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Driver Require or HP laserjet 1015 PCL Printers for Windows 8.1 64 Bit

Dear Sir, I Working at PGVCL (Leading Electricity Distribution COmpany o Gujarat (India) ) having many HP printers Laserjet 1015 PCL. Now, recently our company upgrade our computer system with OS of Windows 8.1(64 bit),now trouble of printing start.

Hp Laserjet 1015 Printer Driver for Windows 8 64bit

I am Using Windows 8 64bit in my laptop. I want to  Connect my laptop with Hp Laserjet 1015 printer.It is a Network printer and I am unable to found a sutable Driver for my laptop. I'm badly In need of the driver.I am sorry, but to get your issue mor


Dear member, i have windows 7 32 bit OS hp computer, i am unable to install HP LASERJET 1015 printer to the PC. kindly suggested me to insatll the driver to HP LASERJET 1015 printer please.Hi, the only driver available comes with Windows 7. Please ma

Has anyone fixed wireless printing to HP LaserJet 1015 via AEBS Snow

Dear All I've searched the forums, read numerous posts by HP Mac Architect (thanks BTW for your amazing efforts), tried various things, and still can't get wireless printing back on my HP LaserJet 1015. My set up is: Intel Core Duo 20" iMac, 10.6.1,

Laserjet 1015 Windows 7 duplex

Since upgrading my PC I have been unable to get my Laserjet 1015 to duplex print (manually) since using windows 7 - all the setting suggest double sided is set, but it just prints all the pages immediately, instead of waiting for the paper to reinser

USB Laserjet 1015 - doesnt work automagically

Hi there, I'm trying to make someone else's USB Laserjet printer work with my MacBook Pro. The printer is added to the printer list automatically, but print jobs simply time out, printer doesn't even flash its LED. Any advice? I've read some stuff on

LaserJet 1015 on Win 7 (32-bit) won't print double-sided

I was always able to print double sided on XP without any problem. But after I got a new PC with Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit (with driver from win 7 itself), it would no print double-sided anymore, even though I checked the option for it in the pr

HP LaserJet 1015

I installed the driver for HP DJ 1015 on the computer of my wife with windows 8. Now I wanted to install it also on my computer but with windows 8.1 - but no driver is available. Is there any other possibility to use further the printer with my compu

HP LaserJet 1010 not recognized by Windows 7 (64-bit)

My HP LaserJet 1010 (USB-printer) is not automatically recognized by Windows 7 (64-bit). I am unable to install the printer manually. I did locate a Vista 64-bit driver for this printer on the HP-website, but I don't understand how I could use the in

HP Laserjet printer 1012

Need to connect HP Laserjet 1012 printer to HP Pavilion Elite HPE desktop computer.  HP.com does not have software available.  Any ideas hot to connect printer?What is the operating system?  64 bit or 32 bit? If it is WIndows 7 you might try using th

HP Laserjet 1012 Windows 7 64-bit Driver

I cannot find a Windows 7 64-bit driver for my Laserjet 1012. Has anyone else had any luck?Win 7 X64 works with my Trusty HP Laserjet 1012. From Start/Devices and Printers. Choose add a printer. Had to use Windows update at the bottom of the install

Hp laserjet p2055dn driver settings for windows 8

Don't know if I have the right board or not.  I have a hp p2055dn dual tray printer.  Just bought an hp paviliion 23 and can't get it to work the printer right. I need to know the settings and how to get to them. Have a 10yr old dell and works great

Insanity when printing on HP Color Laserjet CM1015 MFP

I've bought the Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 1015 a couple of days ago. When printed from the Acrobat Reader 8.1.2, some documents are printed with some criptical fonts instead of letters( totally unreadable ). "Print As Image" from Advanced Setting

Slow spooling with HP Laserjet 1515n!

Hi there, Whenever I try to print photos or large PDFs on my color laserjet (1015 series) it takes about 3 or more minutes to begin the task. I know that Mac's don't let me print straight to printer but it spools before. What can I do to speed this t

Printing Crystal Report to Printer from Windows Service

Hello Support, We are currently using version of Crystal report. We want to print the report to the printer from the windows service. For printing the report to the printer we are using the "PrintOutputController.PrintReport" method.

Large external HDs not recognized by Windows 7 64-bit

Hi, I'm trying to see if someone else out there has had this same problem have has been able to solve it. I have an HP Pavilion DV6 - NQ615AV Entertainment Center PC. I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1. I have several external USB hard dri

6th gen nano not recognized by windows 7 64 bit

My nano is not seen by my computer or Itunes. also when i download itunes there appear to be no drivers for mobile support. what am i doing wrong? I tried all the steps found on apple support and nothing works. My sync cable is brand new and all my u

Fixed My Printing Troubles in 10.5.3

I had serious troubles after installing 10.5.3 on my Epson, Downloaded GutenPrint 5.2.0-beta2 from versiontracker.com and now I am printing again both Wirelessly and Standard. I have no ties to this program other than its now saving my Buttocks. here

HP Printer Won't Work With Snow Leopard

Hi, I hope you can help. I have just upgraded to Snow Leopard and my HP printer won't print. It is a Laserjet 1015 and new drivers are meant to be on the list with SN. My iMac recognises the printer is there but cannot make a connection. I am network


I have windows 7 x64 bit OS and 16GB ram.  I used Ie8 before and it printed without any issues on either printer.  If I upgrade to IE9, I get an error when trying to print - "An error has occurred in the script on this page.  Line : 2053 Char: 1  Err