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how to share documents on icloud drive


Are documents in iCloud Drive included in Time machine backups

Are documents in iCloud Drive included in Time machine backupsAre documents in iCloud Drive included in Time machine backups Yes, they are, and the current Yosemite version 10.10.2 makes it easy to find them in Time Machine. Just select iCloud Drive

DANGER: Turning off iCould Drive DELETES documents on your local drive and terminates access to those documents on iCloud Drive

So, I wanted to move about 40 GB of my documents to iCloud Drive. I do so. The upload is very slow -- 3 days 24/7 with no end in sight. There's no status report available to know what the progress is. Internet service at work and home slows to a craw

How to share documents with iCloud and Pages?

I keep getting reminded to remove everything from iWork, but I don't really understand how to share anything (documents) on iCloud. Am I missing something? (Well, I know I am, but it isn't exactly straightforward to me.) Could someone point me to som

How to share files from iCloud Drive

Hey guys! So here is the story: Up until now, I have been using MS OneDrive (formerly Sky Drive) to store files, images and videos. The very simple reason is because Facebook shreds the quality into pieces. So instead of sharing pictures and albums b

How can I share photos on iCloud Drive?

I have a lot of photos shot with my DSLR camera. How can I put all my photos in the iCloud Drive and view the photos from all my devices? And how can my wife view all these photos from her devices - that is .. how can she see all my iCloud Drive phot

How to I access documents in icloud drive from my iPad

I set up an icloud drive on my PC and stored my document.  i have icloud set up on my iPad and iPhone.  I can seem to figure out how to access those documents from the iPad or iPhone.  I thought there might be an icloud app for access, but no. Any he

How to share documents using icloud

how can i share documents with others using icloud?iCloud is not a document sharing service, use Dropbox or something similar.Read other 2 answers

Pages not saving documents to iCloud drive

After the latest OS X update I was no longer able to save Pages documents to the iCloud Drive, which meant I could not access those documents on other Apple devices (iPad, iPhone), nor could I save documents created on an IOS device to the iCloud Dri

Collaborate on numbers document in iCloud drive?

Is it possible to collaborate on iCloud drive documents?  My wife and I need to be able to both edit a numbers spreadsheet from our respective iOS devices.  How do I do this?  Everything I try seems to just make a local copy rather than editing the o

Storing Pages 09 documents on iCloud Drive

An update of a book in progress using Pages 09. It works fine for me, and I can't use later Pages 5.5 due to the lack of "facing pages". Will iCloud Drive accept the document (Pages 09) without converting to Pages 5.5?It should. Do a test by dup

All my documents on iCloud Drive disappeared on my Mac

open FINDER got to iCloud Drive NOTHING anymore !!! internet connection OK ALL documents on www.cloud.com/icloddrive OK NONE on my Macbook NOW ??? will get back to DROPBOX ASAP ?? what happen DenisHave a look in the trash bin. Are you sure that not y

How can I delete all my documents in iCloud Drive?

I started using iCloud drive on my PC, but it has got in a complete mess syncing the files. I want to delete all files and start again. If I try to delete them on iCloud.com I can only delete a few files at a time (if I select too may it gives an err

How do I share documents on iCloud across my apple device

I would like documents on my iMac to be available on my macbook. I have just upgraded to OS X Yosemite.And both are logged into the same iCloud account I assume. Go to www.icloud.com and look in the drive there.Read other 5 answers

How do my boss and I share documents via iCloud? I log in as her to download a Pages doc, edit, then save to iCloud again but it does not save to hers. Even if I'm logged in as her.

I log in as her to download a Pages doc, edit, then save to iCloud again but it does not save to hers. Even if I'm logged in as her. Thanks in advance!This only works if you add her account as your primary accoun on your device and enable syncing "Do

Can we share folders using iCloud drive?

Can we add permissions to give others secured access?I am curious to see what feedback you get here. I am not sure if this helps, but I just asked a similar question. YOu can read to see if this is helpful, but i hope others answer here too. Thanks.

Can I share documents with others like I do with dropbox?

I wanna know if I can share documents with iCloud Drive like I do with Dropbox. I would like to send a link to others so they can download files stored on my iCloud Drive.Not that I know of.  You might want to consider a different file sharing servic

How can I view Preview documents on iOS 8 via iCloud Drive.

I have a number of PDF documents in iCloud drive in the Preview folder. How to I view these documents on my iPhone 5s? I have the latest software and iCloud Drive is enabled. Pages only looks under the Pages folder apparently. Is there some hidden wa

After turning iCloud Drive on, no more local Documents

I turned on iCloud Drive today, and all my local Documents on my Iphone are gone. Even when turning iCloud Drive off again, they didn't reappear. Any chance to get them back ?On OS X, don't the entire contents of your iCloud Drive synchronize with th

How do I consolidate all this at this point: Icloud Drive, Itunes Match, Local iTunes Library, Local iPhoto, Local Aperture, Photo stream, Familly sharing, sharing on iOS, music sharing on iOS, music sharing on mac etc.

I am trying to grasp all the possibilities for consolidating my stuff and my family's stuff from multiple devices and multiple accounts from multiple sources  but I cant.  I have been reading many instructions and FAQ regarding iCloud Drive, iCloud S

Using iCloud Drive

Anyone please show me how to use iCloud Drive? I've asked this before but no one was answering. I can't  imagine after months of release, I still could not find the way to use iCloud Drive. There is no detailed tutorial on Apple website, and there is