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how to play video in java swing


What is difference between C# Gzip and Java swing GZIPOutputStream?

Hi All, I have a Java swing tool where i can compress file inputs and we have C# tool. I am using GZIPOutputStream to compress the stream . I found the difference between C# and Java Gzip compression while a compressing a file (temp.gif ) - After Com

PL/SQL and Java Swing interface

Everybody in this forum knows that Oracle is the best database around with many functionalities, stability, performance, etc. We also know that PL/SQL is a great language to manipulate information directly in the database with many built in functions

Problem with java swing button and loop

Problem with java swing button and loop I�m using VAJ 4.0. and I�m doing normal GUI application. I have next problem. I have in the same class two jswing buttons named start (ivjGStart) and stop (ivjGStop) and private static int field named Status wh

Certificate support in Java Swing application

Hi There, I am new to this Certificate thing and running into issues! Would appreciate for all the help and please ignore for any stupid questions. Here is my scenario. 1. I do have a client server application and client is a java swing application w

How to create the digital clock in java swing application ?

I want to create the running digital clock in my java swing application. Can someone throw some light on this how to do this ? Or If someone has done it then can someone pl. paste the code ? Thanks.hi prah_Rich, I have created a digital clock you can

How to print a JTable  in Java Swing ?

Hi, I have an application written in java swing.Now I want to write a print module that prints some details.The details includes the JTextArea and JTable that changes in size dynamically.One solution i found is to put them in a panel and print that p

Loading large files in Java Swing GUI

Hello Everyone! I am trying to load large files(more then 70 MB of xml text) in a Java Swing GUI. I tried several approaches, 1)Byte based loading whith a loop similar to pane.setText("");              InputStream file_reader = new BufferedInput

Java swing dynamic forms (in a loop)

Hi All, Is it possible to dynamically create forms using java swing? What I mean to ask is that if I have the necessary information in a table, like the label and a corresponding text field, I can loop through and create the required number of fields

Session in java swing??

Hi friends, I need to create session in java swing... I have a client running in swing and can access resources in multi-threaded server. I need to validate user using session. But i don't know how to use session. User has to login with username & pa

Writing Urdu in java swing component

Hi firiends, I am searching out how to write urdu as input in java swing JTextField. I have searched a lot but still i am unable to get right information. So plz guys help me how i do use urdu on java swing JTextField. i will be higly thankful to you

Problem in printing a java swing form

Hi, Could anyone help me on how to set the page margings while I print a java swing form since it is taking a lot of space as margins in the top right top and bottom how do i do that. or is it that java can only print in the printable area or is ther

Invoking a Java swing application via its process id

I have a Java swing application. What i am trying to do here is that when the user double-clicks the jar file to open it, if the Swing application is already open and is minimized, I need to maximize the open window and make it active. I tried using

Problem in compiling JAVA SWING

Dear frens, I'm new in java swing. I have some knowledge in developing java in DOS, but dont have any knowledge in developing java in gui. I have write a program but it is unable to compile. I compile like this ----> javac HelloWorldSwing.java please