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how to set lan password


G1100 Quantum Gateway Router MOCA LAN Password

Am unable to set the MOCA LAN password on the G1100 to encrypt the MOCA LAN to anything other thatn the default.  It takes the new password but when you apply it it reverts to the original default.  This is a security issue as it is the default passw

Can't get iPad 4 to accept LAN password.

Just setup new iPad 4, but I can't get it to accept my LAN password. It finds the Wi-Fi network name, but won't recognized the password my Windows 7 says is the network password. Can it be that my Home Group network and the Wi-Fi network are two diff

MX 920 Printer Not Responding - One Solution That Worked For Me

I phoned Canon customer support and they walked me through fixing my problem.  We use wireless LAN at the house. Background: I have a mac, my wife an iPad.  We would be able to print a document, then after aprx 10 minutes I'd have to enter our router

2 x SSHD using different configs?

Hi I would like to run 2 a SSHDs using two different configs. The reason is that from the internet I want to run key/passphrase but from the the LAN password is OK. I know how to run 2 x SSHDs, on 2 different ports, but how to have the second SSHD ge

Extending TC 500 GB WiFi

Hello, I am using 3 Macs in a house with a Time Capsule 500 GB for WiFi, the problem is that 2 of the Macs are on another floor and cannot get the WiFi signal. So, how can I extend the signal ? ThanxHello, so I got an Airport Extreme station and exte

The clock reset to 2001 when i take away my battery!!!!!

my macbook was bought in 2007 does anyone have the same experience as me that after i remove the battery and use AC power solely, when i turn on the macbook, the clock reset to 2001 Jan 1 and forgot my LAN password setting (no matter how many time i

E75 - LAN Proxy Username\Password WHERE ??

Hi, After I thought that I found what was wrong and that I forgot to configure the proxy for the LAN connection I discovered that there is no place to enter the username and password for the proxy. Up until now everything was stright forward and easy

Password Recovery for Wireless Lan controller

Hi, I am new to Wireless Lan Controller. I just wanted to reset the password for the Controller. Can anybody help me with this. link/procedure anything will be appreciated. Thanks & Regards, JvalinI think they mean that they can not type "reset s

Password Exchange and my company LAN,

Hi All I have a problem with my work network password, it locks me out of the network due to the password being entered too many times. "What has this to do with an Iphone" i hear you shout, well it only does this after i sync my iphone with Itu

Password protect site from WAN - not LAN

I did this a while ago, so I'm not exactly sure what I did. I believe I found a post here regarding how to allow only internal IPs to see a web page while blocking WAN IPs from accessing it. I added some lines here in the .conf file for the site I wa

LAN Networking / UUID error - "You may need to enter the name and password"

I'm having an issue with networking via ethernet cable. I'm connecting to Windows Vista via ethernet from my macbook pro. Everything was going hunky dory until today when I connected and tried to copy a folder over from my desktop to a folder on my v

Exchange on Local LAN prompting password and not accepting

I have users that have Exchange email account setup on their iPad/iphone(ios5,6,8) (Wi-Fi only) and it works fine when they are away from the company. When they are connected to the companies Wi-Fi and is on the same local subnet as the Exchange serv

Exchange on Local LAN prompting password for IOS devices and not accepting

Hi, I have users that have Exchange email account setup on their iPad/iphone(ios5,6,8) (Wi-Fi only) and it works fine when they are away from the company. When they are connected to the companies Wi-Fi and is on the same local subnet as the Exchange

Toshiba E-studio 160 - LAN interface password

I have a toshiba e-studio 160 series, with ethernet card. As i have to change tcp/ip options, i need to know the password!!! (please, don't ask why i dont' know it :_| ) I read somewhere that should be possible to show the admin password by: 1 - powe

Share files on LAN without user and password with Samba

Greetings! My smb.conf file. I can not see anything wrong here. [global] workgroup = home netbios name = bok security = share guest account = nobody map to guest = bad user log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log max log size = 50 [data] comment = Data publ

Remote Access VPN Clients Cannot Access inside LAN

I have been asked to set up remote access VPN on an ASA 5505 that I previously had no invlovement with.  I have set it up the VPN using the wizard, they way I normally do, but the clients have no access to anything in the inside subnet, not even the

"securely" use one ethernet interface for WAN and other for the LAN

I am reconfiguring our dual 2.7 Intel Xserve running MacOSXServer 10.5.4, and had a question. Is it possible (or advisable) to use en0 to perform LAN services, and then configure en1 to only allow access to very limited service. VPN, FTP, CALDAV and

Can not connect outside of Lan to with rtsp PVC2300

I have the following cameras set up at my office 1 - PVC2300 2 - WVC54GC 3 - AXIS 225FD I have a BEFSR81 Router I have a computer on Windows XP running the surv software to record.  Everything with that is good. I also have 2 desktops. I have been pl

ASA5520 AnyConnect SSL VPN Connected but unable to ping my inside LAN

Hi there, please forgive if I have missed any forum protocols as this is my first post. I am trying to configure Anyconnect SSL VPN. I am able to connect to the VPN on a laptop, witch is able to download the anyconnect client from the ASA. I am unabl

Unable to Access Company LAN via VPN

Hello, I have a ASA 5505 that I have been using to test run the IPSec VPN connection after studying the different configs and running through the ASDM I keep getting the same issue that I can't receive any traffic. The company LAN is on a 25