copies and tries to staple 108 pages together as one instead of stapling each group of 12 pages together. I have s

How to print 4 pics in a4 paper DJ2540

How to print four pictures in a paper  hp DJ2540  Hello vpranav, I see that you are attempting to print from Linux. Please click on the following link for Imaging and Printing with Linux. Thanks for your time. Click the "Kudos Thumbs Up" at the