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how to open docx files on mac


Quicklook doesn't preview .docx files

QuickLook works great on .doc files but doesn't work on .docx files. To view .docx files on a Mac... http://www.lancelhoff.com/how-to-open-a-docx-file/ http://idiosuite.wordpress.com/2007/09/28/open-docx-files-on-mac-osx/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki

Issues opening downloaded docx files from the internet on my mac air...

I have owned my Mac Air for nearly 1.5 yrs and never had an issue, until yestrday. I can download docx files from the internet no problem, but when I go to open them (after they have saved into my downloads folder) a pop-up window with "convert file

Cannot use Word2008 doc/docx file to Create PDF (single or multiple)

Attempting to Create PDF from File >> Single file or Multiple File>> selection of MS-Word2008 .docx or 97-compatible .doc file will error out. Adobe has replicated the problem of receiving the same exact error message with Word2008(mac) doc/do

Word 2013 generates .docx files that cannot be read on Word 2010

Howdy, I received a MS Word document that was created on Word for Mac 2011.  I opened it, edited it and saved it in .docx format.  I have MS Word 2013 running on a humble PC.  Now the Mac cannot read my file.  Also, PC's running Word 2010 cannot read

I am converting a .docx file to a pdf and the text is coming out blurry

I am trying to convert a .docx file to a pdf and the text keeps coming out blurry. Some sentences seem to be bolded in the pdf as well. All the colored text seems like there's a shadow behind it and all the text in bold seems extra blurry. I am savin

PDF maker won't combine doc docx files

Hello, I can no longer combine Office type files, specifically .doc or .docx files in the pdf builder.  It will only accept pdf files when combining multiple files to build a single pdf file.  I know this used to work (at least on my PC).  I also am

Lion thinks docx file is an alias -- it's not.

In the past week (since 10.7.1), Mac users at my office have occasionally run into a bug where files on a Windows smb share have an orange label and are seen as broken aliases, and so cannot be opened. The files were created and edited on Macs. Copyi

Opening .docx files

Does anyone know how to open .docx files? I am running 10.4.11 and use Microsoft Office for Mac for word processing. Generally it is no problem for me to use Word to open .doc files that are emailed to me, but I can't seem to open .docx files. I've t

.docx file completely disappeared

A .docx file I created yesterday has completely disappeared.  I saved it either to my dropbox or my desktop (mac os x 10.8.5).  I could not find it by name, content, date created either in spotlight or in time machine.  In my Office 2011 Autorecovery

Why is my computer opening docx file in adobe

When I download a docx file it opens with adobe and It will not open. How can I fix this problem?Hi courtneyp62973773, It sounds like the filename associations have become confused on your computer. It's an easy fix--what operating system are you usi

Can't open docx files

Recieved a docx file from a windows computer can't open with pages on ipad or mac comes up with unknown errorIf you have the latest version of Pages it should open, it could be a problem with the file. This link gives you a few ways to open the file

Converting docx files to pages and back?

One colleague has sent me several files created in Microsoft Word.  I get an error "Import Error The file format is invalid." and the file will not open. I checked with the sender and she said it's a docx file even though the extension shown in

Pages does not open .docx files that were created by Windows Mobile 6

Pages can read .docx files created from Windows (Vista Office). But for .docx files created in Windows Mobile devices, Pages cannot open them. It show up as blank. If I use microsoft office for Mac to open, it can open them. If I save the opened file

Iphone won't open docx files created and sent via Entourage

Can't open docx on iphone. Our Macs in our office were recently updated to Mac OS 2008. We use Entourage. Now, our word documents are automatically saved as docx. Many of us have iphones and frequently use them to open and view documents. We can't op

IMovie files from Mac to iPad

Spent a lot of time trying to find a way to move iPhoto slide shows and iMovie productions to iPad 2.  Found nothing on the web but a lot of entries leading to the same flaky software site.  Have a three year old iMac, 2.4 GHz with OS 10.6.7.  By acc

I do not have Microsoft office and to know if I can still open docx files - error message reads corrupt files.  Is there a reliable converter out there?

I do not have Microsoft office and want to know if I can still open docx files - error message reads corrupt files.  Is there a reliable converter out there?  I am a new mac user.Install the free LibreOffice and save a bundle not having to pay MS. ht

DOCX file allegedly corrupted when I download from my website.

I have a web page where I have been placing Word documents for common access by a group of people. I use FTP to place files there. Now that we have started using the latest Word (.docx files), we get error messages from Word when we try to open the d

Microsoft Word 2011 will not open .docx files

I cannot open .docx files which I have created on this laptop with this version of Microsoft Word ! Also I am having a problem with the input source language - it has been set to Welsh and has been ok but these past two days it keeps flipping back to

Finder/Spotlight does not seem to be searching the contents of docx files anymore. How do I re-enable this search function?

I used to be able to search the contents of .docx MS Word files in the past, but this feature suddenly stopped working. Anyone else experiencing this as well and is there a fix? Thanks.Similar or same problem, with similar and same hardware/software.

My docx files are suddenly ineditable

I installed Yosemite about a couple of weeks back. No problems. I have been using the 2011 update of Microsoft Word for Mac for three years or so. No problems. I suddenly cannot edit my docx files, even ones I was working on last night. 'Compatibilit