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how to open aba file


Import *.dba and *.aba file help

Have a Zire 21 handheld, using Windows XP Pro.  Saved and exported datebook and address info, exported all in range.  Uninstalled and reinstalled software, but will not allow me to re-import the data.  Did notice that after reinstalling, what is now

How to get contacts and calendar info from my old palm files

I used to use a Palm Tungsten T3. I no longer have it but until recently I still used the Palm Desktop. My computer "died" and I was able to copy all the Palm files of of it but now I have no idea how to get the contact and calendar(less importa

Tungsten E help of lost file

My Tungsten E Palm died and somehow my backup on windows XP got deleted. I see o word document that there is a ABA file for a file I need. How can I open this file? Post relates to: Tungsten E This question was solved. View Solution.An .aba file is a

How do I move addresses from one computer to another

Hi, i have a large address book on my Palm desktop which is version 4.1.4 running on Windows XP home O/S. I am trying to port these addresses on to my new laptop which is running Windows 7 Professional O/S which has version 6.2.2 palm desktop by Acce

Palm Desktop seems to back up only select data from Treo 650

I recently transferred my Palm Desktop program and backup files from my old XP PC to my new PC running Windows 7 (64bit).  Aside from the frustrations of being unable to HotSync using USB, I was more concerned that that address & calendar files in my

How do I sync data from crashed (recovered) hard drive to new computer??

Hello all! My main desktop computer hard drive failed yesterday afternoon.  I have everything backed up on Carbonite so my 65gb of files are safe. BUT, I need to update my Tungsten E2 Desktop with my data from the Carbonite backup.  I have a file cal

How to use JTree?

hi, I need of an object that allows me to choose a directory path, and I think JTree do this. But I never have used it; I have read Java tutorial, but I don't know how to do to show in JTree my hard disk partition and directory. Then, I must create a

Please help! New desktop archive function DOES NOT work!

Am using the new vista Desktop 6.2.1 I have been using Treos for many years, and I often delete and archive address, memo, todo and datebook records. I keep critical archive files for reference and often do refer to old archived records. HERE IS THE

SAP Components required for EHP1 Upgrade

Hi Experts, I have started the process of downloading files for an EHP1 upgrade of our current BI System (ABAP Stack only, Netweaver 7), with a Target Stack of SPS07. Using the Maintenance Optimizer, I have selected the appropriate Kernel, SPAM Versi

Tungsten to Centro

I recently upgraded from my Tungsten PDA to a Palm Centro.  I followed all the instructions about installing the new Palm software over my old  software on my computer.  When I connected the Centro and computer to synch everything to my Centro, I fou

Tried to sync to new device, now contacts are corrupted / missing

Hi, I was using a Zire 21 for a while until it recently got lost. I then got a Zire 31 and tried to sync the info from my palm desktop onto it, but after doing so the contacts are corrupted on both the desktop and the new palm. Corrupted, meaning not

I Need Help Importing my Contacts Onto my New (old) Palm phone.

I need to import my contacts onto my Palm Centro. As of now, they are in a .csv file. When I select import from the Palm Desktop file menu and browse for my contact file, it shows the file grayed out. Even if I instruct the program to allow all file

Address book from Palm Desktop by Access is missing on computer!

Please help - My address book from my Palm Desktop by access is GONE - I can find only a "address.mdb" file, but no updated .aba file - Is there a way to restore this file or find a backup? I cannot imagine how it just disappeared! I no longer u

A little direction please?

my palm desktop crashed crashed and i lost about 3/4 of my contacts and all my categories.  Desktop syncs TO (overwrites) my palm pixi (via companionlink which i had to buy!!) so it's not on my pixi either. Here's where i got to using some of the oth

EBS Program RFEBKA00 Bank KEy in House Bank is diff.from ABA in BAI file

REceiveing an error that the bank key and account number not found in table T012, T012k. The HB was created using one ABA as the Bank Key, the ABA necessary for proper u201Cchecku201D creation. In the HB config, we set the Bank Receiving DME with the

Error 7 occurred at Copy in ABAPI Dist New VI Library.vi​- ABAPI Dist Chk for Destinatio​ns.vi- ABA​PI Copy Files and Apply Settings.v​i- EBEP_In​voke_Build​_Engine.vi​- EBUIP_Bu​ild_Invoke​.vi- EBUIP​_Build_Inv​oke.vi.Pro​xyCaller

When I try to build executables in LabView 8.01 I get message: Error 7 occurred at Copy in ABAPI Dist New VI Library.vi->ABAPI Dist Chk for Destinations.vi->ABAPI Copy Files and Apply Settings.vi->EBEP_Invoke_Build_Engine.vi->EBUIP_Bu​ild_Invo

Error in Loading a text file

Hi Experts, I am having a little problem in uploading a file in a table File format is as follows weekly_eft_repo  1.0                                                                                                                           Page: 1 C

Administrator Bios Password won't work on HP 4420s XT940UT#ABA Windows 7 64 Bit

Someone please help me with this!! I bought this laptop from a friend (have a receipt) who sold it to me because the screen was cracked and all spidered out when you turned it on. Well everywhere he went to ask about getting the screen fixed it was v

Importing data from a text file into a table

Hi Experts, I have the following flat file weekly_eft_repo  1.0                                                                                                       Page: 1 CDC:00304 / Sat Oct-31-2009     Weekly EFT Sweep for 25/10/09 - 31/10/09  Ef

How do I find a previous windows version. It's telling me to copy files and then delete old version.

When I got on my laptop today, I saw that there was a message from HP Support Assistant. It says that I have an older versions of windows and that the previous versions of windows was saved in a folder c:\windows.old. it says that the folder is very