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EA hacker with acess to my computer is intercpting my emails and opening the PDFdocs and changing them.  When they get to the destination they have been changed.

Not sure if I should ask in portuguese? I am a basic user, need to know where can I turn off the automatica software updates? Thank you BarbaraIn the English version you can turn it off by going to Edit>Preferences>Updater and click "Do not dow

How to email a PDFdoc?

I would like to know how to save PDF to desktop so I can email.  Old and not computer savvy. PatYou can'tRead other 2 answers

How to test for existence of AcroXFA test objects?

Hi - I'm writing scripts to test an XFA form with dynamic subforms.  For example, at the end of Part 4, the user hits a Validate button, and if their data is correct, then the Validate button disappears and a Part 5 subform appears. So my script look

Error while trying to open exported PDF file from Datagridview??

Hi everyone ,    I want to export datagridview to PDF file,After generating the pdf I'm not able to open that file..when i try to open it shows file corrupted error message and also not getting "Pdf Generation successfully " Message. Here is my

Error while Generating PDF file from Datagridview .

Hi every one,      I'm trying to generate pdf file from datagridview,while executing my code getting nullvalue exception.. Here is my code: private void btnexportPDF_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)             //Creating iTextSharp Table from the D

Error in opening pdf file from mail attachment sent thru MII

Hi, I am using MII 12.1.4 build(36). I have created a pdf file from BLS using PDF actions block and saving the file in web location as mentioned below: WEB://<ProjectFolder>/<subfolder>/Report.pdf I'm using the same file as attachment in my m

LaserJet Pro MFP M125a not printing

Hi, my relatively new LaserJet PRO MFP M125a stopped printing today. Scan function is still working. All lights are on. Cannot print test page. When I try to print Word or PDFdoc, spool is empty, no job is waiting.  Uninstaled all HP software and dri

Enterprise Solution for communication??

Hi, We need to transfer pdf files between various environments(AS/400, WIN2K, AIX etc) with detail information about pdf files. Reciever will recieve the pdf file along with the details and populate that information into their database. reciever will

Hyperlink from within a Word Document to a specific page within a PDF document.

I was hoping that someone would be able to assist me.  I would like to create a hyperlink (used as a citation) on my Word document that opens directly to a specified page within a PDF document (possible other word docs and so on, but less often).  Ho

With VBA in excel, how can I copy a pdf document (page by page into different worksheets)

I want both a page image and the text from that page on each worksheet but am struggling with the acrobat object model....Hello Test Screen Name, I am making no headway and am hoping that you can offer some help?  This is my my code but I am copying

CFDocument and trouble converting to pdf

Hello, I'm simply trying to convert a word doc to .pdf using CF9.  But when I try it, I get the following error... 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. Also, coldfusion ser

Not able to attach Policies to documents

Hi all, I have installed both LiveCycle Policy Server and LiveCycle Document Security on my machine.I created few organinzational polices using the Policy Server web pages.Now when I write a code to attach these policies to documents,I get an error.T

Mapping elements of VRA to a number

hi, My project involves maintaining the database for a bus company. Each bus_route is divided into regions. Each bus-stop on a route maps to a region. eg. bus-stop numbers 1,2,4,5,6,8 map to Region 2. I was thinking of having a table regions with the

Export to PDF in Sharepoint Custom web part.

Hi, I want to export my page to pdf in sharepoint custm web part. I am using below code to export to pdf. when i click the export button i am getting below Error. how to resolve this error? pLease help me. Code protected void ExporttoPDF_Click(object

Get attachments from pdf

I have a problem that is urgent. I want to extract attachements from a pdf file using java apis. I started from an example buf the BIG problem is that i don't have a documentation for certain java classes.<br />A piece of my code:<br /><br

Split PDF, name odd pages and name even pages in sequence

I need help creating a script to ask the user for a PDF file then do the following: -Extract even pages and rename name with "_Front#" ending where "#" is a number sequence starting with 1. → ex: the PDF I choose when prompted is "

Firefox 4.0 support for printing embedded PDF files in iFrames via JavaScript

I recently upgraded to Firefox 4.0 and can no longer print embedded PDF documents contained in an iFrame. My company's web application has several pages which load PDF files from a Servlet into an iFrame. The pages in question all have "Print" b

PDF/A files not displaying correctly on iPad

Hi there I am creating a PDF/A document that is a compilation of a bunch of MS Word and PDF documents, which will be primarily viewed on iPad. I'm using DocsCorp pdfDocs on my computer (a PC) to compile them together, and saving as PDF/A to ensure no

MM related document

Kindly provide some MM related document regarding 1. configuration 2. implementation 3. Customized Thanks in advance,www.auditnet.org/docs/SAP_Materials_Management.pdf www.uky.edu/IRIS/MM/pdfdocs/Materials%20Management%20Terms.pdf help.sap.com/printd

How to format paragraph string to show content left, Right or middle of pdf document using iTextsharp ' vb

Dear All how to format paragraph string to show content left, Right or middle of pdf document using iTextsharp in visual basic and absolute position on the document. Thanks Here is one more example that i have modified the GetCell function so that yo