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HTML Button Background Color


How to make button background color chnage

Hi In my custom application having 12 buttons, out of  12 buttons one button should look totally differance than other buttons like button background color to red color. we found two solution even though  those are not adopted to my solution 1. CSS t

How to apply background color to link button in Flex 2

I need to apply background color to link button as the Rollover color has  on its over event.How is this possible in Flex 2 ?I am using the above  in Xcelsius as custom component so if I apply graphics and draw rect  method it does not have any effec

Set background color for conditional text fields by click of button.

Hi, I am new to apex, the scenario is when i click on a button i.e. Save, it shoulld compare 2 fields P1 and P2 which are text fields. If the value of P1 is greaterthan P2 then the whole P1 text field background color should change to "Red" othe

Spry vertical menu button shows background color instead of image in preview

Hello All, I'm a newbie (to the forum and Dreamweaver) so my apologies if my question is not in good form.  I've searched for this issue but cannot seem to find the exact problem I have.  I've created a website (my first) and used the spry menu bar. 

How to set background color for textarea

Hi all, I have created an application in Apex 3.2. I am now able to disable the text fields, select lists and textarea. Ex: function disableDD()   var v_ddays              = document.getElementById("P2_DELINQUENCY_DAYS");   v_ddays.value