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Use one account or multiple for 10 domain users of Office 2013 Home & Business

I have 10 seats of the retail version of Office Home & Business 2013 for use in a domain environment. Windows 7 Pro 64, Server 2008R2 environment. No exchange. Blank slate. Should I install all with the same account for ease of management, or setup a

How to Install Coldfusion 8 64-bit on Small Business Server 2008 64-bit

How to Install Coldfusion 8 64-bit on Small Business Server 2008 64-bit I ran Coldfusion 8 on SBS 2003 Premium for 6 months with no problems.  When we finally decided to cut over to SBS 2008, that’s when everything went to hell.  I tried for weeks to

Problem in Creation of business partner

i create business partner with the help of BAPI_ISUPARTNER_CREATE_FROM_DATA i want to add mobile number but there is no any field such like mobile number in address data table. But there is separate table of telephone data. When i use this table to s

Logical Systems in Business Services

Hi In Business Service creation, for Adapter Specific Identifiers, the parameter for the Logical System. It is only possible to assign one logical system to one Business Service ?. i.e. to do MyBusServ1, Z_LS_1  MyBusServ2, Z_LS_1 is not possible ? W

Impressão de Cheques - Padrão Brasileiro - SAP Business One v. 8.8

Olá Experts! O Layout de impressão de cheques default do SAP Business One 8.8 que está pré configurado no PLD imprime cheques nos padrões brasileiros? Ou tenho que customizar o PLD para imprimir os cheques? Muito obrigado, Ricardo VieiraResolvi o pro

Cannot retrieve business partners in SAP mobile iPad

Hello Colleagues, since some days I'm not able to retrieve business partners in my SAP mobile App. Neither in iPad nor in iPhone. I tried it on 2 different test servers. A couple of day's before I saw all the business partners. The only change I did

SharePoint Foundation 2013 - Multi-tenant Install and OneDrive for Business with Yammer i

Hello, After installing SP Foundation 2013 (SP1) with Partitioned service applications we have noticed that while clicking on the "yammer and oneDrive" link the below error message comes up: _admin/yammerconfiguration.aspx any ideas?? http://tec

Jabber call to voice mail fails with fast busy over VPN

I have an issue that I ran into with CIPC phones over a VPN.  If a CIPC phone called over a VPN and started ringing a phone the call would fail with fast busy at the time the call would be forwarded to voicemail.  I found the issue was when remote th

Problem with JFrame and busy/wait Cursor

Hi -- I'm trying to set a JFrame's cursor to be the busy cursor, for the duration of some operation (usually just a few seconds). I can get it to work in some situations, but not others. Timing does seem to be an issue. There are thousands of posts o

Follow-up Business Transactions

Hi Experts, I have a problem with follow-up transactions. I created two transactions, a Quotation and a Standard Order. Then I created follow-up for these transactions in the copying control, ZAG --> ZTA. Now, when I create a new Quotation in the Web

Discoverer Report: How to find Business Area name from Report Name.

Hi I opened a report in Disco Desktop 4 -> Resonsibiolity --> Report Name. So I know Report name but don't know which Business Area it belongs to. How to find Business Area Name from Report Name? Cheers VijayHi, There is no relationship between repo

Business Event Appraisal in Training and event management

Hi I am facing issue releated to Business Event Appraisal Functionality in ESS. I have maintained value as blank in field HAP00 REPLA switch. We have created I View of transacion PV7I in ESS. When i am selecting "APPRAISAL" button for attended e

Business Event Brochure in Training and Event Management?

Hi Guru's My client has a requirement as follows. The training administrator decides the Business Event Types which for which superiors can book their subordinates or not. Those events are stored at a particular place. Once the administrator stores t

2 business phones to share 1 itunes?

My wife and I have iPhones for work purposes.  My wife has a 4S and has built up a bit of a library in iTunes.  I have recently received a 5 through my work which has an ID set up based on work email, etc. So neither of us are allowed to share the bu

Report Builder Wizard and Parameter Creation with values from other data source e.g. data set or views for non-IT users or Business Analysts

Hi, "Report Builder is a report authoring environment for business users who prefer to work in the Microsoft Office environment. You work with one report at a time. You can modify a published report directly from a report server. You can quickly buil

Lync and Office 2013 Home and Business 'Present PowerPoint' not working

Hello All, We have an Exchange online E1 plan that includes Lync, that we have been using without problems for the last year or so.  The 'Present PowerPoint' functionality of Lync is very useful, and again it has been working without fault until now.

Office 2013 Home and Business

I have installed multiple copies of Microsoft office 2013 home and business over the last 3 months with no issues but now when I go to office.com/setup to install another copy on a different computer it comes up and ask for the product key which I en

HT2589 We have purchase 5 apple minis and would like them all on one account.  That way we can monitor the use of these units.  they will be used strickly for a business application.  can I use one account in itunes or must i have multiple.

We have purchased 5 apple minis and would like them all on one account, that way we can monitor the use of these units.  They will be used strickly for a business application.  Can I use one account in itunes or must i have multiple.Not going to happ

How to get Photostream from 'business' iPhone to 'family' iCloud-account

Has anyone found a solution for this yet ? There must be numerous pleople having this same problem : I have a (in my opinon rather standard) setup in which I have a private iCloud-account on my 'business devices' (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro) and I hav

Qosmio G30-194 What type of Vista (Home, Business or Ultimate)?

I have two Qosmio G30. One at work (G30-153) and one at home (G30-194). I use both for working and also to play movies, games, etc. At work I use a domain. Please advise me about what version of Vista is better to use. I prefer to have the same versi