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how to program dish remote to samsung tv


Will the Apple Digital AV adapter work for the DISH Remote Access app?

I have a Sling adapter hooked up to my 722K DISH receiver, and the DISH Remote Access app installed on an iPad 2. Great app, btw. What I'd like to know is if I'll be able to use this AV adapter to watch my recorded shows on a TV. Hotel room situation

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Assertion failed! Program:...e/Samsung

Hallo, Ich habe dieses Pop up nach versuchen my All Share Samsung TV Videos zu Synchronisieren, seit eine Woche habe ich normal weise alle rund 750 Videos ohne probleme geladen aber jetzt habe dieses Meldung Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library X Ass

Program sky remote to TV

Please can someone help me. I've tried everything to program my remote to my TV and it's not doing anything. I have the right code but still nothing. Thanks in advanceI assume you're using a bona fide Sky remote.  Some cheap clones do not have tv mac

Using windows program with remote access.

I have to work with a complex electronic medical records program (Allscripts) remotely from home on my Mac. The program is not really Mac friendly. It has to run on Java at home and it requires "right click, left click" operations on the pc that

How do I program my remote to work for my satellite and Blu Ray player?

I recently purchased the 55 in LED Toshiba tv model number 42SL417U and I am having trouble finding the instructions on how to program it to work with my Sony Blu Ray player and Satellite. I went to product support and could not find a topic on how t

TV/DVD 19lv506: Full DVD functions from side of unit? Programming TWC remote for DVD operation?

Lost remote and need to operate all DVD functions from either TWC remote or from buttons on side of unit. So far, unable to program TWC remote to work DVD, though fine with TV. Can't seem to do anything but Play, Stop and Eject from buttons on side o

Uninstall program on remote machine -

All, I am trying to uninstall an application on a WYSE 32bit Windows Embedded device.  I am unable to use WIn32_product and have to Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms.  I can query the device remotely fine with the following command PS C:\> get-wmiobject -Cl

How to execute program in remote server?

In my code I am executing a program that resides on another server. But when I execute the program the server where the code is resided runs the program and sucks up CPU. How can I make it execute the program in the remote server? I don't want it to

Forms6: Execute program in remote machine?

Hi, I'm trying to execute a program in a remote machine. For exemple: I can use the function 'host ('notepad')' and the notepad executes in the machine running the .fmx. How can I execute a command in a remote machine running Unix? Is there a functio

TightVNC - Can't open programs on remote session

Hi All, I'm a Linux newbie and have a problem I can't seem to solve. The other day I installed tightvnc and have a server which runs on startup. I have added the following line to /etc/inittab: vn:35:once:sudo su - brian -c "vncserver :1 -name Brian

When accessing a windows program thru remote desktop will it have functionality

When accessing a remote desktop on a mac to use a windows program is this functional and will it slow the mac down or create other vulnerabilities or will it run smoothly?It will be as smooth as your connection is fast, and it won't affect the Mac ad

Running a non mandatory program from remote using powershell without a logged in user

Hi all, is there a way to execute a non mandatory program (a task sequence in my case) from remote using powershell without a logged in user on the target system? I have the following code:  $ProgramObject = Get-WmiObject -Class CCM_Program -Namespac

How to program new remote to recognize dvd player

We are trying to program our new system Xfinity1's remote control to recognize our dvd player. When using TV input button, the up and down arrows stay on  HDMI1/DVI and do not move to any other selection. Are we not going to be able to use this remot

Program STB remote control to not illuminate any buttons?

Is it possible to program the Verizon STB remote control to not illuminate any buttons when the remote is used? Solved! Go to Solution.Simple answer is no.  It would be nice as an option since it eats up the batteries and some of the most important b

Toshiba 40L3451DB - How do I program the remote "My Buttons"?

Since my TV has the fault where it doesn't open the Cloud TV without login each time, I want to program a couple of apps to the My Buttons on the remote. As standard when I press my button 1, YouTube app is launched. According to the manual I am supp

Programming sky remote to control new TV

We've just bought a new TV so have tried to programme the Sky remote to control the TV volume but to no availAll instructions have been followed -Sky remote is a Rev9TV is a Panasonic TX40C 300B Codes tried are: 166406782505167802540051 It has worked

Create program for remote object

Is it possible to create_program for a remote object? With 10.2 for example: BEGIN dbms_scheduler.create_program( program_name => 'myuniqueprogramname', program_action => '[email protected]', program_type =>

Program Comcast Remote to Control Apple TV

Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, don't tell me, because that may increase my love for the aTV to the point that i will eat it for dinner tonight. Cause that's what I do with things I love. Eat them for dinner. Seriously, though. Possible

Best program for remote desktop?

Coming from 10+ years of Windows, the thing I miss most is the ability to remote into my computer remotely. Mac does come with a version of VNC, but I've never had good luck with VNC, it's usually very slow (even after adjusting colors/settings).   I

65L7350U tv remote programming

I have a 65L7350U tv with a ct-90427 remote and would like to program our Dish box to work with the remote cable/sat button, however the user manual only lists the operation of the tv, not programming...thanksYou don't program the remote to send sign