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How Do I Setup a Wireless Network in my home for 3 Mac's and 2 PC's

Ok..... I live with 5 people and we all have computers. I'm looking to setup a Wireless Network in our house that would allow all of us to access the Internet from our various rooms. Currently we have 3 MAC (a G5 Desktop, a regular Desktop, and a Pow

How to setup a guest network when the dialogue boxes do not show up in AirPort Utility 6.1

How do I setup a guest network when the dialogue boxes do not show up in AirPort Utility 6.1? I see screenshots where there are boxes to 'enable' guest network but these simply do not apear on the Wireless tab in AirPort UtilityI now have a guest acc

How to setup a infiniband network

How to setup an infiniband network?? Our Customer has 2 x t5-4 wirh ZS3 using infiniband. Do you have any white paper where explain how we can do Thanks in advancePerhaps you can start with the product documentation for those T5-4 systems: http://doc

How to setup the guest network just access internet only (not touch in internal server)

I had setup the AirPort Extreme in basic and guest network, but observed the guest can access to our server currently, for the security issue, we can setup the guest network to access internet only? pleae advice and thanksBy default, a properly confi

Satellite A660: HW setup. Error1316 Network error occured

I have an annoying problem on my Satellite A660 that I cant fix. I have lost the use of my function keys as well as the flash card function. It seems to be related to the HW setup utility which wont open. When I click on the icon this message comes u

On an M425dn, I am unable to setup scan to network folder on a home wireless network

On an M425dn MFP, I am unable to setup 'Scan to Network Folder' on a home wireless network. The network folder exists and has been set to share with full permissions for everyone. The OS is Windows 7. The printer IP address is I have u

Howto setup a simple network in SCVMM 2012 R2 and HyperV for test-Lab /Private Cloud

Howto setup a simple network in SCVMM 2012 R2 and HyperV for test-Lab /Private Cloud I have domain controller on my laptop (i5 core 8gb) en one hyperV machine running also scvmm 2012 r2 on it. (i3 core 16gb) both runung windows server 2012 r2 x64 on

Trying to use Hootsuite to setup up my FB but its asking for me to setup a social network?

I wanna use hootsuite as my FB app but its telling me to setup a social network on my iphone 4s by going into my setting but when i do that there is no social network tab or window?! Please help me set this up... I have search, called apple and to no

Been awhile since I setup a secure network..years really. How does this look?

KChill wrote: I could include a WAP that is joined to the domain properly and have employees use that, would increase the number of aps needed a touch but I think that would be more secure.That is not required and a large management overhead. If you

Adding new dual band AEBS-initial setup question--join network or setup new

Upon the initial setup of a new dual band AEBS, do I join my current network or setup a new network? I bought this just so I can set up a separate 5GHz band to force my newer computers to a faster network. I know that the 5GHz band needs it's own new

Can't setup an extended network

I am hoping this group can help as I have had no luck with Apple support and am not willing to pay $50 to get a $100 airport express working.  Anyway I digress. I have an airport extreme and an airport express.  I am trying to setup an extended netwo

Is it possible to setup a WDS network with separate SSID's?

Is it possible to setup a WDS network with separate SSID's? I'm using two AirPort Extreme N devices.Welcome to the discussions! +Is it possible to setup a WDS network with separate SSID's+ In order to "extend a wireless network", the network mus

HOWTOs to setup VoIP don't work on my N81

Hello, I have a Nokia N81 and I want to setup SIP on it, using my VoipBuster account. I've successfully configured this account a thousand times on different systems, but it seems impossible to get it to work with my Nokia phone, even after following

I am trying to setup a wifi network in my house.....

I am trying to setup a wi fi around my house.  I used TC as the base and then connect airport express in a different part of the house.  I am now trying to connect and airport extreme, but it does not pop up on the computer, so I cannot link it.  Any

Home/Office network setup (Mini Lan Network) if possible?

Hi, To all the people that know what the best way to set up a home to office network such as the diagram below, please help us out with the following questions: I hope that someone can understand the diagram. Anyways, We currently have both setups, b

How to setup a guest network on an airport extreme?

I just bought the new airport extreme and I havent been able to find the prompt that allows me to create a guest wifi network.  Can anyone help? Thanks, Javier VazquezI just bought the new airport extreme and I havent been able to find the prompt tha

How to setup a home network

I want general information on the best way to setup a in home network between mac and non mac computers with an airport router. Should I have a stand alone computer?  Should I consider using a mac mini for this purpose or is that not necessary?No  yo

How to setup VoIP/Ipsec on SRP527W using web gateway

I'm trying to setup a IPSec tunnel and VoIP for the Cisco SRP527W-K9-G5 but all I find are examples using the cisco ios which this model doesn't support. I'm using the web interface to the router and there is no examples to follow. There is no manual

Office 365 Pro Plus - Setup Failed Error - Network Deployment Share Method

Hello, We recently deployed Office 365 Pro Plus utilizing the network share method. The issue we are experiencing is occuring after uninstalling Office 365. When we try to reinstall 365 on the same PC, the setup states "Setup Failed - A newer version

Apple Remote Desktop Setup for Exernal Networks

Hi there , i would like to setup apple remote desktop 3 in the office to control 6 Macs ( external Networks ) in 6 different places via Internet . Do i need to buy a server or would it be enough to buy a Mac Pro - which setup would i need . stefanA s