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Slightly OT: bios screenshot capture device

Somebody here (or perhaps on the Framers list) asked about techniques to get good bios screenshots. For those who might be interested, I just came across a good example of screens, and a mention of the video capture device used. Image: http://www.har

BIOS - once and for all

This BIOS business puzzles me. If you could answer me several questions, I would greatly appreciate it: 1. I have found these instructions on this site: Quote BIOS Recovery Feature For AMI BIOS Rename the desired AMI BIOS file to AMIBOOT.ROM and save

"Reviewers Bios 1.13" File is here!

Some clever people at the overclocker.co.uk forum, has found that at least three of the reviews, where the board was able to go far beyond 235fsb(htt) or allow aggresive timings, where using a unreleased bios version 1.13 It was used in these reviews


I remove the Nvidia GPU ( 670M ) because of video card burned and doesn't work. After removing the video card , fans working at max speed always. I don't know what i must to do. Here is the some details FOR my MSI laptop ; WINDOWS 8.1 PRO CORE I7-361

Unlock MSI BIOS for Laptop GE60 20E | topic splited

Hello. I am interested to do the same on  MSI GE60 2OE Core-i5-4200M. Is it possible? Do you need BIOS screenshot? regardsQuote I'm sorry Svet... I do that because it's the same model latop (sorry for my english). np your English is fine Quote Donati

P67A-GD65 (B3) latest BIOS update won't change CPU multiplier

Hello everyone, Before I explain my problem these are the components I'm using. Motherboard:P67A-GD65 (B3) CPU:Intel 2600k So just recently I flashed my BIOS to the most recent version which is 4.3. and before this I was running my multiplier at 4.5

Stuck at 38 max ratio on MS-7673

Hey guys, just signed up to the forum because I'm stumped. Hopefully somebody can help me out. A friend of mine just gave me an MSI PH67S-C43 (B3) motherboard with an H67 chipset, and I just can't get this thing to go any higher than 3.8ghz with a K-

Fnatic is on MSI Gaming AIO!!

Fnatic's pro gamer 'Harstem' is proving you can perfectly play on professional level with MSI's AG240 GAMING All-in-One PC during DreamHack in Spain!  :D:DPegasus, hch, thanks for your replies. Looking at the posted BIOS screenshot I think those are

Confirm password protection?

I'm new to using AE at home and I want to ensure that the network is secure. So, two questions. (And thanks for the other answer's I've gotten here so far.) 1) After completing all the setup steps, correctly, I believe, how can I verify that the syst

Up the ghz to 4.5 for i7-4770k

Hey all, I got my build overclocked to 4.4ghz. At the moment, I am using default/auto settings. I was wondering if I could get some help overclocking my processor to 4.5. What settings should I change? I would also appreciate it if you could post you

Does RS482M-IL support s3 standby?

hi folks, I can't believe how hard it is to find this info. does the RS482M-IL support S3 (STR) mode? that's standby with all the fans/etc. off. the manual has the options on the bios screenshot but then a huge disclaimer says only with bios that sup

Can't overclock e8400 on an MSI P7N 780i mobo

I am having great difficulty overclocking my e8400 on my new MSI P7N Diamond motherboard. The same processor with the same RAM overclocked just fine without any voltage bumps on my EVGA 780i motherboard, but for the life of me, I can not figure out h

Intel Robson

Hello everybody In the manual of the P45 Platium, it say that has Intel Robson Technology and that you can enable/disable it in the bios. but..I really don't find it in my bios options.  Any help?  ??? I will upgrade bios and will post again for any

3570k, p67a-gd65, random restarts

A couple months ago I swapped my i3-2100 for an i5-3570k.  Flashed the latest beta bios (E7681.443) using the MSI HQ forum flasher.  Clean installed windows 7, installed latest drivers from the website, except for Intel ME8 from intels site.  Everyth

MSI Z87 G45 & i7 4770k Overclock past 4.4GHz?

Hi all, My first post here, i figured this would be the best place to ask I'm attempting to overclock my CPU, hoping to break 4.4GHz (a wall i seem to have hit). I achieved 4.4 by increasing the core voltage to 1.300 and the multiplier to 44 and disa

P45 Platinum: fan support

The P45 Platinum includes connectors for 5 system fans, but it seems to me that it is only possible to monitor and control sysfan1 and 2. Is that a fact? The F71882 chip supports monitoring and controlling of up to four fans. Does anyone in here know

URGENT HELP NEEDED (Bios Settings Failed)

Hey Guys, I am having problems with my MSI Board, and don't know what to do.  I am very much a noob to BIOS/and modding so I apologize in advance.  You guys helped me a few months ago getting everything up and running and all was great for months.  T

Satellite M30-951 graphic card or video BIOS does not work properly

On the BIOS and boot pages strange characters occur (screenshot www.audioberlin.com/M30-951_SCREEN.jpg). XP boots up but the elements displayed freeze and the display becomes black for a second. The system becomes slow and does not react any longer.

I have a 990XA-GD55 With One Click Bios II-Am I alone?uefi?

I created a post not to long ago asking for help with a situation. I bought a new Board 1 week ago. Board was Brand new, never opened... """This Board Is Not suppose to Have A Uefi Bios.....This Board is Not suppose to have One Click Bios I

MPower with various issues (Bios, Volt, Heat)

Hello Good Morning & Good Evening readers from everywhere on the planet. I am having multiple issues with the newly assembled machine and i have 8 days left to "make it clean". This computer is not for me, it s a gift, a nice one. so i would