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How to Remove iOS 10


How do I remove IOS 7 from my iphone

How do I remove IOS 7 from my iphone?You can still get a new older iPhone model (4S or 5--they still have iOS6 on them, not iOS7)  from thirs-party stores or wireless carrier stores, and "upgrade" to that.Read other 4 answers

Remove IOS from LMS repository

Dear *, How to remove IOS from LMS RME repository? Thanks, AamirAssuming LMS 3.x, go to RME > Software Mgmt > Software Repository, check the boxes next to the images you want to remove, and click the Delete button.Read other 2 answers

HT5622 how do i remove ios 7 using apple id?

I've sent off my phone to vodafone for repair, upon repairing they stated to me i have to remove ios 7 from my iphone using apple id, i do not know how to do this.... any help would be appriciated. regards.If you set an activation lock on it, click h

How do i remove ios 7

How do i remove ios 7 from my IPAD 3 and go back to my previous operating system?If there are problems with the operation of your iPad you can ask questions here. Perhaps someone will be able to help resolve those problems. If it is the look and feel

How do i remove iOS 7 from iphone and go back to the previous iOS?

How do i remove ios 7 from my 4s and get back the previous ios?You cannot do so.Read other 2 answers

HT1338 How do I remove iOS 7 from my iPhone 4?  Nothing but problems.

How do I remove iOS 7 from my iPhone 4. I'm having nothing but problems.MDB63 wrote: How do I remove iOS 7 from my iPhone 4. I'm having nothing but problems. And which of the troubleshooting steps that are outlined in the manual have you tried?Read o

Removing IOS 5 and reverting to ios 4 (iphone 4) - as it will not allow me to download apps or stream music on radio apps.

HI i updated to ios 5 today on my iphone 4 much to my dismay it cant stream radio apps i paid for anymore because it somehow HOGS the internet, but yet when i tried to play one of the multiplayer adventure games it is fine.  i dont know if its an IND

Is it possible to remove iOS install files without upgrading?

I have a 5th gen iPod Touch. I'm not upgrading to iOS 7. The iPod downloaded the install file and tells me it's ready to be installed, the file seems to occupy about 1Gb on th iPod, I would like to remove it to free that space. Maybe i will download

How can I remove iOS 6 after download on my iphone 4? I did not install it yet.

Hi there, I am absolutely not a pro. I did download the iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 via WiFi but did not install it yet. I finally do not want to install it. Is there any way to remove it? Thanks for support. duSearch this forum.  Your issue has already bee

Any way of removing iOS 7 installer file?

My iPhone 4 got invaded by Apple's iOS 7 installer-- with 3 gb + taken over.  Where is that file and how do I remove it? I was at a special event today--and thanks to all the room that the installer took up, I started to run out of room with the vide

Does anyone know how to remove IOS 7.0.2 Firmware and restore IOS 7.0.1?

I recently downloaded IOS 7.0.2 believing it to be a fix to a vulerablity as Apple's update notice stated.  It infact proved to be a complete revison of IOS 7.0.1 and now I find myself stuck using what I consider a less than stearling Graphic/Human i

Accidentlly removed ios while installing win 8.1 on macbook air

hi everybody.. I just accidently erase my MacBook ios while installing windows,actually I format the ios partition and now when I restart Mac and pressing command bottom it's just windows system comes up and there is no Macintosh  option is available

How do I remove ios 8 and restore ios 7

I recently installed ios8 onto an iphone 5. the phone stalls all the time facebook will not open. Battery life wasnt good before but is now about two hours. I can see lots of people saying problems and wanting to go back to ios 7 but general opinion

How can I remove iOS 8 and get back iOS 7?

I recently downloaded iOS 8 without researching much... I have an iPhone 4s and noticed it was fairly laggy after i had downloaded the new software. I looked online and many websites said that the 4s could not handle iOS 8. I had backed up my phone t

How to remove IOS 8 from ipad?

How to revert to ios7 from IOS 8 on iPad?You cannot revert to a lower level iOS version as Apple does not make the older files available after release of the iOS upgrade.  There is no way to go back.Read other 4 answers

How to remove iOS built-in aplications?!

I want to remove applications I do not use like "Weather" and "Compass". http://afsawaf.blogspot.com/2013/06/feature-i-would-like-to-see-in-ios_29.html Any idea?!If you want to make this suggestion to Apple use http://www.apple.com/fee

How do I remove iOS 7 or change it?

This new iOS 7 is nasty as all ****. It's all white, too bright and just horrible. I thought these things were tested extensively before being released? Anyway, I simply can't use my iPad with this. I've used my iPad daily since I got it, iOS 6 was b

IPad 1 - Can't download OR remove iOS 6 only app updates from App Store

So, I've come to terms with the fact that my trusty iPad 1 won't be getting iOS 6 (thanks Apple) But now, there are updates for apps I've paid for that are iOS 6 only. I've even come to terms with that! The most annoying thing is, Apple are rubbing m

Can i remove the ios 8 upgrade from  my device

Is there a way to remove IOS 8 from your iPhone/iPad device?No - downgrading is not supported.Read other 2 answers

How do I remove the iOS 8 operating system on my iPad 2 and return it to iOS 7?

I Downloaded the new iOS 8 operating system and it is not compatible with some of my online gaming sites. I can sign into the site using one specific ID but it won't allow other family members to sign in on their Facebook accounts. I would to remove