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HP Envy Power Supply Problems


Power supply problem a little better after unplugging imac for 24 hours

Hello, I'm currently having power supply problems (at least I hope it's the power supply and not the mother board), similar to many others I've seen on these boards. What I've noticed is that if I unplug my iMac for about 24 hours I can get it to run

[PT880-Neo LSR]Power supply problem

Hello, We've installed the new motherboard today, it model is PT880 Neo LSR. Well we've got everything plugged in, but when we try to turn on our computer it doesn't turn on. There is a case switch, but when turn on, the fans work for like 1 second t

Ask your question.MC508LL/A power supply problems, Ask your question.MC508LL/A power supply problems, Ask your question.MC508LL/A power supply problems

I have just replaced my older IMac with a new one because of a cronic power supply problem.  Now I see this one is doing the same thing.  Is anyone else having the same issues with their MC508LL/A.I'm with babowa there ... I would suspect the power s

Asus power supply problems

I am considering a new Asus netbook but have been reading a lot of failure issues on their power supplies going clear back to Sept.  Even as soon as December I find people saying they cannot get them replaced because Asus says they are still out of s

Replacing Power Supply Problems

Apple Care had kindly sent me a new power supply. It is a self servicing part, i.e. I have to install it myself. Tried for 2 hours yesterday to get the old one out...didn't work. The problems: 1. Middle screw on back of power supply does not get loos

Power Mac G5 and power supply problem

If everyone knows that some serials of G5 has problems with the power supply, as we can see in the email I have received...: Serial Numbers from PMG5 with power supply problems CK539xxxxxx - CK608xxxxxx G8539xxxxxx - G8608xxxxxx YM539xxxxxx - YM608xx

MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU power supply problem

Hello ! I am a lucky owner of MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU motherboard but have one problem. My power supply Fortron (FSP Group) 300-GT 300W seems to have some kind of incompatibility with this motherboard. In my case, the computer can't be shutted down by soft

IMac G5 20" power supply problem

The power supply on my 20" G5 recently fried. Somehow I had the activity monitor showing that the "FaxJobMgr" was using about 70% of my cpu. I had had that problem before and the computer was very warm. I quit that process but shortly after

IMac G5 bluetooth + airport + power supply problems - oh and the dvd drive

Yeah, seems like a lot is going wrong with my mac lately. I bought the iMac G5(no isight) model last year around july. I had some power issues (i.e. leaving the house with it turned on to come home and find it off) For the last year though that was a

Wired Keyboard USB Power Supply Problem

Hello, I'm a proud owner of an iMac 27" which I ordered with the Apple Wired Keyboard because it was equipped with two additional USB Ports. I'm using the Astro Gaming Astro A40 with their Mixamp and it works perfectly fine if I plug it into the keyb

Help with kernel and possible power supply problem

From 2 days after getting my imac I had my first Kernel restart.  Since then I have done everything apple has asked.  Ram resets and removing everything from the imac itself To find that it still had a kernel problem.  The error messages are Plugnpla

Mac Pro won't start; power supply problems?

Hi friends, I'm having some very inconvenient hardware problems. My Mac Pro system will not start up. I have done some preliminary searching for similar issues, and it seems there are too many possible outcomes for me to tell directly from their answ

LaCie DVD-burner and iBook  power supply problem

Hello guys! I bought recently external LaCie DVD burner (USB). I experienced problem connecting it to iBook. It suppose to be possible to be powered up from USB but only possible way to power up burner only via external power supply. Is there is any

Power Supply problems? how to replace

i think my power supply started making a buzzing noise tonight. i opened my mac up and vacuumed it out, ran the apple hardware test, and the noise is still there. it is not loud, and it sounds like it is coming from the back bottom corner where the p

External Drive - Power Supply Problem

Hi All, I have a problem with my Lacie External HD, i know it's not an Apple product but it is used with my Apple machines and formatted for Apple OS. Also the folks here are very knowledgeable. I have a Lacie D2 Triple Interface http://salestores.co

Sudden Power Supply Problem

Hello. My 17" PowerBook G4 is just over 1 year old. It's been working great until now. Suddenly the battery went dead. When I plugged in the charger, the "charging" light is blinking green. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the charg

Macbook Battery and/or Power Supply Problem(?)

Hello everybody. New to these forums but been a Mac user and software developer for many many years. I've detailed the problem on my blog here: http://vanirsystems.com/danielsblog/?p=209 Basically my battery isn't charging on my Macbook but the power

HELP!! K8N Neo4/SLI Power Supply problem

Hi. I really need help. I'm upgrading my computer and using my old case, a raidmax case with a 420w power supply. The problem is, i discovered that the power supply for the motherboard is only 20 pin, while the motehrboard asks for 24 pin. I discover

Power supply problems

I'm currently running a 300W non-branded crappy power supply, the voltages are shown below. The problem is, the fan has pretty much given up the ghost and is making an outrageously load noise, I tried replacing it, firstly with 2 different types of A

Power Supply problem or some other piece of hardware...?

Hi, I have recently upgraded my video card, Ram, motherboard and Hardrive. My motherboard is a MSI KT6 Delta-FISR and I brought 2x512mb pc3200 Vdata Ram chip, a Seagate 80GB SATA Hardrive, ATI 9700pro, and a Thermaltake SILENT PUREPOWER SERIES TT-420