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how to show dimensions in solidworks


Why map sensors unable to detect sensor under Measuremen​t category in SolidWorks (SWs)

In Labview Project Explorer, when I want to add 'map sensors' to the Solidworks model, it only detect the sensor under the 'Dimension' type shown on the FeatureManager Design Tree' on the left side. While sensor under type 'Measurement' cannot be det

Illustrator CC used to support edrw (SolidWorks) files but Illustrator CC 2014 no longer seems to after updating today, Is this the case?

We are sent SolidWorks files by our supplier and they used to open so that we could make minor adjustments where needed, mainly language conversion and dimensions alterations but the .edrw file format no longer seems to be supported after updating to

How to delete the members in one dimension use the maxl script

i have question that i want to delete the members in one dimension useing the maxl script, but i do not know how to do it. can the maxl delete the members in one dimension? if can, please provide an sample script, thank you so mcuh.MaxL does not have

How to use one Account dimension for multiple account structures

We are implementing a HFM application to replace two general ledger applications, one being Corporate and the other a new subsidiary. We need to maintain both of the chart of accounts and their unique rollup structures. We are facing the difficulty i

Can not view data in Dimension Data Viewer

Hello Forum, Has anyone run into this one yet? with OWB10gr2 we have created a dimension called store, it has a simple hiearchy" store-->category-->primary category-->Busines Unit The dimension validates and deploys sucessfully - we have see

How to use property of dimension to filter the 2nd dimension in Allocation?

Hi experts, How do we use a property of one dimension to filter out the members of another dimension in allocation script engine? eg of two dimensions 1.)Entity dimension - (entity dimension)   memberset:                                        Channe

How to use the RateEntity dimension in SAP BPC?

Hello everbody, I am implementing a consolidation process using SAP BPC. I want to use the RateEntity dimension, to translate a same currency into different exchange rates depending on the company. I want the company which ID is GFU (which is from Br

How to hide member Account dimension from BPC Administrator for Reporting

Hi experts, i need to hide some members of the Account dimension for reporting, because those members dont use it anymore, but i dont want delete them. The question is: Does it exist any propierties for this dimension type that allows hiding members

Use one dimension to feed 2 other dimensions

Is there a way to use one dimension to push data into two other dimensions using push logic?  The client has one dimension in App1 that is a combination of 2 dimensions in App2 ie the Costcenter dimension in App1 is a combination of Plant and Account

How to Delete the dimension from the cube ?

Hi , how to Delete the dimension from the cube ? i have added the new dimension by assiging one characteristic to that dimension . now i  want to delete it , but system saying that   Dimension ZXXX  contains InfoObjects; deletion not possible . how t

How to get the ID of a dimension member in script logic?

Hi everybody, I am working in some logic scripts and I wonder if exists any option to get the current member ID of a dimension in order to concatenate a string using the member referred and an additional set of caracters such as: MEMBER_ID&"_cccc

Possible to limit dimensions and measures when creating presentations?

We are trying to use OLAP/BI Beans to add BI functionality to our next-generation data warehouse application. This application has its own security framework, with the ability to define permissions/privileges for objects. We need to integrate BI Bean

Query time affected when using dimensions that are at a lower grain

Hi all, I have a product dimension that has one hierarchy and 7 levels: All Product -> Category -> BU -> Class -> Department -> SubDept -> Item. The lowest level has about 8 million members. The Department level has about 1500 members So

SSRS Expression Current month in a Fiscal calendar dimension from a SSAS cube

How to create an expression for a default SSRS parameter to a SSAS cube when using i Fiscal Year calendar - and where I want to show current Calendar month and year (for example February 2014)  This is an example of my Time dimension for February 201

Error while creating a new Dimension/Model in BPC 10.0 NW

Hello Experts, I am using BPC 10.0 NW system. When I try to create new Dimensions or Models I get the following Error Message. "Error in Admin module or a component used by Admin module. Failed to create SAP NetWeaver BI InfoObject for dimension.&quo

Error after creating a new dimension in dev studio

Hi, I have set up ATG 10.1.2 along Endeca 3.1.1 For the CRS application the cartridges are shown properly. But once I create an autogen dimension from dev studio and run the baseline the navigation cartridges disappear giving the below mentioned erro

Error While Saving Mapping For A Dimension

I am getting The Error While Saving The mapping For a Dimension Any Clue? An error occurred creating DimensionMapGroup BROKERS.MAPGROUP1.DIMENSIONMAPGROUP : ***Error Occured in DELETE_MAPPING_GROUP: Analytic workspace object __XML_STARTUP_CALCMMBRS d

'dimension attribute was not found' error while refresing the cube in Excel

Dear All, Thanks for all your support and help. I need an urgent support from you as I am stuck up here from nearly past 2-3 days and not getting a clue on it. I have re-named a dimension attribute 'XX' to 'xx' (Caps to small)in my cube and cleared a

In Answers am seeing "Folder is Empty" for Logical Fact and Dimension Table

Hi All, Am working on OBIEE Answers, on of sudden when i clicked on Logical Fact table it showed me as "folder is empty". I restarted all the services and then tried still showing same for Logical Fact and Dimension tables but am able to see all

Help on  Setting logical Levels  in Fact tables and on Dimension tables

Hi all Can any body provide any blogs or any king of material on what exactly is levelling . Like after creating the Dimensional hierarchies we need to set the logical levels for the LTS of fact tabels ri8 .So what is the difference between setting l