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how to turn on blizzard raid frames


Final cut drop frame at xraid ( raid 5) with cinewave

Hi All , I Have G5 with Mac os 10.4 with cinewave A/D pro Ver 4.7 .. the problem is i get drop frame when capture to Xraid 7 X500GB ( Raid 5 )..i try to capture to another xraid 7X500GB ( Raid 0 ) without any drop frame.. i ask if cinewave 4.7 can wo

Dropped frames only on xserve raid

dropped frames only on xserve raid i'm not able to capture on xserve raid without dropped frames. tihis was a working sytem bud one morning it dosn't work. i capture on mac pro internal drives or external fw drives without problems. the xserve raid i

Dropped frames on Xserve RAID upgraded w/750GB drives.

I'm capturing in 10-bit uncompressed standard definition 720x480. I just upgraded one side of my Apple XRAID, (connected directly via fibre channel) with seven, 750GB hard drives from Apple, drives designed for the XRAID, (came with there own sleds.)

Dropped frames on capture to SCSI Raid

I am getting dropped frames on capture to a partitioned clean scsi raid coming in thru FCP 5.04 via SDI. The clip will run for about 10 minues (digitising to DV) and then the picture will freeze on the FCP monitor but the VTR doesnt stop (even tho I

Dropped Frames w/Xserve RAID: Solution

We were having problems with capturing DV footage onto our new Xserve RAID and having dropped frames or even image freeze during the capture. Found some threads on the Xserve RAID forum regarding the issue and after following some of the suggestions

Upgrading QT caused my RAID array to drop frames again!

FCP 5.1.4. Upgraded QT today as per software upgrade. Repaired DPs after. Just as last time, now my RAID array drops frames on PB. Last time, I thought it was a controller card problem, but a student said to just reinstall QT using steps from Michael

HD Capture into Xserve raid dropped frames

Any body know how to set up an xserve raid to capture uncompressed 1080/24p footage. I striped it to a raid 5 got dropped frmes detected, redid the stripe in raid 3 got the same thing, please help! I'm shooting on the Canon XL H1 at 1080/24p sending

I have some questions regarding setting up a software RAID 0 on a Mac Pro

I have some questions regarding setting up a software RAID 0 on a Mac pro (early 2009). These questions might seem stupid to many of you, but, as my last, in fact my one and only, computer before the Mac Pro was a IICX/4/80 running System 7.5, I am a

Dead 2008 Mac Pro with Soft Raid - Diagnostic Ideas?

I'm starting to run out of ideas how to diagnose and fix my 2008 (March) Mac Pro:  Dual quad-core Xeon, 2.8GHz with a 2TB four-HD soft RAID. I think it died of a bad or partial or otherwise failed update of Mavericks.  Since Mountain Lion, I think it

Dropped frames issue on a G5 2.7DP w/DV footage

Let me first tell you my setup: G5 2.7 DP 8 GB RAM WiebeTech TrayDock eSATA 4-bay drive enclosure w/Sonnet 4+4 eSATA PCI Card (2) 400 GB Seagate Barracudas in the enclosure RAIDed in a striped config using Apple's Disk Utility 10.4 FCP 5 At seemingly

Performance Issue on a Xraid (Raid 5) for video digitalization

Hello Everyone I have a Mac Pro (2x3ghz + 8 Go Ram + Fiber channel  card) directly linked to a Xraid via Fiber (there is no Xsan and no Xserve as controller). The Xraid is composed of 8 X 750 Go HD and set up as Raid 5. We are working in video produc

Encore CS4 Missing Frames/Stops Starts  and Blue Screen Crashes During Playback

I'm opening Premiere Pro CS4 with the default presets of HDV Capture, HDV 1080i30 software only mode. I'm capturing from my Canon HV20 using firewire HDV out 1440 x 1080. All goes well during the editing process but when I Dynamic Link and playback i

Itunes on Windows Vista with SATA Intel Raid Matrix, BLUE SCREEN!

If I wasn't an IT Administrator this problem could've really upset me. I might have perceived your software crashed my hard drives. At least I had the knowledge to know how to re-detect my raid array and get things going; but for a moment i was worri

Apple Raid Card panic on Mac Pro Early 2008 after installing SSD as an enhanced JBOD.

I recently installed a SSD drive in my Mac Pro to replace an aging, original boot drive.  I have an Apple raid card with 3 other hds attached - all in an enhanced JBOD configuration.  After installing the SSD from OWC (3G Electra SATA II Compatible)

When i am logging/ Capturing my mac is telling me that i am getting dropped frames. would i need to get a LaCie Hard Drive?

When i am logging/ Capturing my mac is telling me that i am getting dropped frames. would i need to get a LaCie Hard Drive?To be honest, I've had 2 Lacie drives crash out of 2 bought.  That's not a good track record for me. Your best bet  (I'm a comp

Adding a RAID card to help speed up export (and other drive question) in Premiere Pro CC

First of all, I have read Tweakers Page exporting section because that is where my primary concern is. First my questions, then background and my current and proposed configurations: Question 1: Will adding a hardware RAID controller, such as an LSI

MSI 890FXA-GD70 w/ 2xIntel 510 120GB in RAID 0 on Locks up and BSOD

I am getting hard lockups and BSOD from the following OS: Win7x64 MB: MSI 890FXA-GD70 w/ latest BIOS CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T HD: 2xIntel SSD 520 120GB SSD RAID 0 VID: ATI FirePro V4800 RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600 F

What is the ideal RAID 5 logical drive configuration to use with editing 1080p on FCPX?

Hello, I invested in one of the new Late 2013 Mac Pros (8-core 3GHz, dual Fire Pro D500 w/ 3GM VRAM each, 32GB RAM), along with a Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt (ver 1) RAID because I wanted a fast and supremely smooth editing experience versus slow,

Use a g-Raid for DLNA playback?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic, but here it goes.  I currently have an OLD Win XP used as a home server to store lots of photos and video. The short story is that I'm thinking of making the switch from my current laptop to a Macbo

Upgrade to FCE 4.0 results in dropped frames

I just upgraded to FCE 4.0 from 3.5HD and now key-framed motion clips that worked fine before die repeatedly with dropped frames. I've set RT to safe and dynamic and the memory cache to 80%, and while FCE is resident on my hard drive the files are on