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Query update on each iteration problem (MS SQL Sever / ODBC / Native Driver

Hello, I�ve been working to learn some Java and now JDBC over the past 10 or so months. I think I have a general understanding of how to perform queries and work with data using JDBC. However, I�ve run into a problem. I�m trying to do a query of a se

Not able to update data in iterator

Our scenario is something like this: We do not directly bind UI components to VO, that is, for example we do not directly drag and drop a VO as a table. Instead we use POJO to exchange data between the UI and model layers. Our requirement is to show

What is difference between Iterator and Collection Wrapper?

Hi all,               I dont understand the actual difference between Iterator and Collection Wrapper. I observed both are used for the same purpose. Could any one please let me know when to use Collection Wrapper and when to use Iterator?? Thanks, C

InputText value is not getting updated in Iterator

Hi All, We are using jdeveloper I have having 2 bounded taskflows TF1 and TF2. In TF1 I am having Page1.jspx and in TF 2 I have Page2.jspx. I am having 1 page fragment Frag1.jsff inside that I am having 1 textbox and a button. Text box is b

Displaying the results of an iterator in JTextfields.

Hi people, I have got two methods which basically iterate through statements (forward and back). However I have a separate class which is basically the GUI for my program. I want the user to be able to click the next button and it iterates through th

How to pick max value from a column of a table using cursor and iteration

Hello Everybody I have a table loan_detail and a column in it loan_amount now i want to pick values from this table using cursor and then by using iteration i want to pick max value from it using that cursor here is my table LOAN_AMOUNT 100 200 300 4

Removing duplicate values from selectOneChoice bound to List Iterator

I'm trying to remove duplicate values from a selectOneChoice that i have. The component binds back to a List Iterator on the pageDefinition. I have a table on a JSF page with 5 columns; the table is bound to a method iterator on the pageDef. Then abo

Write to measurement file at every n iterations

Hi guys, I would like some help with saving data in labview 2010 SP1 (base development system). I am using a "Write to measurement fil express VI" inside a while loop and the data out from the DAQmn Read is wired to the signal in of the "Wr

Af:iterator and getting values from a particular row

Hi, I am using af:iterator to loop through a resultSet in a VO. <af:iterator binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_subscribe.i1}" value="#{bindings.SubscriptionPublicView1.collectionModel}" var = "row" id="i1">

How to get iterator values from a managed bean ?

Due to a bug in selectOneChoice i'm not able to get the label list i want to display directly from an iterator when the value binding is a managed bean. To solve the problem i would like to create a managed bean that contains that list and use it as

New version 9.0.1 on Windows 7 has a problem running JavaScript math iterations.

Dialog Error Box reads: A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. Script: http://www.classictesla.com/java/javatc/script/JTC_geotc.js:129

Problem with iterator in tableview

Hi, Im having a problem with an iterator in a tableview. Sometime ago I use an iterator in a BSP with flow logic, I created the class fill the methods GET_COLUMN_DEFINITIONS and RENDER_CELL_START. And worked fine. Now, Im working in another BSP and t

Visa Open and Close on every iteration of loop

I have noticed that when you open the front panel of the Instrument I/O Assistant, the diagram starts with a visa session open, sets timeout property, writes, reads, parses data and ends with a visa session closed.  If I were to place this into a whi

What happens to the while loop iteration counter if it runs unchecked?

I want to use the iteration counter to initialise a value on the first loop of a while statement. ie i = 0, x = 100. Fine. The application I am building will be left to run for weeks or months on end without stopping (hopefully :¬)). What happens to

How Do I Change an Animated Gif's Iteration and Loop Settings? (Pshop/Image Ready 7.0)

Background to Issue (NOT a PPT or Windows issue even though It will seem like that at first but read on...): I have to make Animated GIFS to be inserted into Powerpoint. I work on a Mac but the PPT presentation will be shown on PCs (non-negotiable, s

VSTS loadtest error while running Loadtest with Runsettings as No of test iterations , ERROR is : could not read result repository: unknown transaction id in results:

Subject: VSTS loadtest error while running Loadtest with Runsettings as  No of test iterations ,  ERROR is :  could not read result repository: unknown transaction id in results: Hello All, I am facing the following error while running a loadtest (wh

Panel's Iterator Range Size issue/bug

I have a panel that is displaying Departments. I have the attributes for that Departments VO dropped on the panel as textboxes with a navigation bar (based on the Departments VO) that allows you to navigate through the departments one by one. I also

How to use no of iteration of for loop as the input for the for loop

hi all, i wanna need some help here.. i'm using for loop to iterate to ceratin no of iteration.. then, i would like to use back the no of iteration as the input of 'N' for the next iteration.. in other word, eg: 1st run: i insert a control to 'N', le

How to return current value in iterator

hi i have the following code when i iterator am always geting the same value,it display first value from the lov which is from the previous page.this is how am displaying the value i select value from lov and navigate to next page when am in the next

How to get first row from view iterator programatically?

Hi All, I am using Jdeveloper 11g Release 2. I want to fetch the first row of a view iterator in a bean. Can any one guide me through this use case. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks ... Best Regards BilalUse the code snippet as below: *//