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How to Read an EKG


How do you input/uplo​ad the templates for Heart Rates, EKG, etc. onto an already existing form of LabView?

I have LabView 9.0 and I remember last year when I got it I had to go through several steps in order to upload the templates for Heart Rate, EKG, and Blood Pressure.  However, since then, several of my computers have been worked on within the distric

EKG signal acqusition various questions

I have to create this kind of system.. not a final products just some student project> Acqusitoin of 3 channel EKG using USB NI-DAQpad 6015. I am using LabVIEW and NI-DAQmx of course.. I need soem ideas for next few problems: How to make> 1. EKG loo

RT Detection of Diastolic Phase from EKG Signal

Hi Everyone, I'm working on a project which requires that I acquire a live EKG signal and perform "accurate" real-time detection of R and T peaks in order to determine the beginning and end of each diastolic phase.  I would greatly appreciate an

Erro no ICMS da devolução de transferência com estoque em trânsito

Boa tarde a todos. Estou tentando fazer o cenário de devolução de transferência entre filiais quando o produto ainda estiver em trânsito. Utilizei como referência para todas as etapas o documento encontrado aqui no próprio fórum Stock Transfer Order

Battery Purging and Over heating Phone!

WHAT?!!  I have assumed that my LG Revolution spontaneously purging the entire battery charge at once then over heating and shutting down was a hardware issue!  Now I find that it is the result of yet ANOTHER OS SOFTWARE upgrade issue?!  OMG are you

Report header is missng while printing or spooling

Hi All, I have a problem in print a report.its After getting selection screen of the report ,If i click a print button (it's for execute and print) the header details are missing in spool ( does not print selection fields of the report are missing in

How to add Line items to Accounting Doc

Hi All, I want to capture the amount of inventory to a separate GL accounts while doing GR. Accounting Document should look like this:- Inventory a/c 1000 BSX GR/IR a/c           1000- WRX 1New line a/c  1000 2New line a/c    1000- How can we achieve

FI Posting while making a GR

Hi, I am creating a GR with reference to a PO. The material is having Moving Average Price setting. The entry posted to Stock & GR/IR is correct. But an additional entry is being passed to Price Difference Account with the same value in Debit & Cr

How to manage automatic GL account in PR ans PO ?

Hi gurus, I work on a ECC6.0. All the customizing settings are done: - links between valuation classes and GL accounts. - links beetween valuation classes and material master When i create a PR or PO, with a material group or a material master, GL ac

Delivery costs to stock account for GR

Dear All, For the delivery cost for purchasing, I created new condition types for each and mapped them to transaction keys(all of them are mapped to FRE and FR1 keys).  While creating PO, related conditions are entered to item details and planned cos

Account determination EIN key

Hi Folks, While doing Goods Receipt against Purchase Order, I am getting following error: "Account determination for entry ABBS EIN not possible" The problem is that I don't want to make posting in EIN rather I want to post in BSX which is alrea

Price difference account

Dear All, I have one query regarding purchase offsetting account EKG. I created PO with frieght value and the material master is maintained with standard price.When I do GR it will hit the following accounts. Post key         Account          Short d

Goods issue/receipt print out

Hi could any body let me know the print settings for goods issue & receipts and Logistics invoice verification. i tried with we01 for GRN , wa01 for GI, in nace settings but could not find the result. pls let me know the settings.especially for sub c

Belgium Legal Requirement at the time of GR

At the time of GR, in SAP stock account is debited and GR/IR account is credited. But according to the legal requirement of Belgium client - P&L account no 604xxxx (Purchase A/c) and tax account should be debited and not to the stock(inventory accoun

Selecting and copying only the black and gray of picture

Hi everyone, Looking for some help. I am a Paramedic Instructor and want to clean up some heart rhythms to make them more neat and presentable for use during class. Below is the sort of image I would be working with. What I would like to do is remove

Adobe Reader 9.4,10,11 crash when opening certain pdfs. Faulting module ntdll.dll

We've started having issues with a certain type of pdf file crashing reader anytime it's opened. It will open fine about 1/10 of the time, the rest of the time it either straight crashes or we get a message that a drawing error occured and the pdf is

Configuration steps for Extended Classic Scenario

Hi All, Could you please let me know what are the configuration steps required for extended classic scenario. Thanks in advanceHi, Important Settings that Determine the Extended Classic Scenario The following settings are required for the extended cl

How to get pulse readout from BPM analysis in biomed startup kit

Hello, We are trying to obtain an instantaneous pulse reading from a Vernier Go EKG sensor.  We tried writing our data to an array in a for loop, then exporting the array to the "array in" node on the BPM analysis tool.  We would like a chart di

Parameter IDs

How to find parameter ID and which are the important parameter IDs which needs to be included in user master ? For example for default values of buyres we set EVO.Like that what are the important parameter IDS and how to find them. Best Regards, BMHi

Things You Need To Know about old= New iMac

1) Your HP All-In-One printer/scanner/copier - will it work with this new Leopard iMac? Maybe. I struggled with the all-in-one Printer Scanner Copier PSC 2355 for hours, and that includes reading the discussion forums on Apple's website. Apple suppor